There are several projects underway in Chino. Many of these projects have been in the works for years and once completed, will bring much needed improvements to our community.

We appreciate your patience as you navigate the inconvenience of detours and road closures. Remember to plan ahead and follow posted signage and detours.

Lane Reductions at Grand & Pipeline Avenues


  • ST162 - Street Rehabilitation - Pipeline Avenue Project
  • TR171 Traffic Signal Modifications at Grand at Spectrum East & West and Grand Avenue Paving Projects


  • Grand Avenue from Roswell to Pipeline Avenue
  • Pipeline Avenue from Grand Avenue to Eucalyptus Avenue
  • SR-71 Off-Ramp


  • Several lane closures with portions of the road being reduced to one lane.
  • Expect delays in the surrounding area.
  • SR-71 Off-Ramp Closure
  • All lanes will reopen each day after 4:00 pm, but please note that the road surface may be uneven until the project is completed.


  • March 8 - March 31, work will take place between 7:00am and 4:00pm.
  • March 8 - March 10 Cold Mill operations begin at Grand Avenue and SR-71 off-ramp and will move east towards Pipeline.
  • March 13 - March 17 Work will begin on Pipeline at Grand Avenue and move south. Additionally, asphalt work will continue on Grand Avenue at the SR-71 off-ramp and move east towards Pipeline Avenue. SR-71 Off-Ramp to be closed as asphalt work is completed.
  • March 20 - March 31 Cap paving begins at Pipeline Avenue and Eucalyptus and moves north to Grand Avenue.

City Actions:

  • The City is actively monitoring traffic flow and making necessary traffic signal timing adjustments to minimize delays and keep traffic moving smoothly during the construction period.
  • Signage has been posted in the area.
  • Surrounding businesses have been notified.

More About The Project:

The ST162 and TR171 projects are part of the City's Capital Improvement Program. The purpose of the project is to grind and repave the roads, resulting in a smoother ride. The project team is committed to minimizing any disruption to the community while working to enhance the quality of the roads. Throughout the project, local businesses will have access to their premises at all times. Drivers are advised to plan their journeys accordingly and allow extra time for travel, and follow posted detours as necessary. Cooperation from the public is appreciated as the project moves forward.

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