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ROAD RALLY eNews • November 2020
Your Road Rally Roundup of News, Views, and How-Tos
SCCA Texas Region Celebrates a Successful (Re)Introduction to TSD with the Tick Tock Rally
by John Poulos, Texas Region
After a self-imposed eight-month pause in RoadRally activity, the Texas Region set out to re-start our program while creatively adapting to pandemic conditions. This also coincided with our plans to introduce TSD (time-speed-distance) rallying to our Region, enabled by the Richta GPS Checkpoint app. For many years, the Texas Region program has consisted almost exclusively of GTA events, with occasional timing elements incorporated into a rally.

The Tick Tock Rally was a Regional Tour Rally held on October 17th. Rallymaster Liz Witt and the organizing team would be challenged on several fronts: first TSD event in recent memory, the first use of the Richta app, first time processing Weekend Memberships since the newly re-imposed requirements, and all of this while complying with COVID-19 restrictions and protocols.

Liz proceeded to lay out an 80-mile course with 26 scored checkpoints over some of the best twisty roads in Collin County, Texas. She wishes to thank Jim Crittenden for much guidance about Tour rallies and using the Richta app, and emailing her results.

Liz hosted a Rally School a week before the Rally, to acquaint us all with Tour Rally concepts and the use of the Richta app. Via a well-attended Zoom session, Liz held the Rally School with over 40 eager students. Liz also laid out a very short test course to practice the concepts and try out the app.
A screenshot from the Tick Tock Rally Zoom School and Richta App Class.
Twenty-eight cars competed that day: 12 were Rally First Timers, the rest grouped into Seat of the Pants (SOP) and Calculating classes, but virtually all were newcomers to this rally format and scoring tool. Our entrants came from far and wide, some traveling over 300 miles. We had folks from Tulsa, Houston, Magnolia (north of Houston), Austin, Canyon Lake (north of San Antonio), and Whitehouse (near Tyler), one of the largest out-of-town contingents in recent years.

We modified the registration process to handle most steps online ahead of the event. We conducted the remaining check-in steps with cars lined up along a parking area in Anna, Texas. Registrar Michelle Poulos and yours truly collected Liability Waiver and Minor Release Waiver forms, an effort made challenging by gusty wind conditions that morning. No paperwork was lost, though a few sheets attempted to fly away but were skillfully recovered. Liz, meanwhile, addressed questions and issues related to the Richta app while staging and then releasing the cars at their assigned times.

While handling the check-in process, we came to find out that in addition to our Rally entrants, a handful of early voters had lined up with us as well, believing this was parking for a nearby polling place. Perplexed by our request for their car number, they chose to attend to their civic duty despite our invitation to join our Rally.
Road Rally – a sport for all ages!
All in all, the Tick Tock Rally was a great success, and I believe all but one team made it to the finish line. A few rallyists took off-course excursions (yours truly included), with varying degrees of scoring impact, but it was all part of the learning experience.
Sorry, yet he needs to sign the Waiver too!
Hint: Look at the trunk!
Liz adds, "The app gives the Rallymaster the ability to see where cars are during the Rally. I had fun watching the snake-like progression of cars along the course. And dismay at seeing folks going the wrong way. I promised no traps, but folks sometimes make their own." Liz attempted to call the affected teams in a few more extreme cases to help them get back on course but couldn't connect with them. Tip for future events: ensure contestants have entered the Rallymaster phone number in their phone list, so they recognize the incoming call and know to pick up rather than assume it's a call to sell you an extended warranty for your car.

The Region distributed the results and awards at the starting place in Anna. Congratulations to the winners! Dennis and Caitlin Butler took home First Place honors in the First Timer class and Third Place Overall with a score of 146. The win in SOP Class and First Overall honors go to the team of Michelle and John Poulos, with a score of 94. First in the Calculating Class and Fifth Overall was Ronen and Inbal Kahana, with a score of 183.

Click here for the complete Final Scores by Class Finishes for the twenty-eight teams.
Our return to TSD rallying was a great learning experience for all involved, both organizers and competitors. It was a good introduction to Tour Rally, and I expect we'll be incorporating TSD events into our rally program in the future. As a preview, Liz Witt is putting together a big rally weekend in March, consisting of 3 National Rallies, Course, Tour, and GTA.

Hope to see you join us in Texas!

