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ROAD RALLY eNews — July 2018 Edition
Your Road Rally Roundup of News, Views, and How-Tos
From the Home Office in Jewel Lake...

To some of you, this may come as a surprise — not everyone is on Facebook! To those that are, the first few lines you may have read on the Road Rally eNews page within the past two weeks.

"To those of you who have politely asked, gruffly asked WTH is going on, or those who have just "believed" that a break, after five years-plus of editions, was warranted — thank you for your caring and support of my volunteer efforts!

With health, life and my family matters across America – a one month break stretched to three, yet we strived to increase readership during this time with success. I have spoken to those who have been faithful in their monthly submissions directly, and they are still with us!"

I went on to share a means for each of you to share a text-to-join method for helping us gain exposure to your fellow road rally friends 'n family. Simply text ROADRALLY to 22828 and in less than ninety-seconds you are signed up.

The time away has been refreshing and I am committed to the return. As I wrote above, I did not know it would be three months. To those on the SCCA Road Rally Board and Liaisons who have chosen to be supportive – thank you, the contributors whose writings fill our "pages" – thank you, and to the readership from various sanctioning bodies and independent clubs across America - your kind words have been rewarding to receive!
To those of you receiving this July edition as your first Road Rally eNews , welcome to our motorsports family! We are sending out pieces that were submitted during our break and a few new ones as we catch-up this month! Yet we are a collaborative effort — should you be a Rallymaster, send in your information months out (as soon as you have the details 'n date), send photos 'n standings 'n post-event write-ups! Rallyists write your experiences, contribute to our There is an App for That , My First Road Rally , and be a part of the community!

Now for those of you not on Facebook, our webpage does have a feed from our Facebook page, so you can keep up with news posted there! The webpage will be getting more attention in August, yet it is started!

In closing, thank you for your time, your sport, and we'll see you down the road,

Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Team
#comeroadrally #wefoundtheroads
It's Here, so Let's Use It!
We encouraged all of you to start using the #comeroadrally hashtag in your posts about rallying. One reader wrote to ask what that meant and how it could help! It is a means to easily find information on the internet for common causes. Perhaps you have attended a seminar, wedding, or motorsport event where they have asked you to use a hashtag in your posts? Hashtag is # for those unfamiliar. So should you enter #comeroadrally into your browser, you may find a similar page such as this where you can find articles, images and more about road rally (and a few oddities beyond)!
Facebook Advertising Options

by Andie Albin, SCCA National
Facebook’s “Events” platform is a wonderful way to promote RoadRally events online. Around the globe, more than 550 million people notice Facebook Events notifications. Of course, as an organizer of a local SCCA activity, you’re searching for a smaller, more focused population. But Facebook Events is still a far more powerful tool than emailing the same list of Region members over and over and over again.  Read more...
Rally Event WrapUps and News
Please keep this in mind — we are sharing these wonderful rally news bits that came in during our hiatus from monthly publication. We're back and will have more current news, yet take time to read them...they are worth it! Rally adventures always are, aren't they?
SCCA NEOKLA Region Area 51 Road Rally - It Isn't About...

By CRRwUS on April 29, 2018 The team of Jorge Flores and Jimmy LaMay drove their 1998 Subaru Impreza to an impressive overall win at the 2nd Running of the Area 51 Road Rally on Sunday, April 22nd.

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Oktoberfest Rallymaster: Relax And Enjoy The Drive! -...

The Rallymaster for the 2018 Shell Oktoberfest TSD Rally has a word of advice for novice rallyists: "I'm always a believer of staying on course. Try running at a comfortable pace, doing occasional calculations if you feel like it." In other...

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Mates on the Rally Route and Life - Congrats to the...

By CRRwUS on July 22, 2018 by Cheryl Babbe, Rallygoddess It arrived in an email to the SCCA Pointskeeper, Bruce Gezon, " Sharon Bringen just became my wife, Sharon Starr. Please change her name in the RRR's and any results. Thanx, Gary Starr "...

