2nd graders Will Andrews, Maggie Reeve, and Cora Adams play in the cedar trees, which have become even more magical as their branches are laden with snow.

Here is this week's Monday Memo. Only two more weeks before the long vacation and lots to prepare for: Winter Fine Arts night; Mythology Day; Progress Reports, skiing programs. Please read carefully about how you can support us and your students in these endeavors.

Happy Monday,
PreK-8th graders will show off their efforts from music and art classes tomorrow, Tuesday, December 11 at 6:00 pm at the Auditorium at Lyndon Institute (sorry for the error in the Heron News which incorrectly listed the location as NVU). Art work will be on display in the hallway outside the auditorium, please make time to enjoy it!

PreK-5th graders should arrive by 5:30, and 6-8th graders by 5:00 pm. If your younger child will be arriving before 5:30, please supervise them closely until you see their classroom teacher and hand them off to sit in their assigned seats with their class. Last spring there was a lot of chaotic energy among students who arrived before their teachers.

PreK-2nd graders will return to sit with their parents after they perform. 3rd-8th graders will return to sit with their teachers.

Dress: The expectation for concerts is that students will dress professionally and in a way that shows they take pride in their work. Dresses and skirts should be below the knee OR have leggings under them. Polos, button-ups, or flannels are all acceptable. Dress pants are preferred, but casual black pants are an acceptable substitute if necessary. Please no t-shirts, hoodies, or blue jeans. Festive accessories are not required, but certainly welcome.
4th/5th grade: if you are wearing a skirt for the cumbia, you need to bring leggings and a black shirt. If you are wearing a hat, you need to bring pants and a dress shirt. You may change to different concert clothes after the dance performance if you prefer.
Updates on how students are meeting with the goals of our curricula will be going out this week:
  • K-5th grade reports will be in boomerang folders and emailed to parents on Friday.
  • 6-8th grade reports will be shared directly with students in advisory at the end of the week, please ask to review them together.
Next Friday, December 21 is our annual Mythology Day celebration. It is a half day and we will be skating. Early Dismissal will be from the Fenton Chester Arena at 1:30.

This celebration of mythological characters - both Abenaki and classical Greek and Roman - will consume our last day of school before vacation. 3-8th grade students will be in costume and speak about their individual characters in assembly from 8:00-9:00. K-7th graders will participate in a variety of mixed-age activities led by the 8th graders and faculty. At the end of the day, all K-8th graders will participate in the "Urn of Fate," a classically themed gift -exchange. Each student should bring in a simple, wrapped gift, with a value not greater than $5. They should bring their gifts to assembly in the barn in the morning.

At home 3-8th grade students should be preparing a costume, practicing a brief speech, and wrapping a gift ($5 or less) to share with another Riversider.
In addition to the scheduled Alumni Day on January 10, we'd like to encourage high school alumni to visit us on Thursday, December 20 . We love to have them join our class activities and conversations, welcome them for lunch, and will facilitate a conversation between them and the 8th grade about what it means to be an alumnus/alumna of Riverside.
Downhill: We need more chaperones! If you're interested in joining us on Friday afternoons at Burke Mountain, please reach out to Nelia to find out more about what's involved. Those who already volunteered, you should've gotten a list of questions and forms by email from Nelia last week. Please reply, sign, and return that information as soon as possible.

X-Country: We would appreciate another chaperone or two to help us meet the needs of a wide range of students, if you can join us on Friday afternoons on Kingdom Trails, please let Mr. G know.
K-8th graders will go ice skating this Friday. Please remember to pick up at the Fenton Chester arena at 3:15.

Next week will be our last skating date, and after Mythology Day we will dismiss from the arena at 1:30.
Nathan looks forward to starting on Tuesday, December 18, 3:45-4:45. Chess club is open to all K-8th graders, not matter their experience or skill level. There will be learning and games at all levels. Parents are encouraged to attend to both teach and learn. We would welcome snack donations for the group, students should probably pack an extra snack in case they're hungry.
There is a Robotics Club starting after the holiday break for 6-8 graders. It will be Mondays from 3:45-5:00. The club will be student led (and overseen by Maryellen Griffin with support from Nelia) and is open to anyone who can come to all of the meetings, so no robotics experience is necessary. The students will decide and delegate roles, come up with a project as a group, and make a plan for how they will accomplish this. If you have any questions please email Henry Griffin .
Penny Wars is organized by Student Council through this Thursday. Class boxes are set up in the microwave room. Students will try to collect as many pennies in their class's box as possible, and sabotage others boxes with other money, e.g. nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills. The class with the most money in pennies and the least in other units of money will win. The winning class will receive a pizza and ice-cream party, and the class with the most pennies will choose which charity receives the money.
Student Council will host a dance for 6-8th graders on Friday, December 14th. We are looking for chaperones to assist us. The dance will start at 7:00pm and end at 9:00pm. Dinner is not provided. If you are in Student Council and wish to stay after school to set up, or if you are an adult and available to chaperone, please contact Peter.
Please take the time to read this letter from Kim to all parents about how to take part by contributing donations , attending the event, and volunteering your time. You should've also received it in hard copy last week in boomerang folders/backpacks.
         This is the biggest parent-organized fundraiser at Riverside each year. It is essential to closing the gap between tuition income and program expenses. Our annual theme of “Oh, The Places They’ll Go!” highlights the many opportunities our students have to explore, learn and create thanks to the success of events like this. Please reach out to friends or staff members if you have any questions about how to support the auction.
No Crazy 8s this week because of the Fine Arts Night tomorrow. Our last meeting will be next week.
5-8: Wednesday, 3:45-5:00
K-4: Thursday, 3:45-4:45
Mel-Lilias-Rick's Team: this Wednesday 3:15-4:15
Courtney-Alison's Team: this Thursday 4:00-5:00
No matter the size of your gift, it's the act of donating that matters most. Please consider making a gift today if you haven't already. We strive to have 100% of our parents, faculty, and trustees participate in giving to Riverside, as that makes a powerful statement about the strength of our community. We thank you.
30 Lily Pond Road, Lyndonville, VT 05851
phone: 802.626.8552
fax: 802.626.4156
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