John Poulos, Rally Chair
Texas Region ARE for RoadRally
What some Tick Tock Ralliers had to say…

"Thanks again for all your help and hard work putting together the Rally. We really had an awesome time and look forward to coming back to Dallas for many more."
"The Rally was a blast! Can't wait for the next one."
"We had a blast yesterday!! My wife is really enjoying these Rallies, finally got her something that's automotive she likes doing. Haha!"
"Thank you on behalf of our whole family for such a fun day in Anna on Saturday. We started this process with zero knowledge of road rallying generally and TSD specifically, but learned well thanks to your Zoom meeting + lots of SCCA articles read in advance. We'll take you up on your encouragement to participate in more events, and I'll look into ways to assist and recruit some new first timers as well."
Sometimes Things Take Time - Part II
by the SCCA RRB Members Harrison and Schneider
RoadRally Safety Steward Training &
Modernization / On-Line Training
RoadRally Community assistance is requested

One of the Line Items agreed upon at the 2017 RoadRally Board (RRB) meeting in Las Vegas was a simple one-liner "Modernize/On-Line Training."
Over the years, that task has taken two forms:
  1. Update the obsolete RoadRally Safety Steward (RRSS) Training Videos available on YouTube [produced in 1995]
  2. Automate and roll out an on-line version of the Safety Steward Knowledge Test to implement a re-certification process.
We are happy to report work is finally progressing in both areas, and the RRB has targeted a January 2021 implementation and rollout.
But while these two sub-tasks have followed separate paths, they have now come back together under an initiative lead by Chris Robbins, SCCA's Region Development Director.
During the week of September 13th, the RRB represented by Wendy Harrison, Mike Bennett, and Peter Schneider met with Chris Robbins to review the progress and features of the Learning Management System (LMS). In addition to providing a platform for the RoadRally PowerPoint presentation with instructor voice-overs, the Training Software is capable of:
  1. Integrating video clips to reinforce written text
  2. Tracking who watches each presentation
  3. Sending out reminders to members who need to review the presentations to be eligible for License Certification or Re-Certification
  4. Inserting questions and quizzes to determine knowledge retention and track "pass/fail"
  5. Providing "management reporting" to track the progress of the education effort
As you might recall, per an SCCA announcement, "Chris worked at Southwest Airlines for more than two decades. From 2011 until his retirement in 2017, he served as a Customer Service Senior Manager and a Curriculum Development Senior Manager and Senior Program Lead at Southwest Airlines University. He was part of the original leadership team focused on centralizing training for Southwest Airlines, provided leadership for a team of curriculum designers and developers, and managed customer service/hospitality training for over 54,000 employees."
Per Chris, "Since joining SCCA Staff in January of 2018, I have been on a "mission" working with Aimee Thoennes, Senior Manager, Member Services, and the IT Team to update SCCA's Association Management Software (AMS), to improve the online Member Experience. The rework required process changes and programming rewrites, which were completed and rolled-out as our new Member Account Portal officially in late January of 2020. The final upgrade of the AMS to the latest version was completed the day before the COVID-19 furloughed half of our staff toward the end of March.
The LMS integration had to wait until the AMS was fully updated and upgraded. Our LMS partner, Freestone, was chosen based on their capabilities and ease of integration with our AMS, NetFORUM. Our integration officially began May 1st and was completed on June 30th.

Even before the integration began, we were busy identifying our first population for training, developing our plan to roll out the first course, and building the course for execution. That first course should be ready for testing in June and consumption on July 1st, 2020. Be sure to click on the SCCA Unite video in this edition of RReNews to view the SCCA Foundations of the Club.
Though our original plan was pushed back by approximately three months, we believe we'll make up that time as we get more courses ready to roll out, and we should be back where we planned by the end of 2020. RoadRally Safety Steward training is in that first round to be developed post-integration."
The decision to use the Licensed RRSS in the tool's initial rollout is based on the Board of Director's approval of the RRB's 2017 priorities, the relatively limited target audience (approx. 230 members), and the RRBs focus on education and process improvements as discussed in Part 1 of this series (click to view RReNews Summer II). Schneider's persistence and being a squeaky wheel over the last three years also did not hurt.
Rather than producing a separate updated RRSS training video and an automated Safety Steward Certification Knowledge Test, the new LMS can integrate both efforts into a series of Presentations/Knowledge Tests rolled out to the Rally Community in 2021. Robbins suggested, and the RRB agreed that SCCA should produce a series of short (5-10 minutes) presentations that integrate video clips, images, text, and the Knowledge Tests rather than an hour+ training session.
Since the existing RRSS Knowledge Test currently has 25 questions and addresses such topics as Speeds, Course Layout, Control Locations, Procedures, and Safety, the RRB envisions a series of five presentations. Should we add GTA/Treks, the total number could be six or seven.
Working with a script that Harrison and Bennet put together, the updated Knowledge Test, and the revised TSD/GTA RoadRally Handbooks, the text, and quizzes for the presentations are ready! They should be available in the new LMS format in the first quarter of 2021.

Yet first, we need your help in creating those road rally videos listed on the WANTED poster!
Friday Night Run of the Month
From the Armchair Rally Archives of Gary Starr
I have always enjoyed teaching those new to our sport the Road Rally concepts for Course and Tour rallies. Perhaps you have seen my Tips for Novice TSD Rallyists in these pages? I am hoping to do the same teaching with these Armchair Rallies in each edition of RReNews. I would love to see more people try Course rallying. But it often is too hard to understand for people who have never done it, so they get frustrated and never return. There is just no way to practice and learn rally traps before running the actual event. And Rallymasters don't help by making the traps way too hard. These Armchair Rallies are an excellent tool to introduce the concepts and show how to navigate trap rallies without even getting in your car. And believe me, the traps in these mimic the actual traps on real events. After doing a few of these, you will be ready to take on the challenge of Course rallies!

