There are several projects underway in Chino. Many of these projects have been in the works for years and once completed, will bring much needed improvements to our community.

We appreciate your patience as you navigate the inconvenience of detours and road closures. Remember to plan ahead and follow posted signage and detours.

West Preserve Loop Road Closure between

Pine Avenue and Moonspinner St.


West Preserve Loop between Pine Avenue and Moonspinner Street will experience a full closure in both directions as part of the Line "C" Storm Drain work for the Falloncrest development along Pine Avenue. The road is set to reopen on November 15 temporarily. However, please be advised that starting Monday, November 27, 2023, the closure will resume and remain in effect until late December 2023.


  • Please note the dates have shifted due to weather conditions.
  • Temporary Reopening due to Inclement Weather: Wednesday, November 15, 2023
  • Resumption of Closure: Monday, November 27, 2023
  • Closure Period: November 27 to late December 2023.

Residential Neighborhood Slurry Seal Program


Street closures temporarily during the commencement of work. Parking the night before will need to be on adjacent non-posted streets. Slurry Seal depending on weather takes 6 hours to be able to drive on in which case no access will be available until such time.


End of November - Early December - There will be No Work on Thanksgiving.

Detour Information:

Residents are to note NO PARKING signage in front of their homes in which case they will need to park on adjacent streets not posted if they will need to leave the next morning before commencement of work. Notices will be passed out to residents impacted by the slurry sealing.

More About the Project:

The City of Chino will receive street maintenance which will involve slurry sealing the existing roadway to extend the life of the pavement. Residents are to expect rocks as the streets cure over the next several months.

  1. Cypress Avenue from Schaefer Avenue to Chino Avenue. Work begins Monday, November 27 after morning drop off at Cattle Elementary on the northbound lane and will end by afternoon pick up. Tuesday, November 28, work will continue after school on the southbound lane.
  2. East End from Schaefer Avenue to Chino Avenue. Minor Crack sealing and striping removals completed.
  3. Ross Avenue from Riverside Avenue to 150' North at first driveway.
  4. Eucalyptus Avenue from Pipeline Avenue to East City Limit & Eucalyptus Avenue from Pipeline to West City Limits.

City Road Improvements

Central, D Street & Dupont Water Main Replacement Projects

Project Description:

The City is actively engaged in Water Main Replacement projects, a vital component of our comprehensive Capital Improvement Program. The goal is to enhance water services and increase the durability of the main water line for Central Avenue businesses.

Impacted Areas:

  • Central Avenue: Chino Avenue to C Street.
  • D Street: Central Avenue to 6th Street.
  • Dupont Avenue: Gates Street to Alton Street.


This phase of the project is completed, the next phase will resume in 2024.

Central Avenue at Edison Avenue


Temporary lane closures at the intersection.


Completion expected late Winter 2024.

More About the Project:

Public improvements to roadway, sidewalk, and traffic signal.

Edison Avenue Widening Project

Installation of ADA ramps, traffic signal modifications at Central Avenue and 12th Street, and pulling of dry utility cables is scheduled to continue. Final improvements, consisting of final asphalt pavement cap and street signing & Striping will be installed after Southern California Edison (SCE) adjusts their vault/manhole structures to new street elevation.


During construction, lane closures are to be expects along Central Avenue and Edison Avenue. Construction will also include the modification of the traffic signals along Edison Avenue at Central Avenue, 12th Street and Oaks Avenue. This work will temporarily impact the operation of the traffic signals causing delays until the work is completed. Expect longer travel times through the area, use of alternative routes is recommended.


Winter 2024

Detour Information:

Access YMCA via 12th entrance on Edison Avenue or from College Park Avenue.

More About the Project:

Construction of storm drain, street widening, curb, gutter & sidewalk, pavement rehabilitation, Ayala Park entrance improvements, traffic signal improvements, and pedestrian accessibility improvements as part of the College Park ultimate Improvement Project.

Merrill Avenue from Euclid Avenue to carpenter Avenue

Merrill Avenue shifted south. New all-way stops on Merrill Avenue at Sultana Avenue and Bon View Avenue. Grove Avenue and Bon view Avenue are closed from Eucalyptus Avenue to Merrill Avenue.


Merrill Avenue is to be completed in 2024.

Construction Continues: The construction efforts are moving forward as planned, with the current focus being on the north side of Merrill Avenue. In the current phase, construction has shifted the roadway to the south side of Merrill. To ensure minimal disruption to traffic, a single lane in each direction will remain open on Merrill Avenue, spanning from Euclid Avenue to Archibald Avenue. Drive with caution and be aware of traffic control measures in the area.

Grove Ave Closure: Grove Avenue will remain closed (Eucalyptus Avenue to Merrill Avenue) for an extended duration. Please consider alternative routes via Sultana, Bon View Avenue and Carpenter Avenue.

All-Way Stops: Temporary all-way stops are at intersections on Merrill Avenue at Sultana Avenue, Bon View Avenue and Hellman Avenue. New traffic signals are in the works to enhance safety and traffic management.

Upcoming Closures: Short-term lane and roadway closures along Merrill Avenue are expected. No future long-term closures are planned.

Euclid Ave Enhancements: Euclid Avenue will also continue to experience construction activity, with public improvements continuing from Eucalyptus Avenue to Merrill Avenue, including significant modifications at the signalized intersections and frontage improvements.

