Members of the Riverstone community,
As you undoubtedly know by now, last month Bob Carignan announced that he will be leaving Riverstone at the end of this school year. The Board of Trustees congratulates him on his new role, and we hope you will join us in working side by side to make Bob's final year at Riverstone his best yet - as well as to position our school for a successful transition into its next phase of leadership.
In that spirit, we now embark on our most critical responsibility as a Board: selecting and appointing our next Head of School. It is a charge that we undertake seriously, and also with a sense of optimism about the future of Riverstone.
Our work has already begun. We have formed a search committee (listed below), led by Juan Carlos Duque, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees, and comprised of representatives from across the Riverstone community: parents, faculty, alumni and trustees alike - all focused on the common goal of seeking out the best possible leadership to guide and inspire Riverstone on its journey forward.
The Board of Trustees is committed to providing openness and transparency throughout the search process, while at the same time respecting the discretion it requires. Updates and communications will come directly from the Board Chair, as the search committee itself has been asked to maintain strict standards of confidentiality. We ask that you support its members in upholding this necessity.

Above all, we want to assure you that in our role as custodians of the school, the Board and search committee will work diligently to secure the most qualified stewardship possible to pilot our school into its next chapter and enhance the flourishing community that is Riverstone.

I look forward to sharing further updates with you as the process unfolds.
Mark Liebich
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Please join me in supporting our Search Committee representatives:
  • Juan Carlos Duque, Committee Chair
  • Linda Clark-Santos, Board of Trustees representative
  • Stephanie Hanson, Board of Trustees representative
  • Tom Mahoney, Board of Trustees representative
  • Heather Schulze, Board of Trustees representative
  • Trevor Lindsay, Faculty representative
  • Jon Moreno-Ramirez, Faculty representative
  • Heather Dermott, Parent representative
  • Holly Ponath, Parent representative
  • Israel Catz, Alumni representative

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