Again this month, I'm offering both an easy rally for those new to our sport and a harder one for those ready for more challenge. All these Armchair rallies were scanned in from my original paper generals, so some are a little faded. I have also added handwritten notes on some, circled important Generals sentences, or put obvious arrows pointing to the Generals' areas you'll need to do the Armchair Rally.

The simpler rally is the 2003 Chippewa Trail by Dave Fuss. This rally has a Main Road and a special Automatic Pause Rule. You follow the course using the Priority List and Main Road lists shown. Make sure you read the Notes at the bottom of the routes sheet.
The hard rally is the 1981 Natchez Trace. This rally has a Main Road and Lettered Instructions. You follow the course using the “Article 24: Route Following and Main Road Priorities” list in the generals. Use my circled items (with my arrows pointing to them) in the generals to execute the instructions properly. Study these circled items (or rules) carefully as traps will be based on them and they can get tricky.

You can certainly do this from your screen by clicking on the images below, yet I encourage you to print it out and head to the "START" line with a pencil. Depart on Route Instruction #1 and enjoy the adventure!

Send me an email at I would love to get feedback from you on these rallies and this column. I have heard of various rallyists having archives of these, and I encourage you to share them with us!
Good News across the Internet —
Sweepstakes Extended
Through the Holidays
IT'S OFFICIAL! The International Motor Racing Research Center hit the mark for minimum donations needed and someone is taking home a brand new 2020 Corvette Stingray to start 2021 off in style. They'll be drawing the winning ticket on December 28th! With the extended sweepstakes for an extra 25 days, and the drawing now after the holidays, you might not be able to have the car in your driveway for Christmas, yet what a wonderful way to start of 2021!!

Readers know that we support the work of the SCCA Foundation Archives, yet the IMRRC has many collections and efforts in addition to SCCA. Please, if you are able, purchase the Press on Regardless "Special Edition" or a raffle ticket and support motorsport history for future generations!

Enter Now for a chance to win these great prizes:
  • A 2020 Corvette Stingray with the Z51 Performance Package
  • A complimentary stay at the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel when you pick up your new car
  • One hour of track time in your new car with a professional driving instructor at Watkins Glen International during the 2021 season
  • Two 2021 memberships to the Jack Daniel's Club at Watkins Glen International. This includes IMSA, NASCAR, SVRA Vintage Races, and general access to SCCA
  • A two-day performance driving school at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain Motorsports Resort and Country Club outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, with world-class instructors and a provided C8. This prize includes a two-night stay, breakfast, and lunch
Goss Goes Digital
Hey! We paid good money for this when it came out – and it is still a valued resource. In case you missed this last month, "After 27 years in print, we just made the Road Rally Handbook available as a free PDF download. It's 400+ pages and faithful to the original ... Clint Goss"

Many of us have a copy on our shelves, and now you can click the image above and have a copy on your computer or smart device too!

Sports Car Club of America Convention Virtual in 2021
No need to take off that extra four days next January for the SCCA Convention in Las Vegas. And for many, the worry of storms as they traveled home!

While we have no updates in this last month, we expect news from the SCCA National Office by years' end.
Dash Plaques Revisited in 2021
With many having free time during "work from home," retirement, or perhaps just well organized and "know where they are," we would like to have readers submit photos of dash plaques from past events and share a short (or long) story about the event! A humorous tale, legendary story, special memory of the rally – told as a Competitor, Checkpoint Worker, or Rallymaster. We welcome all!