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WCRA 47th Thunderbird Rally

West Coast Rally Association's 47th Thunderbird Rally By CRRwUS on March 30, 2018 (A true learning experience) By Peter Schneider Over the February 9th weekend, I attended my first Canadian Winter Rally, a two-day event,

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SCCA SJR March Lion and Lamb Road Rally Wrap-Up

by David Head, Rallyist Rallymaster Jim Wakeman with Chair Jim Miner and Prechecker/Safety Steward Clyde Heckler gave us the March 24 thand 25 thrunning of the March Lion National Course Rally and the March Lamb National Tour Rally in honor of...

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Roadster Roadtrip: Satch Heads To O'Fest - BimmerLife

Las Vegas to Grand Junction, CO So far so good: After a smooth, hot run from San Diego to Las Vegas, we set out on Day Two for Grand Junction, Colorado. That's a seven-hour drive-and you lose another hour when you cross into the Mountain Time zone.

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RASC No Alibi Rally 2018

by Ron Sorem 6/6/18 Hawks Prairie WA... June 2 & 3, the 2018 No Alibi Rally prepares to venture into new territory for this venerable "brisk TSD on gravel backroads." First off, it's moved to the west (wet) side of the Cascades. Specifically, the ...

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RoadRally Board Reviews 2019 Rules Proposals
The window for suggesting rule changes for next year has now closed. We received 10 proposals from rallyists for changes to the SCCA Road Rally Rules. Download the PDF document for these proposals  here.
 The Road Rally Board (RRB) would sincerely appreciate hearing your thoughts about each of these ideas before we begin the process of discussing and voting on them.  Please understand that none of these 10 proposals have been vetted or approved in any way by the RRB. 
 Send us your opinions no later than August 30th with an email to
Best Regards,
Jim Crittenden
Chair - SCCA Road Rally Board
From Smuncher's Attic by Bruce Gezon , Rally Historian
Bruce Gezon has been a faithful supporter of RReNews and has contributed standings for the SCCA National Road Rally Championship which you will find below, post-event wrap ups of rally events, and this year he has opened his vaults of old rally history.

This month, we are running the November 1985 SportsCar article, written by Tom Grimshaw, on the Press on Regardless. I know I value "tradition" and certainly the longevity of an Road Rally history. Sadly, a Region I am associated with choose to drop a thirty-year tradition just last year; can't have a 33rd running and more. I realize it is a generational thing f or some, yet for real Road Rally folk it is not just the tradition of an event, a sanctioning bodies history, or returning to the "scene of the crime" — it truly is about the people, your fellow rallyists you see each year!

We'll have Bruce back with an intro next month to his submitted piece. He welcomes your advice, suggestions, and criticism on his column. You may reach him via email. Yet in the meantime, click that P.O.R. image and read a bit of history on the 'ol " Press on Regardless " now!
The Passing of Rally Friend...
Sure, this is personal to me, and indeed, Henry did pass this life the next day. His wake this past Thursday was filled with stories, laughter, and love. He shall be missed by his family for sure and most certainly by many choral, education and motorsport communities!

We have run obituaries and memorials of those in our rally community, so let this serve as a welcome, should you have one to honor.

Facebook, July 11th, 1249PM...
News coming in my door is not always good.

"What is happening to this world? I thought little women were supposed to read "Better Homes and Gardens"? – Henry Hedberg , ASCC Ice Race late-1980's, as I was reading "Autoweek" at the event. 

In the small world in which we live, at one of my husband's first events in my motorsports world, he hollered, "Hank! Is that you?" and Henry's head whipped around to see who had called him out. He then went on to explain that was from an "era of his life" at UAF and his college days! Henry was also the one that came to find me in the pits when Bill was involved in a serious race accident in Soldotna! He was appreciative of something I did for his family immediately after a motorsport incident too.

Are you are asking how this fits into road rally ? Let me share..."You know Kid, I have always made fun of you and your little road rally passion! Yet working the checkpoint for you tonight, I have realized that they are just as excited about rallying as I am of my racing. That getting to the checkpoint is like the green flag to me." 

Today I learned that Henry "Hank" Hedberg's health is declining rapidly and he may not see out the week...I, for one, will miss his smile, his love of music and movies, his banter, his being, and the fact that for one evening he worked a checkpoint for me!
Upcoming Road Rally Events for YOU!
SCCA Targa Gateway Divisional Event

Road Rally w/ SCCA - St. Louis Region - Road Rally on Friday, Jul 27 - Sunday, Jul 29, 2018 at Doubletree by Hilton Collinsville, Collinsville, IL - 27-29 July, 2018 Targa Gateway, a multi-discipline event including three Divisional Road Rallys,...

