Volume I Number 7 | July 27, 2018
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Our RFD fires up some "little squirts" at Hy-Vee

Firefighters from Riverdale’s Fire Department spent time in the Hy-Vee parking lot last Sunday to teach kids some important lessons about fire safety. Check out the pictures!
PVHS girls' softball team wins state title.

The City of Riverdale salutes the PVHS Spartan Softball team for winning their second, consecutive state championship. Well done!

Save the date - and lend a hand - for this year's
first-ever Riverdale Fall Fest!

Be sure to save Saturday, September 15th on your calendar so you can help us inaugurate a new Riverdale tradition: Fall Fest. Event chairman, Mark Griswold, is hard at work with a small team of residents to pull everything together.

But they could use YOUR help. If you're interested in lending a hand (or an opinion), please come to a planning meeting on Tuesday, July 24th at 6:00 pm in Council Chambers at City Hall.
News from City Hall
We now have all of the City Council Meeting agendas, packets and minutes for 2018 on the City's website, you can check them out by clicking here .

The next meeting of the City Council is scheduled for 7pm on Tuesday, August 14th in Council Chambers at City Hall. Members of the community are welcome to attend.
Other Upcoming Meetings
Please take note of the following public meetings and events currently on the City's calendar ...

Invasive Plant Task Force 08/03 11 am
City Council 08/14 7 pm
Mayor's Town Hall 08/26 2 pm
City Council 08/28 7 pm
City Council 09/11 7 pm
Fall Fest 09/15 1 pm
What? The mayor has a blog?
We're not sure if this was a good idea or not - but Mayor Mike Bawden now has a blog on the city's website - you'll find it by clicking here .

There are, thankfully, ground rules. Mike explains them in his first blog post ( here ).

Interested in writing your own post for the Riverdale website? Let us know .
Do we have your number?
As you may, or may not know, the Riverdale phone directory is now available online. You can access it by clicking here .

We've done that for the convenience of residents and, frankly, because it's easier and less expensive to maintain and publish. But we need to know if your number or address have changed and, most importantly, whether you want to be listed or not.

Have a change that we need to make to your listing? Let us know by clicking here and completing the online form.
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Enjoy the weather tonight
and even though it might be a little rainy on Saturday, things look pretty cool.
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