Please help us share the history of rallying across North America and send us your dash plaque photo and its story. Click here to send them on their way. Our plan is to run a few in each edition, as we're optimistic that you'll be sending in your contribution to Dash Plaque History to us!
Road Rallying Returns in Central Florida Region – October’s “Happy Camper” Road Rally
by Ray Kriegbaum
For many years Group Therapy Rallye Team (AKA Ray Kriegbaum and friends) has been designing GTA fun rallies for car clubs and charity events. For the last 15 years, each fall, they have run a fun rally as part of the Lake Mirror Concours event in Lakeland, Florida. Lake Mirror is a well-known regional car show and Concours competition that draws visitors from all over the country. However, this year, like many events, the weekend show had to be canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. 
Yet by the time that decision was made, the road rally had already been laid out. Since a road rally was something we could do while still maintaining social distancing and recommended protocols, we decided to run the rally. Group Therapy Rally Team held the charity event supporting two organizations:
Camp Gilead Christian Camp to provide scholarships for kids who could not afford to go to summer camp, and Leverage Ministries who work with at-risk inner-city kids in Lakeland.
Since this would be our event this year, we decided to do something we had thought about for a long time. We contacted the SCCA National Road Rally Board to see about running our rallies as SCCA sanctioned events. They put us in contact with the right people in SCCA's Central Florida Region, who helped us jump through all the hoops and paperwork we needed to make that happen. I was impressed with how helpful and supportive all the folks were at both the National and Regional levels. Hopefully, we can set up some other events in the future.
On October 24, we gathered in downtown Lakeland with about 25 cars and 60 people. With everyone wearing masks and trying to stay apart, it looked a little different, but it still worked, and participants were enthusiastic. We promised people roads they had not seen before, even if they lived here for many years. Along the route, our competitors were looking for answers to rather odd questions like “Where is Big Foot?” and “What is a school for mythical creatures?” Our route included some of our favorite scenic roads through Central Florida’s Green Swamp, passing many churches and an Islamic Temple (How many churches did you see?), a lot of cows, and a prison work camp surrounded by razor wire. We ended at Camp Gilead, a beautiful location on the shores of Lake Helene.
One of the great things about a Road Rally is that it can be a good family event that does not require an expensive car. Anything you have will do fine. Of course, it is even more fun with a fun car. Ours included everything from Porsches and Corvettes to MGBs to a 1929 Ford Speedster driven by a Ford Speedster – Ford Heacock. Yes, his name is Ford.
Four companies helped us as sponsors; Allen & Company Investments, Lorio & Associates, and Hauger-Bunch Realtors. All of those include "car guys" who supported both our charities and our car event. As they have for several years now, Stingray Chevrolet of Plant City provided outstanding prizes and awards for us. Steve Hurley of Stingray contacted us to come to pick them up at the dealership and told us to "bring a truck." He filled it up and not with the cheap stuff. We gave out tools, compressors, battery chargers, and all sorts of car goodies. Thank you, Steve! Our overall winners were first-time rallyists, another good thing about fun rallies. Sometimes our experienced rallyists tend to "overthink" things!
Sometimes drivers and navigators can have a bit of "conflict." Ever been tempted to yell at your Navigator, "What are you, BLIND?!" That's not a good idea, but for Rick and Cindy Warford, the answer is YES! With Rick driving their yellow Corvette convertible, Cindy navigates using an electronic Braille reader, an audio recorder, and an abacus for counting. Yes, Cindy is blind. She is also an SCCA member who has helped with race timing and has even been a flag-waving corner worker. She is amazing, and we were so pleased to make her acquaintance. We look forward to seeing the Warfords again in the future.

RReNews would like to thank Superb Images for the use of the Happy Camper Road Rally photos. Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words, and they did a wonderful job of capturing my Happy Campers at the road rally! Take a look at more of the event photos at Superb Images SportsPHOTO’s photo gallery by clicking here!
From the RReNews Clan —
Ray Kriegbaum, when he sent in the Happy Camper wrap-up, could not have know the delight for us at seeing these two wonderful people in the candid shots. Worthy competitors, they hosted the ending of our last rally here in Alaska - Bob and Margo Wesley, now retired and they are active with aviation and boating interests.

Seeing this photo in the mix, I quickly sent an text inquiring if they knew about the rally prior or read about it in the Summer II Edition of RReNews. I must admit, I was delighted it was because of RReNews. Part of growing the sport is letting folks know you are out there, and while we reach out to Rallymasters as we find them, we hope more will choose to send in the events months out of the date. Many we find are happening in two weeks, which is just not enough time for most to plan to attend. Please, send notice of your events to us. We can't promise the Wesley's will make it to your event, yet if they are in the area...who knows!

Congrats on finding road rally on the East Coast, Bob and Margo! You two (and Mocha) are missed, and we'll see you down the road or up a river in the future! Safe travels, Cheryl Lynn, on behalf of the Clan
Kettle Moraine Colors Rallye
by Jay Johannes, SCCA Milwaukee Region
Saturday morning, October 24, 2020, was overcast and cold as we started the Kettle Moraine Colors Rallye. The continuing pandemic has forced us to hold registration and results out in the open, so the weather limits interest, as was shown in the high number of cancellations. Twenty-seven cars registered, and 21 started. Fred Rosevear put together a course through the gently winding roads of the South Kettle Moraine Forest and one which took the best advantage of the changing colors. The colors were there, but the overcast conditions all day pretty much muted them. The roads were first class, as usual. Narrow lanes winding through the trees, with lots of elevation change and tight turns, made this a good driver’s event. The event featured 43 timed controls in a 5-hour event.

The Rallye used the Richta scoring app, as is becoming the norm these days. The app’s prominent feature is that we can run an event without control workers, but there are several other less obvious advantages. First, using the app allows us to place more controls than would be possible with workers without using DIYC controls. Next, it enables us to put controls in locations that would not be possible with a manned-crew. The app also allows the sweep car to monitor contestants’ progress and gives an early warning to find and recover teams who drift off course by using the map and running controls reached functions. The most significant advantage, though, is how it eases scoring. We decided early on that we would have Jim Crittenden work as Scoring Chair. Fred, as Rallymaster ran Lead, and I (Jay) ran Sweep. We were able to communicate when cars dropped out or were not making controls. It went so smoothly that scores had been posted and finalized by the time I pulled into the parking lot.

