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One True God

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He Came All This Way

I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous)


Betty Garrison has been experiencing vertigo for the last 6-8 months. She is seeing an ear/nose/throat specialist to help with the problem. Please pray for healing.
Evelyn Romero for close family friend, Leonor Rodriguez , who was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the liver and pancreas. Cancer has metastases. It has spread throughout her body. Please pray for strength for her husband, Jaime , as he cares for her. Praise! Leonor and Jaime received Jesus as their Lord and Savior and were baptized on Sat., Aug 4.
Judy Rembold still in rehab but getting better every day. Please continue to pray for healing and comfort. Please pray for her husband as he continues to deal with shingles.
Irene Howell for Roger, who is dealing with addiction. Also, please continue to pray for healing from surgery. She has developed some complications and the doctors are trying to resolve the problem. Pray for family unspoken.
Tim Bacheller's mother, Gertrude , as she recovers form hip surgery.
Sandra Novell's sister, Sheila , was in a car accident on Friday, July 27. She was badly bruised. Please pray for comfort and healing.
Joanne Showalter's co-worker passed away suddenly. She is taking it very hard because he would call her constantly making sure she was ok after Steve's death. Please pray for Joanne, for his family, and co-workers during this difficult time.
PRAISE! Evelyn Romero's brother, Roberto , his back surgery went really well. The herniation on his disk had gotten bigger, but he is on the road to recovery. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for comfort and healing.
Mary Tyson , for the Henry family, mother and father, who lost their three children, two year-old Ivy, four year-old John-Ross, and seven year-old Ireland in a house fire. Please pray for the family during this difficult time.
Edith McGriff's cousin passed away the week of July 9. Please pray for the family during this difficult time.
Mary Tyson's husband, Bill, has Parkinson's disease, dementia and kidney failure. He is receiving dialysis at a rehabilitation place in Clinton. They're trying to transfer him to Landover closer to the family. He is doing much better. Mary's cast had to be removed because she is allergic to it. She has been put in a brace to heal her broken wrist. Please continue to pray for healing and God's provision and thank you for your prayers.
PRAISE! Sandy Jones' son, Chris , is back home from the hospital recovering from a motorcycle accident on Monday, 6/25. He is doing better than expected and recovering well. Please continue to pray for healing.
Mary Tyson for medical reasons and constant pain. Please pray for daughters, Joy Ann, unspoken. PRAISE! Christina is doing well from the bronchitis. Thanks for your prayers.
Geri Bromery is dealing with vasculitis. She also is dealing with another illness that is attacking her body which the doctors have not been able to diagnose. Please pray for a doctor to discover the problem and for healing.
Eloise Drennan's neighbor, Tracey Baldwin , who has cancer. Doctors have done everything possible, but they are out of options now. Please pray for comfort and a miracle.
Praise! Suezette Roney is back in choir. Her back surgery was a success. She continues re-habilitation. Please pray for continued healing.
Bill Tyson's sister has dementia and lung cancer. Cancer is spreading throughout her body.
Praise! Eloise Drennan's granddaughter, Emily Powell, is home now recuperating. She still has a long way to go but doing much better. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for healing.
Evelyn Romero for medical reasons and constant pain associated with her illness. She is on medication now but it will be a long healing process. Please pray for comfort and healing.
Lorna Chatmon is struggling with asthma. She is also having heart problems. She had a cardiac cat scan and it was clear. However, more tests need to be done. Please pray for healing and comfort.
Evelyn Romero's friend Lilian's son, Mario Garcia, has cancer that has spread throughout his body. He is undergoing treatment. Her husband, Mario Garcia, also has cancer and is undergoing treatment.
Joanne Showalter's nephew, Allen Showalter, who has skin cancer.
Karisa Josephson for son, Robert, unspoken request.
Alice Wanguhu's cousin, Millie, has stage 3 breast cancer. Her brother-in-law, Javiel, has complications from diabetes. Her cousin, Elizabeth, has stage 4 ovarian cancer. She also lost her daughter. She was 20 years old. Please pray for the family during this difficult time.
Bettyjane Coker has pain in the left shoulder and arm, and numbness in her hand. She is going to rehab. Please continue to pray for healing.
Bettyjane Coker for her son-in-law, Alton Hubbard, regarding multiple health issues. Tests results showed he has cancer. He will have multiple surgeries in the in the next few weeks.
Joanne Showalter as she is dealing with pain in both knees; for daughter, Julie, who has back pain; and for daughter, Betty, who is having problems with both her wrists.
Paul Tucker's friend, Chris, collapse with a massive heart attack. He is in a comma and they don't know if he is coming out of it. Please pray for healing.
Tracey Schofer as he continues to receive treatment for cancer.
Joanne Showalter is requesting prayer for her co-worker, Gabi Glenn, whose mom has dementia that is progressing quickly. Please pray for strength as she cares for her mom.
Evelyn Romero for unspoken and for her sons Wilson and Alejandro to recommit their lives to the Lord and come back to church.
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