These 4-5th graders took first place in their division at the Destination Imagination tournament on Saturday! Congratulations to Lyric, Molly, Adrienne, Izzy, Seda, and their team leaders Mel Finn and Lilias Ide. And many thanks to Lyric's step-sister Lola for filling a needed spot at the last minute!

It's our 18th annual Play Week! Be sure to read the details below about pick up schedules, volunteer needs, and our Pancake Breakfast on Friday morning!

Happy Monday,
Ten Riverside elementary students and their parents braved Saturday morning's storm to compete in the Destination Imagination Tournament in Burlington. Courtney and Alison's team (Macy, Lennon, Sawyer, Micah and Conall) earned a 1st place in their Instant Challenge ("for creative and critical thinking") and 2nd place for their prepared Team Challenge . Lilias, Rick, and Mel's Team (Seda, Adrienne, Molly, Izzy, Lyric, and last-minute replacement Lyric's step sister Lola) won first place in both challenges for their division!

Both teams were recognized with extra awards for "demonstrating an extraordinary level of spirit, sportsmanship, and volunteerism and helping others." The way students adjusted their plans to solve the problem of an absent team member was noted in the judge's comments.

We are so grateful to the parent volunteers who have given so much time to this kind of collaborative learning and problem solving. How wonderful that it culminated in such a successful public presentation. Thank you!
We plan to mail contracts for returning students this week. Please sign and return them with deposit by April 26. We have wait lists already in some classrooms and need to be sure of spaces available.
Play Week, a tradition developed by the faculty, embraces our mission to learn actively, lead patiently, and build community. If you stop by school this week you’ll see students of mixed ages working together on a huge project. As teachers we remind them to use their time well, to stay focused on the tasks at hand, to help and encourage each other, and to be ready to show off their efforts, all important life skills. A somewhat loosely scheduled week like this would not be as successful in the fall, but after building skills in similar, smaller tasks all year, we think departing from academic classes to engage in them on a deeper level this entire week is well worth it. And come Friday night, we’ll all be impressed with how much pride and ownership our students have in the process and its result. Like so many of our special events, Play Week requires a lot of communication, flexibility, and help from parents.


  • helping with make-up Friday, March 29, 5:00-7:00 pm and/or Saturday, March 30, 12:00-2:00 pm
  • helping with hair Friday, March 29 5:00-7:00 pm and/or Saturday, March 30, 12:00-2:00 pm
  • helping set-up, run, and clean-up the bake sale during intermission at each performance
  • trucks and drivers to help take sets and costumes to LI on Thursday, March 28 at 10:30 am.
  • trucks and drivers to help take sets and costumes back to Riverside on Saturday afternoon, March 30

MONDAY - WEDNESDAY : Run-Through Rehearsals, Tech Work, Electives, Scene Rehearsals
THURSDAY : Electives, Scene Rehearsals, 6-8 Carpools to LI, Tech Rehearsal *Note*
  • 6-8 Pick up at LI auditorium at 3:30
  • No After-School Program for 6-8th graders
FRIDAY : PreK-8 Pancake Breakfast, 6-8 Carpools to LI, Scene Work, PreK-5 Bus to LI, Full Dress Rehearsal
  • 6-8 lunch hosted by LI
  • PreK-5 will go to LI by bus at 1:00 pm to watch the dress rehearsal
  • PreK-5 Pick Up at LI at 3:00
  • 6-8 (and younger sibling) pick up at LI at 3:30,
  • no ASP for PreK-8th graders

FRIDAY : 6-8th grade students should be at LI at 5:00 pm to get in to costume and warm up. Performance is at 7:00 pm.
SATURDAY : 6-8th grade students should be at LI at 12:00 pm; performance is at 2:00 pm. Families should plan to stay and lend a hand with clean up and loading trucks with costumes, props, and sets.

Admission is by donation; this will be an engaging show for young people of all ages; please encourage your friends and neighbors to attend!

There will be a bake sale during intermission and after each show, if you can donate a plate of items to sell, please send them in to school or bring them to one of the shows.
Each actor should bring in his/her own hair brush, mascara, eye liner in a labeled ziplock bag and turn it in to Nelia by Wednesday.

Most 6-8th grade students should have brought needed costume pieces from their closets at home by today. Please ask them if they heard from a costumer today about anthing else they need and be sure that it's brought in as soon as possible. All personal items should be labeled with a name.
PreK-5th grade students will be invited to our pancake breakfast this Friday, March 29 and will then go to LI on the afternoon to see the dress rehearsal of
Footloose! Pick up on that day will be at 3:00 pm at the back of the LI Auditorium. There will be no After School Program on Friday, since students are dismissed from off-campus.
Parents Chantel Randall and Madeleine Balcom have planned a Magic-the-Gathering club for Tuesdays, April 2-May 14. Interested families should sign up in advance by emailing Madeleine ; students of all ages are welcome. The Club will start at 3:15, welcome 6-8th graders at 3:30, and run until 4:45. We would appreciate it if participating families would volunteer to donate snacks once for 10 people.
Preschoolers will go skiing again this week. Parents please pick up students at 12:30 and meet us in the brown bag area of the base lodge. Renters may go directly to the igloo to pick up equipment.
K-3rd graders will not be swimming this Friday, instead they'll be coming to LI Auditorium to see the dress rehearsal of Footloose! Please remember to pick up there at 3:00.
Students in grades 3-8 will be engaged with computer-based standardized testing during the weeks of April 1-11. 3-4th graders will have time to practice working with the online testing interface and to discuss that experience before they formally begin.

Each student then will have about 5-6 hours of testing over two weeks, using as much time as they want/need to take it. If students are absent during that time, they may miss class time later on in order to make up missed testing sessions. If you have any questions about this, please contact Nelia.
"The fifth grade is excited to announce that the elementary musical has a title: The "Heroes" of Aldorvia . Since December, they have been working on plot, characters, conflict, music, writing, editing, and so much more, and this week the script finally goes to print. Stay tuned for information on ways you can help us get the show ready for its premiere performance on Elementary Play Day, Tuesday, May 7 at Lyndon Institute.
One of the Destination Imagination teams is working on a collaborative service project to support the Lyndon Dog Pound. Cindy Cady who runs the pound actually needs a lot of help getting rid of unwanted donations, and so the students would like to help her sell them for funds that she could better use to help care for the animals.
  • If you want a free dog/cat crate, or know someone who does, please contact Cindy at 626-PAWS. This would be very helpful to her because she has over 50 crates and is trying to clean them out!
  • If would like a dog bowl, for a donation of $5 to the Dog Pound, please email Mel Finn.
This club will meet today from 3:45-4:45. The game is full of players and so cannot welcome any new participants this week. Parents, please be prompt in picking up your children at 4:45.
Robotics Club will not meet this week, but will meet on April 1 and 8. Stay tuned for emails about the club schedule after spring vacation.
There will be no Karate this Wednesday, March 27, or Thursday, March 28.
There will be no Latin Club this week, March 28 because of Play Week efforts and the dismissal from LI.
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phone: 802.626.8552
fax: 802.626.4156
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