Although we ended in the parking lot, we were next door to the Water Street Brewery, and several of the contestants chose to move there for dinner and beer. The Brewery was a good compromise as it is their choice, and a nice location readily available.
A few teams dropped out, leaving us with 17 cars that finished the entire course. The most notable team to drop out was Joel and Yvonne Wheaton. They had brought their two large dogs. At the first break, I found Yvonne cleaning up from where one of the dogs got sick from the turns. I helped her clean up, and after walking the dogs, she put them back in the car, only to discover that the other one had gotten sick as well. At that point, they decided that it was prudent to call it a day.

A first-timer team of Martin Sadowski and 
Courtney Riess took the Overall win with 157.4 points. The Experienced SOP Class was closely decided, with the team of Chris Gabo and Tony Yarborough edging out Bartosz and Maggie Surowka. Those teams took Second and Third Overall. To be fair, the one Computer Class entry of Jeff Whalen and Fred Glenn were doing a shakedown run using a new homemade rally computer. I looked this over, and their setup is very flexible. The odometer and timing are in separate boxes so that they can run Limited Class as well. The design includes a Driver display with more information displayed: overall and interval mileages, current and next CAST, ahead/behind, and current speed. It is presented in a clear-to-read manner with the most crucial info larger and bolded. I was quite impressed, as I am always asking my Navi about the current CAST. I think that as they mature, they will have a very competitive setup. Before it was canceled, they had entered OKTOBERALLY, so look for them in Midwest events as things start to open back up.

The team of Tim Marx and sons Kyle Marx and Ian Marx won the Calculating Class. They came up from Rockford, Ill, and we talked about helping them re-establish a rally program in Blackhawk Valley Region. The last TSD in that Region was a Monte I put on in 2009 when I still lived down there. Tim is an old time rallyist and I am confident he will put together a really nice event.

All in all, everyone had a good time despite the weather and the virus. Fred got many compliments on the course. Everyone got a chance to safely “get out of the house” and do something fun.
Great Lakes Division Championship Standings & News
by Gregory Lester
Piotr Roszczenko Named GLD Road Rally Steward
After serving more than a decade as Great Lakes Division RoadRally Steward, Mike Bennett is stepping down to concentrate on his duties as a member of the SCCA RoadRally Board. Detroit Region member Piotr Roszczenko will assume GLD Road Rally Steward's role, effective January 1, 2021.

2020 SCCA Great Lakes Rally Championship Schedule
The next set of rallies on this year's GLD Championship schedule is part of the Detroit Region's hosting of the United States Road Rally Challenge (USRRC). The weekend of events (Fri-Sun) will consist of two National Touring (straightforward) Rallies and one Divisional Course (trap) Rally, all headquartered in Whitmore Lake, Michigan, November 13-15th. We look forward to the return of several of the originally scheduled 2020 GLD Championship rallies in 2021. Look for a tentative 2021 schedule to emerge in the next month.

2020 SCCA GLD Rally Championship Standings
Click here for the Championship points standings. Please address any questions about errors or omissions in these standings to Greg Lester.
Smuncher's Attic
Co-Hosting of Road Rally Programs is "Old News” — by Bruce Gezon
Smuncher's Attic, is our gift from the Archives of Bruce Gezon. A National Champion many times over, Rallymaster, friend and worthy competitor, he has a treasure trove of rally history. This month, we have a piece written by Bob Higdon, that appeared in SportsCar.

From Bruce, “This narration of the ’85 Virginia Reel says it all for the middle years of SCCA trap rallying. Having been weaned on many Heart of Dixie (HODs) in the preceding decade, the aftershocks still reverberated throughout the SCCA National circuit. I don’t think they promoted the cause of National rallying, but they likely encouraged many to continue on if you look through the names scoring well in the other championship rallies of that September of 1985.”

Enjoy another edition of Smuncher's Attic! Simply click on the image to view the file.
Ghoul's Gambol • Cascade Sports Car Club
by Victoria and Monte Saager, Rallymasters
The Story
The title of this year’s Ghouls Gambol was “A Stranger Stalks the Highway…”
The following story was parsed out amidst the route instructions, a bit more on each page. 

He was a stranger to these parts, standing on the side of a lonely road in Oregon, hitchhiking in a thunderstorm. Time passed slowly. No cars went by. It was raining so hard he could not see his hand in front of his face.

Suddenly he saw a car approaching over the hill. The car was moving very slowly, appearing ghost-like in the rain. It slowly crept toward him and stopped. Eyeing the car suspiciously but eager to get out of the rain, he jumped in the car and closed the door. Only then did he realize there was nobody behind the wheel. And no sound of the engine could be heard over the driving rain.

Again the car crept slowly forward. He was terrified, yet too scared to think of jumping out and running. He saw the car was approaching a sharp curve and, still too scared to jump out, he was sure the ghost car would go off the road and into the river far below. But just before the curve, a shadowy figure appeared at the driver’s window and a ghostly hand reached in and turned the steering wheel, guiding the car safely around the bend. Then, silently, the hand disappeared through the window, and the hitchhiker was alone again.

