Our Latin Club (including 8th graders Maren Giese, Alexa Counter, and Jasmine Engle; and 6th graders Anika Giese, Emily Counter, and Trixie Shackleton) traveled to compete in Concord, NH over the vacation, see their results below.

Welcome back! Here we are in the final stretch of the school year, looking forward to the sunshine and our various field trips and other end-of-year traditions.

Happy Monday,
Riverside welcomes a new family to our school community today. Heather and Matthew Linehan recently moved from New York and purchased the old Peaslee's Potatoes Farm in Guildhall. We are glad to have their 2nd grader Louisa and 5th grader Maceo at Riverside!
  • 6th grader Trixie Shackleton entered an essay contest organized by the DAR on the topic of women's suffrage and won 1st prize among Vermont 6th graders. She imagined a dialogue between a brother and sister during the era of the suffrage movement. Trixie will be reading her essay at the DAR chapter meeting on Saturday April 27th at 10:00 am at the United Community Church in St. Johnsbury.
  • Our 4th grade teacher Laryssa Fortier applied and was accepted to a year-long, award-winning, professional development program for K-12 teachers about place-based learning and forest sustainability. The program is offered in partnership with Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park, Shelburne Farms, Green Mountain National Forest, The Stewardship Institute, and Castleton State College. Across habitats and the many seasons, Laryssa will learn how to "read" and teach the landscapes of Vermont, making academic standards more practical and meaningful, and continuing to develop Riverside's Birch Buddies program.
  • The Latin Club had a very successful experience competing in the forum over vacation! They won their first certamen match, they also learned about ancient writing, competed in chariot racing, artwork (painting, mosaic, and landscape), and costume (Arachne) contests, and performed a great skit rejecting various unsuitable mythological figures from Latin Club. And our two gladiators fought incredibly valiantly, with one coming back from an injury to crush her next opponent! 6th graders Anika and Emily were also elected co-presidents of the Vermont Junior Classical League.
  • Michelle is pleased to announce that this year's graduation speaker will be Rohan Racine, '08. Rohan attended Riverside for five years, and graduated from LI in 2012 and Tufts University in 2016. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree at McGill University in experimental surgery, and serving as a member of Riverside's Board of Trustees. Rohan says that he most appreciated the freedom for individual growth and the stellar teachers at Riverside, who helped him to be "better intellectually and to be a better member of the broader community."
The 2019-2020 Riverside School calendar is available for download!

7th grade parents : Please note the dates of the 8th grade summer adventure are August 24-25, and that 8th grade day is listed on the calendar for September 3, the day before school starts.
Kindergarteners are doing a bottle drive to raise money for buying some fertilized chicken eggs to hatch, along with some shavings and feed! If you’d like to help them out, you may drop of bottles at any time at the Carriage House. Thank you for your support!
Parent Westerly Miller has been coordinating with Kingdom Cycling and Experiences to provide an after school experience on the trails for K-8th graders. The club will be Fridays, April 26-June 7, students need to be dropped off at the KCE center at the Wildflower Inn on Darling Hill at 4:00 pm. For the first couple of weeks, before the trails open, they’ll be learning about bicycle mechanics and maintenance, until 5:00 pm. The following weeks they’ll ride the trails in specific ability groups with experienced leaders to help them improve their skills, until 5:30 pm.

Interested families should sign up ASAP by emailing (please include child's full name, date of birth, approximate skill level, and parent contact information) and plan to make a payment on the first Friday of $40-50 (TBD) to KCE. Riders need their own bikes, helmets, and season passes, or to purchase an additional day pass each week. We would also welcome parent volunteers to be with the group each week to assist in organizing the kids; if you can help please let Westerly know.
Oak will present on Thursday morning in assembly about forests and deforestation.
K-3rd graders will be swimming this Friday, please remember to pick up behind the SJA pool at 3:15.
Prior Monday Memos listed our annual Clean Up Day for this weekend, and Michelle sent an email to all parents during the vacation letting them know we planned to change that.

Because of the late spring, and our need for major help preparing for summer insulation projects, we have decided to plan two clean up days! We ask that each Riverside family please choose the one that best fits your schedule and interests, and plan to attend. As ever, Riverside both strengthens and depends on our supportive community when we work to care for our historic campus in this way each year.
  • Saturday, June 1, 9:00am-12:00pm gardening and cleaning projects
  • Tuesday, June 11, 5:30pm: cleaning, painting, and hauling materials out of the basement and the attic so that insulating work can be done.
President Alexa Counter is working hard to fulfill her campaign promise of new, youth-sized jerseys for Riverside's soccer team. Bake sales, movie nights, and raffles have brought her close to the full cost of the jerseys.

Student Council is holding a raffle for a large gardening cart generously donated to us by VT Carts. Raffle tickets cost $10 each. The drawing will take place Thursday, May 9th, or the student council meeting prior to Mother's Day. We will only be selling 200 tickets, so buy some! We will be selling them on the porch at pick up and drop off times.
We are looking for 6 large boxes (freezer or bike size), a feather duster, a kingly crown, fake loaves of bread/baguettes, fake apples, a large pair of fake glasses, a yellow dog costume, and 4 sets of dragon wings. 

Additionally, we are looking for a parent to do face paint for the performance on 4 dragons and a dog.

Please email Lydia if you can help.
We will host our next public forum event on Thursday, May 2 at 5:30 pm. The featured speaker will be Pat Shine, Professor of Human Services at NVU - Lyndon, who will explain how students, parents, and community members can talk to each other about diversity and social justice. Her presentation is titled, "What do you say after 'Don't say that!'?" Professor Shine has facilitated workshops and trainings on topics related to social justice throughout New England for more than 25 years.

While diversity is often used in reference to race, ethnicity, and gender, there are broader definitions of diversity that also include age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, and physical appearance. There are also diversity of thoughts and ideas, perspectives, and values. How does one effectively treat everyone fairly while at the same time eliminate barriers that prevent the full participation of some groups? 

While students are welcome to attend, the presentation is designed for adults and Professor Shine warns that it may be difficult for young students to engage.
For those winning bidders on Riverside at Night at this year's auction: the date has been set for Friday, May 3. If you purchased multiple tickets, please be sure to communicate with Michelle about which students you are sending so that she can plan accordingly.
Parent and artist Tiffany Murray (6th grader Aubriella) will be hosting another Paint and Sip event here at Riverside on Monday, May 6 at 6:00 pm (this is a postponement from prior announcements) . Tickets are $35 and can be purchased through Krystal. Plan to bring your own drink of choice; snacks will be provided. The example painting for the event is pictured here.
One of the Destination Imagination teams is working on a collaborative service project to support the Lyndon Dog Pound. Cindy Cady who runs the pound actually needs a lot of help getting rid of unwanted donations, and so the students would like to help her sell them for funds that she could better use to help care for the animals.
  • If you want a free dog/cat crate, or know someone who does, please contact Cindy at 626-PAWS. This would be very helpful to her because she has over 50 crates and is trying to clean them out!
  • If would like a dog bowl, for a donation of $5 to the Dog Pound, please email Mel Finn.
Catan Club is meeting today from 3:45-4:45. Next week will be our last meeting.
Magic Club will meet Tuesday from 3:15-4:45.
5-8th grade Wednesday, 3:45-5:00
K-4th grade Thursday, 3:45-4:45
There will be no Latin Club this week. Stay tuned to future Memos for the schedule for the rest of the year.
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