5th graders Sam, Seda, and Lennon welcomed the kindergarten class to Tanzania by teaching them a song that goes along with a jump-roping game.

Here it is, the last Memo of the school year. We look forward to celebrating with you and your children at Graduation on Saturday!

Happy Monday,
Our parent leaders have had great success engaging other area schools in this event for its 2nd year. Now we just need to make sure some Riversiders turn out, as individuals or in teams, to raise funds for and support their school. This year's earnings (from pledges and registration as we are the host school) will all go to support the renovation of Riverside's costume closet! The event is Sunday, August 18.
Based on feedback from parents about our start-of-year traditions, we will be changing a couple of dates and community event formats in August and September . When you receive the hard copy of next year's calendar along with narrative reports and summer reading assignments later in June, please note those carefully!
Kudos to Hanna's 5th grade class for their successful leadership of our first ever Culture Fair! It was really fun to watch them prepare, present, and lead other groups of students through their learning activities.
Thank you to the students, parents, staff, and trustees who came to help with Spring Clean Up Day on Saturday. We know family schedules are busy and no weekend is perfect, especially with the last-minute change of dates because spring came so late to our region this year. We depend on everyone's help to maintain our campus, and look forward to lots more help next week.
7th grade won the Penny Wars fundraiser, and will be rewarded with a pizza and ice cream party at lunch time tomorrow!
There are no class notes below for middle school as they are all reviewing and preparing for semester exams.

6-8th graders will be taking exams Tuesday-Thursday. Please support them at home by encouraging them to get organized and set priorities in advance, and by teaching and reinforcing study skills, as teachers are doing school.
6th Grade
  • Tuesday: history, Latin
  • Wednesday: math, English
  • Thursday: Spanish, science
7th Grade
  • Tuesday: Spanish, English
  • Wednesday: Math, Science
  • Thursday: history, Latin
8th Grade
  • Tuesday: science, world issues
  • Wednesday: Spanish, Latin
  • Thursday: math, English
Deer tick season is at its peak, so let's be proactive about preventing tick bites this summer.

Parents Dr. Thauna Abrin (preschooler Laila) and biologist Alan Giese (6th grader Anika and 8th grader Maren) will be available in the barn tomorrow, Tuesday, June 4 from 3:00-4:00 pm to answer questions and give advice about deer tick bite prevention and treatment. They will speak formally for about 10 minutes at 3:30 to any who have gathered.
  • Alan, who has been studying tick populations in VT since 2011, can speak to tick ecology, tick species identification with samples, where and when tick encounters are most likely, reasons for the population explosion, how to avoid them, and testing them for pathogens. 
  • Dr. Thauna (naturopathic doctor in Hardwick) She will also have tick bite first aid kits (remedies that balance the skin and immune reactions) available for sale.

We hope this is a convenient way to use our community resources to help everyone, please plan to park and visit with Dr. Thauna for as much time as you have.
Thank you to the Parent Advisory Group for organizing another week of meals for teachers as a thank-you for the school year. The faculty feel so supported by being cared for this way! This effort is intended to fulfill any desire parents might have to purchase gifts for teachers. Another part of the gift is having the dishes washed and leftovers packed up for staff to take home, if you can lend a hand in the afternoon with that, please email Jen Croft and let her know.
Riverside's last day of school on Friday is a fun combination of annual traditions and unique activities planned by 8th graders in consult with Peter.
  • Bike to School (please read carefully): Unfortunately, Lyndonville Police Chief Jack Harris received numerous complaints about our bikers, walkers, and drivers on the roads in the morning. He has shared the details of those with us (reminding us of the relevant laws about keeping close to the right side of the road, which were broken by both students and adults, and carry fines $75-100), we take those seriously, and we have spoken with him and with the PAG about modifying our plans. Doing that well will take another year of coordinated planning led by parents and staff together. If you would like to be a part of that, please let Nelia and/or '19-'20 PAG Heads Ellen Moore and Kim Adams know. In the meantime this is our modified plan for this year: students who would like to bike or walk from any location are welcome to do so only if they are with one of their own parents (we ask that no students do so alone, or without their own parents, so as to keep groups very small and well-supervised). Any others who would like to ride bikes, can meet a group that will be escorted by Riverside staff, volunteer parents, and Chief Harris himself at the Lyndon Outing Club at 7:45 am for that 1.5 mile downhill ride. Any who would like to walk can meet at the Lyndon Outing Club at 7:20 am for that 1.5 mile downhill walk.
  • Talent Show: Students who would like to perform in a talent show are asked to review and/or audition their plans with Peter this week. The performances will begin at 12:45 pm and parents are encouraged to attend.
  • Awards: Perfect Attendance and National Latin Exam Awards will be given out during an intermission of the talent show at approximately 1:30. Please know that we will do our best to be on schedule, and it is difficult to plan that afternoon down to the minute.
  • Water "Fight": The last activity of the day will be an optional water "fight" on the soccer field, beginning at 2:15. Students should bring a towel and a suit or wet clothes. They can also bring a favorite squirt gun if they have one. Be prepared for students to be wet when you arrive to pick them up. Changing clothes is difficult in those last few minutes, it might be better to have some tarps/towels in your car depending on your plans.
  • Dismissal Times: The usual 3:00 for K-5th and 3:30 for 6-8th.
  • After School Program: Please let us know if your child will need After School care on the last day of school as we expect very few and want to plan accordingly. If a student will be staying, they should have dry clothes to change into.
Saturday's graduation is a year-end celebration for all PreK-8th grade students and an official school day. We encourage all parents to attend because we will be recognizing many students of different grade levels and the community potluck lunch afterwards is a fun way to end the year together. Students should arrive by 9:45 and report directly to the Yurt, dressed nicely as they would for a music concert.

Potluck assignments: We ask all families to bring a salad or main course dish to share. Please remember a serving utensil and mark all your personal items with your name. Please also plan to list the ingredients, we will have markers and cards available if necessary. Riverside will be providing drinks and a cake.

We ask that 7th grade parents to help keep the potluck organized, please let your PAG parent Renee Piernot know if you can help with set-up or clean-up.
Information is gathering in Krystal's office about various summer opportunities for area youth. We will try to share them here as well, with links to more information.
Mountain Bike Club will meet again this Friday. Since the trails are open and the group will be riding, pick up time is 5:30 pm.
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phone: 802.626.8552
fax: 802.626.4156
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