Paralyzed with fear, he watched the hand reappear every time they reached a curve, steer the car and just as mysteriously disappear.

Finally, sure that death awaited at every turn, he jumped out of the car and ran for town. Wet and and shaking, he went into the nearest bar and told everyone about his supernatural experience. 

A strange silence enveloped the room and everyone got goosebumps when they realized he was telling the truth about the strange car and the ghostly hand that guided it on its way. 

Just then, two men walked into the bar. They were dripping wet. As they took off their rain gear, they looked around the room. Their eyes came to rest on the hitchhiker.

“Look!” said one of the men. “There’s the idiot who jumped into our car when we were pushing it in the rain!”
Happy Halloween and Welcome to Ghouls Gambol
Seventeen teams left the start line on Halloween morning to run the 54th Anniversary Ghouls Gambol Road Rally, on Saturday, October 31st. 

Rally participants submitted ballots to select the winners in the Costume Concourse. Car #7, Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man, the team of Kevin and Angelique Ortega took home the honors. Congratulations!

The Rally Route
The odometer calibration check traveled along the Columbia River on Marine Drive to Troutdale. Then the rally route journeyed out the Historic Columbia River Highway into the Gorge. 

After a brief break at Guy W. Talbot State Park at Latourell Falls and a loop around the Vista House, the route meandered along the Sandy River, crossing the Bull Run and Dodge Park bridges, ending at Meinig Park in Sandy. 
Bright autumn colors decorated the all-paved route. The rally was about 80 miles long and took about three hours to complete. The weather was sunny, the views were beautiful, and the roads were just fun to drive.

What the Rallymasters Said...
It was so nice to actually visit with the ralliers at the end of the rally. We set up a table in the parking lot, put out the season awards for folks to pick up, and set out sweet rewards and Ghouls Gambol mementos for the rally winners. Feedback about the rally was very positive. Folks seemed to have a great time.

Congratulations to the Winners! 
First overall and first GPS was the team of Bob Morseburg and Cheri Eddy with a total score of 7 over 16 scored legs. Bob and Cheri zeroed 15 of the 16 legs. Outstanding accuracy! (Any remaining concerns about the accuracy of the Richta GPS Checkpoints app should now be laid to rest.)

Second overall and first Novice was the team of Brian and Jamie Anderson. This was their first season as Cascade ralliers and they did great! We expect they’ll move up to the SOP class next season.

Third overall and second Novice was the team of Andy and Mercedes Lilienthal. We hope to see them at more rallies next season. Torm Kelsey-Green and Kasey Klaus finished fourth overall and first SOP. Torm and Kasey had a solid season. They wrote the July Saturday Rally this year, and we expect they will Rallymaster an event next season. Ed Frank and Jo Su finished second SOP. They weren’t able to run many rallies this year. Hopefully next year we’ll see them more frequently.

Madelyn and Mark Tabor finished in third place SOP. The Tabor family is well known for their involvement in regional road rally of all sorts. It is nice to see them at a Cascade TSD rally.
Third Novice was Angelique and Kevin Ortega. This year’s Mountains to the Sea Rally was their first Cascade event. We hope to see them at many rallies next year.

Congratulations to all the Ghouls Gambol Halloween Road Rally participants!

A special thank you to our checkout crew, Kat Iverson and Hal Ballard. They drove the course twice! Thank you!
Motorsportreg on Speed Waivers
Enhancements and Special Pricing
It’s been a quick four months since we officially launched SpeedWaiver, our innovative motorsport-specific electronic signature system. In that time over 67,000 waviers have been signed, across 148 organizations and 1541 events.

We unveiled this product quickly in order to meet the demand for safer events, while ensuring secure storage of signed waivers. Since launch, we’ve solicited feedback from you, our customers, and have taken that feedback and put it into action. We’re happy to announce the following enhancements have been completed:
  • To ensure your check in process is lightning fast, we've added the ability to filter your waivers to both specific event and/or waiver statuses when viewing signed waivers. 
  • We now support annual waivers and "daily" waivers. These are commonly used at race tracks and organizations utilizing a waiver covering multiple events on a day or throughout the year. 
  • If you'd like to integrate SpeedWaiver with your CRM or other 3rd party software, we've released both an API and webhooks that will allow your technical team to keep things in sync. 

We're not stopping there! The following future enhancements are also in the works;
  • Adding the ability to issue minor waivers. 
  • Enhanced filtering with the ability to see waivers directly in your MotorsportReg event attendee listing. 
  • We're also hard at work to allow waiver signing invitations to be issued directly at registration time.
Special Pricing 
While 2020 is winding down, motorsports events have been heating up – September registrations on MSR were up 23%, for example. We’re optimistic that this will continue into next year, bringing more events and more opportunities for enthusiasts to get behind the wheel.

That said, looking at the COVID forecast for the upcoming months, with an anticipated rise in cases expected, we want to remove all barriers to using electronic waivers to ensure motorsport events can continue to safely operate through these challenging times.

