This year for Roanoke Valley Gives Day, Good Sam will be requesting funding to specifically support our Medication Safety in the Home Initiative!

Medications used appropriately are vital and impactful tools to providing comfort and quality of life to patients during hospice care. But Good Sam realizes the great responsibility that is also required to ensure our patients, their families, and our community as a whole are kept safe from the possibility of drug theft and misuse.

In taking that responsibility seriously, Good Sam has sought out ways to better assure the proper use, storage and disposal of patient medications through our Medication Safety in the Home Initiative.

The goals of our Medication Safety in the Home Program are to:
  • Reduce the misuse of medications through patient/family education
  • Implement strategies in high risk homes to reduce or eliminate medication misuse and theft
  • Minimize the environmental impact of drug disposal

As a way to aid in the achievement of these goals, Good Samaritan Hospice uses Lockmed secure medication lock boxes to keep medications safe in a home and Deterra Drug Deactivation System pouches for effective and environmentally responsible drug disposal.

We are committed to providing our patients the medications necessary for their comfort and to our community to see that these medications are used, stored, and disposed of safely.

Thank you for supporting our Medication Safety in the Home commitment.