More About the Project:

As part of the Ontario Ranch Business Park development, extensive improvements to Merrill Avenue near the intersection of Euclid are underway. The Ontario developer will be installing major underground utilities like sewer, storm drain and water connections.

Access to the Chino Airport and its businesses will be maintained at all times from the east on Merrill Avenue at Bon View Avenue.

Ramona Avenue Sewer Main Replacement


11/27 – 12/15

Yorba Avenue S/B between Edison Avenue and Schaefer Avenue will be reduced to a single lane during work hours to allow for manhole installation and localized sewer repairs. Businesses and residents should note any NO PARKING signage placed in advance of the work. Flaggers will be present to direct traffic through the work zone. Access to businesses will be always maintained. Traffic will be returned to normal by the end of each workday. 


January 2024.


Bickmore Avenue from Euclid Avenue to Quality/Mayhew


Bickmore Avenue is open in both directions. The developer continues to complete street improvements including the final cap paving of the street. Current efforts are focused on completing the improvements along the project frontage on Euclid Avenue. Euclid Avenue northbound is currently reduced to one lane during frontage improvement construction.


Early 2024

More about the Project:

Work completed included sewer and storm drain improvements as a condition of the Alere development. Additional public improvements will be ongoing and may include temporary lane reductions.

Pine Avenue Storm Drain Installation "Line C"


Lane closures between East Preserve Loop Avenue and Rincon Meadows Avenue. At least one lane to remain open in each direction at all times. West Preserve Loop will be closed from Moonspinner Street and Pine Avenue work in the intersection of Pine Avenue and West Preserve Loop.


September 2023- Winter 2024. West Preserve Loop will be closed from Monday 11-20-23 until 12-15-23.

More About the Project:

As part of the development of the Town Center at The Preserve, Pine Avenue between West Preserve Loop and Harvest/Homecoming is being improved. Improvements include widening the road to 5 lanes, 2 new traffic signals, repaving of Pine and installation of underground utilities & center medians. Once completed, this project will relieve congestion & improve traffic flow on Pine Avenue.

Kimball Avenue from Euclid Avenue to Rincon Meadows


Intermittent off-peak lane closures with at least one lane open at all times. To complete work on remedial items.


Completion of remedial items scheduled for end of Winter 2024. Work has been completed; punch-list items remain which may require occasional lane closures outside of peak hours.

More About the Project:

As part of the ongoing development in The Preserve, Kimball Avenue, between Euclid Avenue and Rincon Meadows Avenue is being improved to include the installation of underground utilities, raised median, streetlights, traffic signals and the installation of a large storm drain to help reduce flooding in the area.

Kimball Avenue Widening & Storm Drain Improvements


As part of ongoing development in The Preserve, the next phase of improvements for Kimball Avenue will soon be underway. This phase focuses on two key initiatives:

Installing a Reinforced Concrete Box to bridge the North and South Basins near Quality Way. Widening to full two lanes on north side of Kimball Ave from Rincon Meadows to Main Street.


Single lane closure with occasional full closures overnight and on weekends. Specific dates to be determined.

Implementation of concrete K-Rail for grading operations behind traveled lanes.


Early spring 2024.

Project Schedule/Milestones:

Staging of K-Rail begins September 11. Stay tuned for more details on the project timeline, including the precise dates for lane closures. We are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way, and any full closures will be communicated in advance.

City Actions:

In our commitment to keeping you informed, we will take the following steps:

Notices: Residents south of Kimball Ave and businesses in the vicinity of the construction area will receive notifications with pertinent information. Regular updates will be provided via the construction newsletter and construction portal.

County Airport Coordination: We have coordinated with the San Bernardino County Airport regarding the construction activities.

Full Closures: Please note that full closures will only take place during overnight hours and on weekends to minimize disruption.

60/Central Avenue Interchange Improvements

Central Avenue at SR 60 and the SR 60 eastbound and westbound on- and off-ramps at Central Avenue are scheduled to be closed from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. nightly beginning Monday, October 30. You can expect the ramps to be closed intermittently for the next few weeks as crews finish paving throughout the project corridor. Detour routes will be posted.

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Projects From Neighboring Communities

Eucalyptus Avenue - City of Ontario


The City of Ontario has approved a road closure on Eucalyptus Avenue, stretching from Euclid Avenue to Sultana Avenue, beginning this week. This closure is necessary to facilitate the installation of underground utilities required for the REDA industrial project. While this closure is not directly located in Chino, it will have a significant impact on Chino commuters who use this route.


Road closure on Eucalyptus Avenue (from Euclid to Sultana) begins next week.

Closure is expected to last for approximately 5 months, impacting commuters during this period.

71/91 Interchange Project (RCTC)

Nightly Closures of E/B 91

SR-71 and SR-91 Lane Closures


The Riverside County Transportation Commission’s 71/91 Interchange Project will require intermittent closures of the eastbound 91.

More About the Project:

The Riverside County Transportation Commission, in partnership with Caltrans, is reconstructing the 71/91 Interchange Project in Corona.

The new non-tolled interchange is designed to improve safety, expand access to other modes of travel, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance traffic flow, and support continued movement of native wildlife through the area. Construction will take place from early 2023 to 2025.

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Crews paving over a newly installed drainage system on the SR 60/Central Avenue mainline.

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