To help keep the momentum going, we’re happy to announce a special offer on SpeedWaiver for ALL organizations (new and existing). Starting 10/1/2020 and running through 5/31/2021, SpeedWaiver fees will be waived, regardless of number of waivers signed.

Already using SpeedWaiver? No need to do anything, you’ll automatically have your fees waived. Not signed up yet? Click here to go to our webpage and learn more about SpeedWaiver today! Or send us a note at  

A few words from RReNews: this is wonderful news for our road rally programs, as it further reduces the contact point at Registration, as well as the worry of storage of Waivers post-event.
United States Road Rally Challenge • November 13-15th
by John Fishbeck, Detroit Region
What is the 2020 United States Road Rally Challenge (USRRC)?
The SCCA’s United States Road Rally Challenge, or the USRRC as it’s commonly known, is an opportunity for road rallyists from all around the country to come together to celebrate road rallying with 3 days of rallying. The annually held USRRC is hosted from year to year by the various SCCA Regions with road rally programs. This year the Detroit Region is proud to once again host the USRRC, having done so previously in 2012. The 2020 USRRC will be held Friday, November 13 through Sunday, November 15.

In more normal times this includes not only rallying, but opportunities to socialize and visit with rally friends old and new. Sadly, in these coronavirus pandemic times that aspect of the USRRC will be much restricted. But this year’s Detroit Region USRRC organizers have worked hard to ensure that there is still a USRRC to participate in, and that the event will be held with every effort made to protect participants against potential coronavirus threats.

There will be 3 great road rallies over 3 days!
Each of the USRRC’s three days will feature a rally rallymastered by one of the Detroit Region’s experienced rallymasters. Friday opens up with Hell and Back, put on by Scott Harvey Jr. Saturday John Kytasty takes the stage with his running of Pavement Ends. John, with the able assistance of his compatriots, the rally team of Adam Spieszny and Piotr Roszczenko, are putting on a straightforward TSD Tour rally. Bruce Fisher, the rallymaster extraordinaire of the Region’s legendary Press On Regardless rally and the recipient of this year’s Robert V. Ridges Award, the highest honor within the SCCA RoadRally Program, is putting on Are You Territorial? on Sunday. Unlike Hell and Back and Pavement Ends, this rally is a Course, or ‘trap’ rally.

As we covered this event in great detail last month, shared the posts from the Detroit Region on our Facebook page, and the events will be starting Friday in Michigan, we'll leave it at this. We look forward to the event wrap-up, a few photos and stories, and the standings in our December Edition!
Great Mountain Rally Revival
by Cheryl Lynn, RReNews
Rallymaster Gary Hamilton, who was taking on the 2020 event under his newly formed New England Vintage Road Rally (NEVRR) organization, was hopeful that the October 23-25th dates could be met. We received an email in June that the event was "still on" and that registration would be postponed until August.

Ultimately, the GAMRR fell to the Covidian-cancellation list, like many events across North America. And given the rally's social aspect, it could not run as many have with team isolation, and because of the distance traveled, going home each evening was certainly not an option.

News has now come to us that Hamilton is doing recon for the 2022 GAMRR up in New Hampshire! When the Rallymaster provides us the date for 2021, we'll be sure to let you know! 

In the meantime, here is a piece by David WellsMark Axen, and Peter McGuire, which ran in the Jan-Feb 2020 edition of Rolling.

Click the image to read the full article and "Enjoy the Adventure!"
Upcoming Road Rally Events for YOU!
Post Your Upcoming Rally Dates and Invites HERE?
After the middle of March, we saw almost all road rally events placed on hold — some Rallymasters have shifted to later dates on the calendar and others have been forced to cancel their rallies and schools.

Our goal is to share news about our beloved sport of Road Rally across North America — be they sanctioned by the SCCA, PCA, BMW, Furrin Group, Cascade Sports Car Club, or any of the many local marque clubs or as community events!

Please send us news of your upcoming event dates and promotional materials to share, so as to make fellow road rally enthusiasts aware of your events. And post event — send your write-ups and photos to share news of the adventure! You can send information to Cheryl Lynn by clicking here!
2020 SCCA RoadRally Championships
The SCCA RoadRally competition season is based on a calendar year – January to December. As promised, RReNews publishes the standings for the SCCA National Road Rally Championships from Bruce Gezon, Points Keeper. Yet, as with so many events in this Covidian Era of 2020, RoadRally has been affected as well.

From the Pointskeeper–
The 2020 Championship competition year began on January 1, 2020 and ends on November 14, 2020. The 2021 Championship competition year begins on November 15, 2020 and ends on December 31, 2021. There is no Course Championship in 2020.

We want to thank Bruce for being faithful to RReNews and for providing the Standings so timely each month! Have questions about the SCCA Championship Standings? Send Bruce an email by clicking here.

