E-Newsletter: April 28, 2019
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  • Making the Impossible Possible
  • Call for Assistance
  • Where's Rivers
  • Power of the Pride 5K
  • 2019 - 2020 School Calendar
  • Lion Artists of the Week

  • Elementary School News

  • Field Day
  • Junior Beta Club
  • State Testing Schedule
  • Art Show

  • Middle/High School News

  • Incase you missed it
  • IGP Conferences
  • State Testing Schedule
  • Crusaders Football and Cheer
  • Middle and High School Formal

  • The Lions Pride

  • Looking Ahead
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A Note From Dr. Compton
Dear Lions,

Like I predicted last week, the time is flying by. It has flown by so quickly that I neglected to recognize four people who are invaluable to Riverwalk Academy and the school's success.

April 8 - 12 was National Assistant Principal's Week and Riverwalk Academy is blessed to have such an incredible assistant principal. Ms. McCray is truly a blessing to Riverwalk Academy. I've never met an assistant principal who is such a strong instructional leader, yet at the same time is someone who all the teachers, students, and parents feel comfortable talking to. Ms. McCray is student-centered 100% of the time and she's not afraid to have tough conversations. Thank you, Ms. McCray for all that you do.
Last week was Administrative Support Week and there are three people who, regardless of their title, deserve to be recognized for what they do for the school; our parents, staff, and students. These three, whether they realize it or not, fill in the "operational cracks" and keep the school moving forward. We are truly blessed to have Ms. Mabey, Ms. Thomas, and Mr. Johnston on our team.
To Ms. McCray, Ms. Mabey, Ms. Thomas, and Mr. Johnston, and to everyone else who makes Riverwalk Academy "the place to be," thank you! You all are the reason our Pride is so Powerful!

Let's have a great week, Lions!

Robert Compton, Ph.D.
Head of School
Riverwalk Academy

School-Wide Information
Pride, You Made The Impossible Possible
Pride, you did it again! With your help, the PTO pulled off the impossible. Click here to view a special video ( updated link ).
A Call For Assistance - five more to go
Parents, we need only 5 more people to volunteer to serve as testing monitors during state testing. If you, or a relative, can help monitor (between 8a - 11a), this would be a big help to us.

We're in need of testing monitors to assist during the administration of SC Ready, SC PASS, and EOCs. The role of the monitor is to assist the testing administrators during the state assessment. We're looking for parents, grandparents, and other responsible adults from 8 - 11 each day during testing. Click here for more information or to sign up.
Where Is Rivers?
This past Thursday and Friday, Rivers spent the day with Jazmine Sepulveda (7th) at Clemson University's Men of Color National Summit.

You can follow along Rivers' adventures by visiting his blog , which is linked from our main page.
Power of the Pride 5K
The Marathon Kids Running Club came to an end on Friday as the runners, who have logged thousands of miles this season, participated in their season ending 5K. This event was named the Power of the Pride 5K.
Hunter Willis, first male finisher
One of the many fans cheering on the Lions as they ran on Friday.
Maya Losee, first female finisher
2019 - 2020 School Calendar
On behalf of the calendar committee, we appreciated all the feedback you provided on the school calendar. The 2019 - 2020 has been approved by the school board. Click the image for a larger view.
Lion Artists of the Week
(picked by Dr. Compton's daughters)
Check out Riverwalk Academy's online art gallery at  Artsonia . Artsonia is the World's Largest Student Art Museum. Yet it's so much more than that! It's a free, safe, educational program designed to connect parents and families with their child's creative activities at school.

If you have any questions, please contact  Ms. Griffith.
Self Portrait
Peyton Browder, 1st Grade
Self Portrait
Taylin Moss, 2nd Grade
Elementary School News
Field Day - Save the Date
Please be on the look out for information being shared this week about the May 9 Elementary School Field Day.
Junior Beta Club Raffle
It's not a candy sale.... it's a "Guess How Many" raffle to benefit the Humane Society. The 3 prizes are the full containers of candy, once the ticket sale is over. We have 3 different sized, clear containers full of candy and sealed. (Swedish Fish & Sour Patch Kids, Tootsie Rolls & Fruit Chews, and assorted Reese's/Kisses & assorted wrapped Hershey chocolates) We also have two large bags of Tootsie Rolls & Fruit Chews as a single 'thank-you' (immediate reward) for each donation guess form filled out. Entry forms are already printed to identify the name of the purchaser, their teacher, and their 3 guesses (in order to ensure the winners get their correct prize).  Our goal is to raise $250 + recoup Jr. Beta Club's initial investment for purchasing the candy and the containers. 
3rd-5th Grade State Testing Schedule
Parents, please "save the dates" for this spring's testing schedule

