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February 2019 - Issue 417
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  • An Unfortunate Lesson About the Difference Between Sanctioning and Certification
  • New Web Address for Association of Road Racing Statisticians
  • Bill Gookin Passes Away

 A compilation of numbers of finishers in 433 U.S./Canada road races and 197 European races in 2017-2018 found a significant contrast between the two continents. U.S./Canada participation dropped 4.5%, while European participation dropped 0.8%. (Great Britain and Ireland are included in Europe.)

RRM's Associate Editor Mark Heinicke delves into the stats to see how race participation varied by race size and provides analysis on causes for the declines as well as a look at why races in Europe may be faring relatively better. Read More...
In the wake of reports of declining participation at races nationwide, especially at smaller races, Harold Tinsley, longtime member of the Huntsville Track Club’s Executive Board, decided to take an in-depth look at how his club’s races had fared between 2015 and 2018. His analysis provides food for thought for running club boards and directors of smaller events.  Read More...
by Claudia Piepenburg

While many races are experiencing participation declines, the numbers show that smaller races are showing even steeper declines in numbers of finishers than many larger events. On top of that, recent conversations with race directors, even in areas of the country long considered “hot-beds” of running, it appears that even getting permits for small races is becoming more difficult.    Read More...
Back in the day, when Conley Sports was producing the Austin Marathon and Michelle Sandquist was their “green queen,” the Conley Sports crew held regularly scheduled “trash runs” along the marathon course. The objective was to systematically pick up litter along sections of the marathon route throughout the year.

These days, the global term for trash runs is plogging, a mash-up of jogging and the Swedish term for picking up litter— plocka upp.  The idea has been catching on worldwide, including in the United States. Read More...
Business Page : New Balance Opens a New Plant; Nike Opens an Old Store Read More...

Mileposts : Prize Money Elimination Slows Winning Times at NYRR Midnight Run; Cutting Large Purse at Dubai Marathon Brings Faster Winning Times Read More...
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