7th and 8th graders visited the Harvard Museum of Natural History and toured Harvard's campus with alumnus Peter Sahlin during the trip to Boston. Thanks for the great picture, Annie Patoine!

Our 4-5th graders are off on adventures in Maine for their Spring Field Trip, and the 6-8th graders have safely returned from Boston to focus on the final three weeks of the school year. Please help students to reflect on their goals for the year and middle schoolers to begin preparing for semester exams by meeting with teachers from their most challenging classes.

Happy Monday,
Please make sure your child(ren) have a water bottle at school with their name on it every day. There are no water fountains in the house, and so when students are thirsty they use kitchen cups, and create a lot of dishes for others to wash. Some do take the initiative to wash their own, but this isn't the best use of our resources.
We are seeing lots of ticks on students at Riverside after playing outside, even just in the cedar circle. When they are still crawling, we dispose of them carefully. When they have bitten, we remove them and send them home taped to a piece of paper with a note in case further testing for illness is necessary.

Preschool parent and naturopath Thauna Kromash wants to help educate parents about preventing tick-born illnesses from tick bites. Stay tuned for an announcement about an afternoon event where parents can learn more from her. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions from Thauna:
  • Deer ticks are endemic in Vermont. Currently, adult ticks are releasing larvae and nymphs, which are tiny black dots smaller than the tip of a pin and need a magnifying glass to be seen.
  • Start tick checks for your children, especially on the scalp, behind ears, under arms and in the groin.
  • To identify ticks, please see photos here.
  • Here are instructions on how to remove a tick. Contact your pediatrician or go to ER if you are not sure how to remove at tick.
  • Contact Dr Thauna Abrin at Whole Family Wellness for tick bite kits- containing remedies to balance the skin and immune reaction after a tick bite  
The Parent Advisory Group will be meeting this Thursday evening at 5:00 pm. Dinner and child care will be provided. All parents are welcome to attend.

Agenda topics will include
  • Teacher Appreciation Meals
  • Coffee House and Public Forum Attendance
  • Spring Clean Up Days
  • End of Year Survey
  • Last Day of School Traditions (bike to school, 8th graders taking over leadership of activities)
  • Graduation Awards
  • Fall Social and BBQ Event Formats
Sean Fortier, who will be our After School Program Director and PreK-8 Wellness teacher next year, will be on campus this Friday, and available to meet parents between 3:00-4:00 pm. Please plan to park and come say hello in the cedars (weather permitting) or the library.
Student Council is hosting its final event of the year this Friday night! The PreK-8 Summer Party is from 5:30-7:00 and the 5-8th grade Summer Dance goes on from 7:00-9:00.

Parents who could lend a hand in one of the following ways would be most appreciated, please let Peter know if you can before Wednesday.
  • grill
  • grillable foods
  • assistance chaperoning
The winner of the garden cart raffle was community member Gary Chase. Thanks to President Alexa's organizing efforts, and all the generous people who purchased tickets and made donations, 100% of the funds for new soccer jerseys have been secured!
In an effort to provide professional development opportunities for educators in the Northeast Kingdom and North Country of New Hampshire, Riverside has now created the Teacher Center at Riverside.  The goal of the Center will be to support area educational professionals with relevant, valuable, and locally-sourced professional development opportunities for elementary educators. The classes will be taught during the summer and are available for graduate level credit awarded by Antioch University New England.

Please help spread the word by sharing this info with area teachers you know. The full press release is on our website, as are the details for each of the three courses offered:
  • Successful Integration of Technology in the Classroom
  • Critical Skills Immersion Level 1
  • Educating for Sustainability Summer Institute
We ask that each Riverside family please choose the one that best fits your schedule and interests, and plan to attend. As ever, Riverside both strengthens and depends on our supportive community when we work to care for our historic campus in this way each year.
  • Saturday, June 1, 9:00am-12:00pm: gardening and cleaning projects
  • Tuesday, June 11, 5:30pm: cleaning, painting, and hauling materials out of the basement and the attic so that insulating work can be done.
Information is gathering in Krystal's office about various summer opportunities for area youth. We will try to share them here as well, with links to more information.
There is Karate this week, 5-8th graders on Wednesday from 3:45-5:00 and K-4th graders on Thursday from 3:45-4:45. The final sessions will be next week.
Latin Club is now cancelled for this week so that Nathan can attend a professional development event. The last meeting will be next week.
Mountain Bike Club will meet again this Friday. Since the trails are open and the group will be riding, pick up time is 5:30 pm.
30 Lily Pond Road, Lyndonville, VT 05851
phone: 802.626.8552
fax: 802.626.4156
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