Hail Road Crew! 

It's already been a busy year for the Road Crew, and we aim to keep you folks informed.

This time out we want to talk to you about the Fantasy Grounds College, introduce you to DCC Legacy, and invite you to the Road Crew Twitch Show.

And if you missed out on last weekend's Road Crew Rally, you can now watch what happened over on YouTube! Go give it a look!

Let's get to it!
With the healthy surge in Virtual-Tabletop (VTT) roleplaying over the last year, it has been great to have the opportunity to learn about other awesome rulesets available to us in addition to 5E. For the month of March, Fantasy Grounds will highlight your favorite RPG. Next in the Fantasy Grounds College series on alternate rulesets is Dungeon Crawl Classics from Goodman Games! 

The College is teaming up with Smiteworks and Goodman Games to introduce you to the ruleset, teach you how to play on Fantasy Grounds, how to run your games as a Judge/GM on Fantasy Grounds, and will even give you time with VIPs responsible for content creation in DCC. It's the author of the DCC ruleset on the Fantasy Grounds platform who has given us all this cool functionality. In addition to this, we will be hosting multiple one-shots to give new players the chance to really get their feet wet, and learn why DCC has such a strong group of followers. 

In addition to the focus on DCC, you will also be able to see and play some of the great 5e content published by Goodman Games. And if you’re lucky, you will walk away with some goodies! Both Goodman Games and Smiteworks are contributing to multiple giveaways so that a number of lucky winners will receive print or virtual Fantasy Grounds versions of the DCC ruleset and accessories. 

This event is hosted by the Fantasy Grounds College, and you can find out more by joining us on our Discord server.
Your gong farmer survived, and now you want to watch them grow up. What do you do? introducing DCC Legacy, a simple optional system for continuing one shot and convention characters.

This will be an easy-to-use system of log sheets and set XP values for extant adventures that will allow you to transfer characters from one participating Judge's game to another. How many adventures can your convention character survive! DCC Legacy shall reveal ALL! 

This past weekend Goodman Games held a Road Crew Rally on Twitch. Dozens of you showed up for the event, and we were thrilled to have you in attendance.

For those of you who weren't able to make it, good news: you can now watch the whole Rally over on YouTube. We've posted the video there for all to see, so make a moment and go check it out. We think you'll have fun.

And we'll see you at the next Rally! You never know when it might be held.
By the Road Crew, of the Road Crew, FOR the Road Crew! Goodman Games is looking for Road Crew interested in running a show on our Twitch channel.

What’s the subject matter of the show? It’s up to you! We want creative, energetic, visionary judges who would like to share with the wonderful Road Crew community. The content could consist of table stories, or live game play, or rules discussions, or something completely new—or all of the above!

All judges need a place to hang out and let off steam about their games, and that’s what we’d like to provide. We’re happy to host one or more shows along these lines on our channel.

If you are interested in contributing to (or even creating) a Road Crew Twitch show, please email brendan@goodman-games.com
Spawn of Cyclops Con is this month! It’s going to be three days of gaming fun and excitement, filled with everything that Goodman Games publishes. And that includes games for the world’s first fantasy role-playing game!

We’ve got a great selection of D&D 5E games that will be running during Spawn of Cyclops Con. Here’s some of the highlights:

A Mythos-inspired campaign based on Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e. Frank Guiterrez has a 4-part adventure planned for Spawn of Cyclops Con, starting with Event #132. You can find all 4 of his events here.

Do you have what it takes? Hannah Carlan will be leading Level 15 (pre-gen) characters vs. NEW Goodman Games BBEGs. Battle Royale through difficult (and different!) terrains to fight the biggest and baddest from Goodman Games!

Join Chris Doyle as your GM in this playtest of a final Big Boss encounter using a webcam and Dwarvenforge Terrain. There are several other event times for this playtest – view the schedule here!

The release of OAR #6 is still a few months away. But join Alex Kurowski for a short 5E dungeon crawl through the Air Elemental Nodes. Can you escape before time runs out? A 5E adventure for 7th to 8th level characters. The game will be using Zoom and pre-gens are available!

The adventuring party (4/3rd level) have heard rumors of a lost jewel in the ruins. The large gem is said to be magical and quite valuable! Frank Schmidt will be running this event, and it will also be broadcast live on Twitch from the Murder Hobo Inc. group.

And it’s not too late to get a game registered! We’re still accepting event submissions, so if you are wanting to get a game in, it’s not too late. Overall, there almost 250 events scheduled currently for Spawn of Cyclops Con, and nearly 100 of them are sold out already. So don’t delay if you are looking to sign up for a particular game!

Now head on over to the TableTop Events page to sign up for your favorite events!
Important links:

This con is about more than just Dungeon Crawl Classics! It also covers D&D of all editions, as well as versions of DCC (MCCXCCDCC Lankhmar, etc.). So be ready to get your game on no matter the rules!

Schedule of Important Dates:
  • January 2: Event submission is now open – you may submit events that you would like to run as a judge in Spawn of Cyclops Con!
  • January 22: Event schedule is now posted
  • January 23: Badge sales are now open
  • January 25: SoCC Event Pre-Registration for Volunteers and Judges
  • January 29: Event registration opens
  • February 25: Last day for ticket refunds. All tickets are final after this point.
  • February 26: Spawn of Cyclops Con begins at noon Eastern (16:00 UTC)!

And if you have any additional questions, you can always contact susan@goodman-games.com for additional clarity.

We’ll see you in February at Spawn of Cyclops Con!