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Drive In Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Atlanta Region - Rally on Saturday, August 4, 2018 at Gainesville, GA, Gainesville, GA - It's going to be a lovely day for a drive through the mountains and a movie. We'll start in Gainesville, Georgia, and then make a...

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NEOkla 2018 Bill Hilley's Mad Mouse Road Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Northeast Oklahoma on Sunday, July 29, 2018 at Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum, Sapulpa, OK - Neokla presents Bill Hilley's Mad Mouse Road Rally! This will be an average Joe type of rally. We will meet at the Hire Call parking...

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Rally Against Leukemia 2018

Road Rally w/ SCCA - New England Region - RoadRally on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at Palmer Motorsports Park, Palmer, MA - The Rally Against Leukemia is a Game-Tour-Adventure (GTA) Rally. After a short odometer check, contestants will receive a...

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Glory Days Classic Motorsport @ SUMMIT Classic Rally

Road Rally w/ Glory Days Classic Motorsport on Wednesday, Aug 8 - Saturday, Aug 11, 2018 at SUMMIT Classic Rally, Arlington, VT - An all-tarmac Rally/Tour of 500 miles with choice of Start Points - Albany or Niagara Falls, New York. Featuring...

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Hero Fund America Rally for First Responders

Road Rally w/ Hero Fund America on Saturday, Sep 22 - Sunday, Sep 23, 2018 at Rally Starting Point, Sharon Springs, NY - Join us for the Hero Fund America Rally for First Responders on September 22, 2018! This will be a two day driving event to...

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2018 SCCA United States RoadRally Challenge

SCCA - St. Louis Region - Road Rally on Thursday, Oct 4 - Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 at Hampton Inn, Columbia, IL - October 4-7, 2018 Columbia, Ill. The 24th Annual SCCA United States RoadRally Challenge (USRRC) Hosted by the St. Louis...

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Join us for the 53rd anniversary of Cascade Sports Car Club's classic Mountains to the Sea road rally. This year's rally starts in northwest Portland, parties on the beach in Seaside Saturday night, then finishes back in the metro area Sunday...

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2018 DFW Shortest Distance Map Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Texas Region - RoadRally on Saturday, August 18, 2018 at Wise County, Texas country roads, Decatur, Texas - ...

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You bet ! We welcome you to Come Join Us! RReNews is not an SCCA Publication, yet produced in association with the Sports Car Club of America by road rally enthusiasts.

Our goal is share news about our beloved sport of Road Rally across North America — be they sanctioned by the SCCA, PCA, BMW, Furrin Group, or local marque clubs! Please checkout our growing list of Road Rally events across North America here !

Please send us news of your upcoming event dates and promotional materials to list, so as to make fellow road rally enthusiasts aware of your events . And post event — send your write-ups and photos to share news of the adventure! You can send information to Cheryl Lynn by clicking here ! We'll be unveiling more means as 2018 comes along.
Hurdle 2018 GTA RoadRally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - New England Region - RoadRally on Saturday, August 4, 2018 at Southington Drive In, Southington, CT - The Hurdle Rally is a Game-Tour-Adventure (GTA) Rally. After a short odometer check, contestants will receive a map of...

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Save the DATES - Great American Mountain Rally Revival...

The Great American Mountain Rally Revival will challenge 21 st Century rallyists with the rallies of the 1950s. The original Great American Mountain Rallye ran from 1953 to 1957. This was the first American rally listed by the F.I.A. In its day...

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Sirius Rally

Road Rally w/ Twin City Rally Club LLC on Sunday, August 12, 2018 at Baldwin A&W, Baldwin, WI - The years event will be a map rally similar to the format used on the Summer Solstice rally. The map will be highlighted with the route. Your...

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August Road Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Cincinnati Region on Saturday, August 25, 2018 at Alms Park, Cincinnati, OH - Ohio - Cincinnati Region SCCA presents August Road Rally Saturday, August 25, 2018, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM (Stay for the Club Picnic at Alms Park)...

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