  • May 13 - SC Ready English Part 1 (3rd - 5th)
  • May 14 - SC Ready English Part 2 (3rd - 5th)
  • May 16 - SC Ready Math (3rd - 5th)
  • May 20 - SC PASS
  • Science: 4th Grade
  • Social Studies: 5th Grade
Annual Art Show
Thursday, May 16th
4 pm - 6 pm
Middle and High School News
High School Updates for 19/20 and 20/21
During his head of school report he gave on Tuesday, Dr. Compton unveiled his plans to start offering dual credit classes to some of the 10th grade students during the 19/20 school year. Then in 20/21, the school is working to finalize plan to create a dual enrollment partnership at York Technical College were students could either work on pursuing a 60 credit hour Associate's Degree or a 30 hour career completer certificate. As the plans become finalized, more information will be shared.

Additionally, Riverwalk Academy is looking to petition the SC High School League in August to officially join the league. This means that Riverwalk Academy could become a full member of the SC High School League and eligible to compete in Region and State events during the 2020 - 2021 school year.
8th / 9th Grade IGP Meetings
Parents of current 8th and 9th grade students, by now you should have received an email from Ms. Carr inviting you and your child to an IGP meeting. During this meeting your child will have a chance to discuss his/her post-secondary planning along with plan for their classes for the 19/20 school year. if you didn't receive this invite, please let Ms. Carr know.
Middle and High School State Testing Schedule
Parents, please "save the dates" for this spring's testing schedule

Middle School
  • May 13 - SC Ready English Part 1 (6th - 8th)
  • May 14 - SC Ready English Part 2 (6th - 8th)
  • May 16 - SC Ready Math (6th - 8th)
  • May 20 - SC PASS
  • Science: 6th
  • Social Studies: 5th and 7th Grades
  • May 22 - SC PASS (Science 8th Grade) ~updated date~

High School
  • May 21 - English 1 Writing (EOC) (9th and a few 8th graders)
  • May 23 - English 1 Reading (EOC) (9th and a few 8th graders)
  • May 28 - Algebra 1 (EOC) (9th and a few 8th graders)
Crusaders' Football
We'd like to thank the Crusaders' Football and Cheerleading Team for taking a few minutes out of their schedule to come talk to our middle and high school students about football and cheerleading options for them over the summer and this fall.

Click the picture to enlarge the flyer about their upcoming combine and cheer clinic.
8th/9th Grade Formal
8th/9th Grade Students , the date for your formal is May 10, 2019.

An email will be sent to all 8th / 9th grade parents later this week.

Questions? Please contact Ms. Foster or Ms. C. Wilson.
Looking Ahead
Monday, 29th
  • MAP Testing

Tuesday, 30th
  • MAP Testing
  • Band Practice (5th - 9th grade) @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Johnston)

Wednesday, 1st
  • 4th Grade Field Trip
  • 1st Grade POL @ 11:00 AM
  • Chorus Club @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Wright)

Thursday, 2nd
  • MAP Testing
  • Band Practice (5th - 9th grade) @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Johnston)

Friday, 3rd
  • MAP Testing

Save The Date (future items)
Elementary Field Day: 5/9 (Laster)
8th/9th Formal: 5/10 (C. Wilson/Foster)
Art Show: 5/16 ( Griffith )
Band/Chorus Performance: 5/20 (Johnston/Wright)
Spirit Night: 5/23 @ Adventure Air Sports (PTO)
Lions Pride
You never know when you will be spotted out in the community showing your #LionsPride.
Serenity Dellinger (4th) is pictured standing in front of Triple Falls where some of the Hunger Games was filmed 
Harleigh Dellinger (K) is rock climbing next to Hooker Falls where she and her family spent the day swimming
We'd love to show off our families wearing their Riverwalk Academy gear. Please send any photos, with a caption, to  Dr. Compton   and they just might end up here for all to see.
Looking Ahead

First Grade

  • Baumeister
  • Bowman
  • Matlock

Third Grade
Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade
  • Greenberg
  • Tillman

  • Krebs
  • C. Wilson

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