We are taking this opportunity to get some news out to SCCA Members about upcoming deadlines — Hall of Fame Nominations for the Class of 2022, the RoadRally Rules Season closing, and the RoadRally Safety Steward License Renewal training deadline.

And the next section brings your attention to the many posts on comeroadrallywith.us that are "Worthy News" since our last edition.

We offer our most sincere apologies to the Cascade Sports Car Club, which has been a good friend to us. You will see news of their program in the next edition. We have been working to getting the website up and tidy and didn't get everything up...just yet!

And to Bruce Gezon, who supplies our Smuncher's Attic historical pieces from his vast rally library, and Gary Starr, who has been providing Armchair Rallies from his archives — we will be posting up your lastest pieces for the mid-June edition. Thank you both for your past support! Rich Bireta, as the former RRB Chair and Mastermind of the Richta GPS App Family, we welcome your return with our new format! We promise to get matters posted before the next update of the App.