The 2020 Manufacturer Championship may be viewed here.
SCCA RoadRally Lifetime Points
This month we are posting the SCCA Lifetime Points for TSD and GTA Road Rally programs. Names such as Harry M. Handley, Robert V. Ridges, Russell K. Brown, and Victor T. Wallder were involved in their start and their maintenance over the years, with the reigns going to W. David Teter in 1997, until his passing in 2014. Now maintained by R. Bruce Gezon, you can view the full listing of those who took the first six Overall Finishes in this two programs. The TSD points go back to 1958 and GTA to 2007. For those who have earned more than 25 points, you can find their names listed in the back of the Road Rally Rules, which are published as an Appendix.

SCCA Matters — Words from the Wheel: SCCA Natl News, Rally Planning Calendar, and RRB Minutes
Update from National Events Committee and RRB Chairman
This year's SCCA National Course Championship Series will not have enough rallies to make it a series (just one Divisional Course rally). So there will be no awards presented or winners announced this year in the National Course rally series. The 'Are You Territorial?' Divisional Course rally in the USRRC will be counted toward the 2021 National Course Championship Series.  

The 2020 SCCA National Touring Rally Championship will continue as planned and both National Touring Rallies in the USRRC will count toward the 2020 Touring Championship.

Stay safe and take care of yourself and your family.

Best regards,
Jim Crittenden
Chair - Road Rally Board
Road Rally Planning Calendar
SCCA RoadRally Board Minutes -
(September and October Still Pending)
From the Home Office in Jewel Lake...
The falling leaves, drift by my window...
Last month, I wrote that falling leaves were drifting by my window. This month, there are drifts outside my window. The white stuff has arrived and will no doubt be here for another five months! 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while many of us are thankful the COVID-19 has not touched our lives, we know that is not true for all of our rally family. Here, in Alaska, we received "Emergency Alert" rings on our cellphones this morning that "COVID-19 is escalating." All, please take care, especially with the busy holiday seasons before us! Some of us have jested, "If we already have cabin fever, what are we going to be like by the time Cabin Fever Season is here come February?"

We have been asked, "There is no charge to sign up as a subscriber. How do you pay your bills?" The Rally Clan volunteers their time for our beloved sport of road rally, yet we have some hard expenses for RReNews. Perhaps not all of you know, yet I have been a Constant Contact (CTCT) user since 2006. I became a "Business Partner" a few years late. Currently, the only bill-paying assistance (not out of our pockets) for RReNews comes from the SCCA Kentucky Region, SCCA Northern New Jersey Region, and three local companies; this provides a mere $20 per month toward the production of RReNews. It helps! Should your business or non-profit organization be with CTCT and not working with a Partner, I would encourage you to place your account with us! Interested in reaching your membership or business clientele via CTCT – let's talk! You'll be helping a fellow motorsport enthusiast, and it won't cause your club, region, or organization to change the way they handle their account. 

We are also going to be selling some vintage tee-shirts to raise funds! These will be from past rallies first, and then we'll venture into road rally shirts! There is even talk about selling some of the SCCA 50th Anniversary shirts that had all Regions' logos. Do any of you still have one of those from twenty-five years ago? Ever seen one? We have also ordered some magnets for sale, which are from some of our online posts. We need to raise funds to continue, so I hope you'll find something in the offerings that interest you!

For the first time in months, the SCCA Planning Calendar is devoid of red-lined canceled events! Rally dates are already being spoken for in 2021. Please, if you are planning events into the new year as an SCCA Region, let Jeanne English know via email today! And as rallyists, start marking rally weekends on your new 2021 calendars!

Yet the Covidian Era continues. SpeedWaivers came into play, which could be done online and eliminate another "contact point." You have made it this far, so I hope you read the news from our friends at MotorsportReg about reducing fees, into May 2021, for this service. The Richta GPS Checkpoint App and the RabbitRally line, allowed Rallymasters to have near-contactless events! Many are thinking outside of the traditional "checkpoint worker" for scoring events. Be assured; all miss the social part of our sport – that camaraderie and conversation after the last checkpoint over food and libations! Some Rallymasters moved their events to 2021 for that very reason.

Here is hoping our ingenuity, passion, and determination to rally continues and that our scientists and medical communities continue their diligent efforts to quell the spread of COVID in 2021. — Cheryl Lynn, RReNews Clan
It's Here, so Let's Use It!
We encouraged all of you to start using the #comeroadrally hashtag in your posts about rallying. One reader wrote to ask what that meant and how it could help! It is a means to easily find information on the internet for common causes. Perhaps you have attended a seminar, wedding, or motorsport event where they have asked you to use a hashtag in your posts? Hashtag is # for those unfamiliar. So should you enter #comeroadrally into your browser, you may find a similar page such as this where you can find articles, images and more about road rally (and a few oddities beyond)!

Does it REALLY Matter? Checkout the lastest #comeroadrally search!
We wondered too, so we pulled the hashtag to see what was there! Trust us when we say we did some searches before selecting #comeroadrally years back, learning not all links for road rally took roads we wanted to travel, ha!

By simply putting in #comeroadrally in our search window on our web browser, we found a page in Twitter, Instagram, links for, and google had these images which have links for road rally too:
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