April 6, 2022
Electric vehicles (EVs) are all the rage right now. You hear about them just about everywhere you go. But…how do you start implementing them in your fleet, especially when you work with trucks rather than sedans or even SUVs? Matt Betz, expert fleet optimization for DTE Energy, spoke to Work Truck about the steps his company has taken to create a framework that eases drivers and other stakeholders into the process and facilitates a smooth transition.
NHTSA revises final federal fuel economy standards
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released new, landmark fuel economy standards that follow President Biden’s executive order to drive American leadership forward on clean cars. The new standards will make vehicle miles per gallon more efficient, save consumers money at the pump, and reduce transportation emissions.
BrightDrop renames electric delivery vans
BrightDrop, General Motors' electric delivery van business, has changed the names of its two electric vans and its electric delivery cart. The BrightDrop EV600, the larger of the two vans, will be called the BrightDrop Zevo 600, and the EV410 will be dubbed the BrightDrop Zevo 400.
Detroit expands service training center to add electric vehicle courses
Daimler Truck North America announced the opening of its expanded Detroit Service Training Center, which will be used to train technicians in electric powertrain service, battery maintenance and full truck repair.
Zeem Solutions launches first electric vehicle transportation-as-a-service depot
Fleet electrification provider Zeem Solutions announced the grand opening of the first commercial EV transportation-as-a-service depot near Los Angeles International Airport. The depot, a hub for zero-emission vehicle services, is one of the largest commercial EV charging installations in the U.S. that supports medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicle fleets.
11 tips for saving fuel for diesel truck operators
Drivers of millions of passenger, delivery, and emergency vehicles and off-road machines and equipment in the United States rely on diesel engines and fuel. Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) says it is the most energy-efficient internal combustion engine, getting the best value for each fuel dollar spent.