Hail Road Crew! 

Coming to you live from indoor America, courtesy of The Dark Master's Summon Convention Creature spell result, it’s The Road Crew Report! We're reaching out to you from across the miles to wish you all the very best luck, wellness, and patience during our current crisis. 

This week we're offering up a special promotion, just for you. It's our way to say thanks and hopefully help you through these trying times.

Jumping right in...
Weird Uncle Brendan, head of The Road Crew here.

Our world is facing a pandemic, and I personally call on all of y’all in the Road Crew to take it seriously. Please abide by the  CDC’s recommendations : maintain social distance when you can, wash your hands well for 20 seconds, etc. This situation is going to change how we have to do things, for now. Do not despair! 

Here are some changes and addendum to the Road Crew rules, given our current situation. 

1. For the time being, physical Road Crew events are no longer eligible for swag.  We encourage you to transition to online games for the foreseeable future. Until further notice, new play-in-person Road Crew games will not count for this year’s total game count.

2. Online games are eligible for Road Crew swag and do count as events, provided the online games are scheduled in a public venue.  This means they need to be streamed or recorded somehow (such as on Twitch) or opened up to the general public for registration.

You can choose to stream these on the  Goodman Games Twitch channel  if you’d like! Check out this prior post if you’d like to learn more about gaming on our channel –  Twitch Judges, Let Us Host Your Game On Our Channel!

3. You may have the opportunity to switch your physical games to online ones.  For example,  Virtual Gary Con . Go for it! Games switched online absolutely count for Road Crew credit. (Note that converted games are not new games – if you scheduled your first five road crew games for the year at a show that cancels their physical event but gives you the opportunity to play online, then those online games are still your games 1 through 5.)

4. At some point, the government will give the “all clear” for large gatherings again , at which point we will give you the all-clear to start scheduling physical Road Crew events again. 

Have any specific questions? Send them directly to your Weird Uncle Brendan at  brendan@goodman-games.com

The Dark Master says: “If ever the world needed an escape from reality, it is right now. The world NEEDS fantasy games right now. Running online games is going to bring a lot of joy to a lot of people in serious need. This is your mission, Road Crew. Go forth and do your best for your fellow gamers, your families, and our shared world.

New to online gaming? There are so many ways to do it!  Fantasy Grounds Roll20 , and  Google Hangouts  are all great choices. Look for more information from Goodman Games to help you with the online transition in the coming weeks!
Hopefully all of you are staying indoors right now to help slow the infection rate of the Covid-19 virus. Many of you cannot, and are still out there doing your jobs, taking precautions, and keeping the wheels of society turning. Some of you are actively working to keep us safe—health care workers, pharmacists, emergency service workers, and many others. 

To each of you, we here at Goodman Games offer you our heartfelt thanks for doing your best to help us see the end of our current crisis. Bravo, cheers, and well done all. Stay safe, help others when you can, and be brave for one another. 

Just because we all took a step back to maintain social distance doesn't mean that the dice shall not roll. The world needs joy right now, and I encourage all of you who can to run an online game, play an online game, and work on your dungeons and campaigns.
We want you to start running games online. To help streamline that, we’re offering free PDFs to the Road Crew! 

Each member of the Road Crew is eligible for up to 10 FREE PDFs of Goodman Games titles they already purchased in print. 

Email us a photo of you with the books in question . In the same email, also include a list of the book titles, and the email address used to register your goodman-games.com/store account. We will attach the PDFs to your account at no charge! 

Please note that we have PDFs for MOST print titles, but some are published under licenses that limit our ability to offer PDFs (particularly the Original Adventures Reincarnated line).

Here are the key points for this promotion:

  • Road Crew only. You must have run at least one Road Crew game this year to qualify.
  • We will provide free PDFs for up to 10 print items previously purchased from Goodman Games.
  • Why the 10-item limit? Administrative resources. We simply don’t have the resources to process PDFs for all of the hundreds of Goodman Games books that are in print, so please select your top 10 and start with those.
  • Please contact us with (a) a photo of you and the books in question, (b) a list of the titles, and (c) the email address of your account on the GG online store. 

The goal of this offer is to make it easier for you to run games online, so please allow up to 2 weeks for processing. We anticipate a deluge of requests and it will take time to process them all. 

Again, we want to note that in some cases we aren’t able to provide a PDF. This is particularly the case for some licensed works where our rights may extend only to print products. 

THANK YOU, ROAD CREW! We’ll get through these times together!
Judge Lunelope (real name Isaac, but we're trying to get folks to start calling him by his cool internet name) jumped on Roll20 to guide some peasants through The Hole in the Sky .

