Newsletter - Winter 2016
As 2016 comes to a close, we reflect on what we have been able to achieve over the past year with the support of colleagues, friends, and supporters. In addition to our ongoing trauma response efforts, our 6th Annual Conference was filled to capacity, we offered several new trainings, and we continued to get our voice and our work out on a national level.
Thank you for your continued interest in and support of Riverside Trauma Center. We are grateful to have you in our lives, and wish you peace, good health, and warm connections to others in the year ahead.

Larry Berkowitz, EdD
Director, Riverside Trauma Center

Our 6th Annual Conference  

Sharing Knowledge and Growing Together
We held our 6th Annual Conference "You Come to Us Endangered:" Legacies of Community
Waheeda Saif and Vetta Sanders Thompson 
Trauma, Narratives of Healing and Resilience in September at the Crowne Plaza in Natick. Over 200 people attended, and the day was filled with insightful presentations, discussions, and networking.
The presentations by Vetta Sanders Thompson, PhD, Jack Saul, PhD, and Waheeda Saif, LMHC, were informative, interesting, and entertaining. Feedback from attendees was very positive. One attendee mentioned, "I always appreciate Riverside trainings, and today was really informative. All speakers brought new perspectives and info. Everyone was engaging." Another said, "I loved the diversity of people speaking, as they were able to intertwine personal and professional experience, and factual evidence."

Thank you to all who attended, and we look forward to seeing you at our conference next year.
Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools 
Helping Children Learn  
Potentially traumatic experiences in childhood are incredibly common and can have lasting effects on children's health and well-being. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES), a majority of students have had at least one adverse childhood experience, and a third have experienced three or more. 1 These experiences have a substantial impact on students' ability to behave appropriately and learn in school. In a 2011 study, Nadine Burke Harris and colleagues found that a child who had experienced four or more adverse childhood experiences was 32 times more likely to be labeled with a learning or behavior problem than a child who did not report having experienced any. 2 

In 2014, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education developed a Behavioral Health and Public Schools framework to increase the capacity of schools to collaborate with behavioral health providers as well as provide supportive school environments that improve educational outcomes for children with behavioral health needs. 3
Read the full article with footnotes.   
Riverside Trauma Center's National Efforts 
We are Traveling from Oregon to Maine 
-In response to the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, Director Larry Berkowitz, EdD, was invited to speak this past summer at the annual Florida Behavioral Health Conference, co-sponsored by the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association and the Florida Council for Community Mental Health. His talk, "Promoting Support and Resilience in Communities Following Violent Events," addressed the principles and activities that can help people in the aftermath of traumatic incidents.

Rebecca Mirick and Larry Berkowitz
-This summer, Larry and Rebecca Mirick, PhD, LICSW, Suicide Prevention Specialist at Riverside Trauma Center, conducted the Center's training "Suicide Assessment and Intervention Training for Mental Health Professionals" as a continuing education workshop at the annual American Psychological Association Convention in Denver.

-In September, Associate Director, Jim McCauley, LICSW, and Larry spent three days with behavioral health providers in Portland, Oregon, conducting a Psychological First Aid / Post Traumatic Stress Management training, and helping Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare develop a Critical Incident Response Team. Cascadia invited us back in the spring to continue teaching and developing a response network.

-We will be conducting our  "Suicide Assessment and Intervention Training for Mental Health Professionals"  to clinicians in January through AdCare Educational Institute of Maine, Inc., and in March in Rhode Island to be sponsored by the Rhode Island Psychological Association.
Managing Feelings About the Recent Election
Helpful Tools
The recent presidential election has many people experiencing complex emotions like sadness, fear, and even anger. For people who are finding this to be a challenging time, it is important to take care of themselves on a daily basis and for parents to help their children if they are also feeling confused or stressed. We have developed two resource sheets: "Talking to Your Children About Highly Stressful Events - Recent Election" and "Practicing Self-Care After Highly Stressful Events - Recent Election." We hope you find these resources helpful.