In their words: 

The group was freaked out by the lady in blue, which I found amusing. They all chose to go on the adventure, crossed the invisible bridge. No one was blown off of the bridge. They successfully defeated the Sea Shrikes, I believe they may have lost 1 in that battle. They made it through the hole in the sky, traveled to the tower and rolled well enough to not encounter any creatures along the way. They crept under the door, were attacked by Cur Maxima who they managed to evade (smart decision on their part).

They killed the two abandoned ones in the wall, tripped the trap which killed one character. Climbed the ladders and battled the Dwarf and the abandoned ones. There were heavy losses at this point, three players only had one character left each, and somehow one of them still had all 4. They defeated the abandoned ones, looted the place and found their way to the basket at the top. They freed Drezzta and escaped the collapsing tower. 

Sounds like a fantastic time. Way to take to take the Road Crew down what our father's fathers called the Information Superhighway!
Judge Brendan's version of game prep:

Don't think the Crew Chieftain isn't going to join in the fun! I dragged myself around the Zoom learning curve to run Neon Knights for a crew of fantastic folks just this past week!

You can watch this game on your favorite platform, including the Goodman Games Twitch , and Goodman Games YouTube . And the fate of that fearsome foursome was . . . HA not telling! Tune in to see how Val, Doug, Will, and Fuzzbang made out.

Hint: somebodies first attack roll was a fumble, and that wound up coloring that individual's entire session.
Hey Road Crew, did you know we just created a new forum just for you? Post your game reports, table tips, ideas for recruiting players, favorite adventures, and more! Or just hang out with the other brave judges willing to run games in public. It’s your forum, we want you to use it wisely! Follow the link below to be a part of the discussion.

And don't forget that you can be a part of this email. Just send your stories and pics to Weird Uncle Brendan , and that will get the ball...or in this case, dice...rolling!

Thanks for watching! LONG LIVE THE ROAD CREW!  
This year’s Road Crew theme is Clash of Giants, and we were prepared to blow your mind with some awesome new Clash of Giants tees and modules at Gary Con! Unfortunately, Gary Con was canceled – at least physically. You can still participate online at  Virtual Gary Con ! But we can’t sell T-shirts and modules virtually—so now you get to buy them physically!

New in the online store this week are five new t-shirt designs PLUS  DCC: The Accursed Heart of the World Ender . This was going to be our 2020 con module, but now it’s a web site exclusive! Get it while supplies last!

Now, let’s look at some product!
A Level 0 Adventure for DCC RPG

There is more to this motley group of pilgrims than meets the eye. It is foretold that one of them is descended from the royal bloodline, and is thus the legitimate king of a war-torn nation desperate for leadership. 

They who can draw forth the Seven-Tree Spear shall be named king, but are forces more sinister than any earthly imagined at play? 

The Accursed Heart of the World Ender is a 0-level funnel that pits the players against a threat against the multiverse itself!
The monsters are destroying our city! And you can be a part of it!

The Road Crew theme for 2020 is Clash of Giants, and this comfy t-shirt reflects that theme with a titanic battle between two wizards and the monsters they control. 

This shirt features the Clash of Giants artwork by Doug Kovacs.
AAIIEEEE! Monsters have invaded our shirts! Only YOU can save us! 

These new comfy t-shirts bear the visage of a mighty Giant about to clash in a war for the ages. Powerful wizards control these monsters to battle for dominance. Can you do no less?

This shirt features the Cyclops artwork by Stefan Poag.
This shirt features the Giant Gloop artwork by Stefan Poag.
This shirt features the Dragon Rider artwork by Stefan Poag.
This shirt features the Root Giant artwork by Stefan Poag.
Gary Con is canceled, but Virtual Gary Con lives on!

Gary Con is one of our favorite shows. A place where we see a bevy of our fans each and every year, and we get a chance to showcase our goods and (typically) debut more than one item. While we are sad to see that the con isn’t going to happen, we do appreciate them keeping to the CDC guidelines and putting everyone’s safety first.

During this important time of putting care at the forefront, we can still have fun rolling dice. That’s why we are so happy to see that Gary Con has transitioned many of their games to the online arena. It’s Virtual Gary Con, and we are happy to be a part of it!

Many of the Goodman Games personalities will be participating in this event, including Harley Stroh, Brendan LaSalle, Stephen Newton, Christian Ovsenik, Tim Deschene, Dieter Zimmerman, and many others!

If you get a chance, drop into Virtual Gary Con and lend some support to the effort!

Virtual Gary Con runs from March 26-29, 2020.