Sandy Asch
"Insightful, inspiring, and perfectly delivered. I highly recommend to anyone looking to inject energy, passion, and direction into their organization and even their personal life."

Human Resource Director
Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Inspire, Achieve & Elevate

Sandy Asch is an internationally recognized speaker, consultant, and author of the bestselling book, ROAR: How to Build a Resilient Organization the World-Famous San Diego Zoo Way and Excellence at Work: The Six Keys to Inspire Passion in the Workplace. Sandy partners with companies globally to create workplaces that are passionate, focused, healthier, and resilient. In more than 20 years, through keynote presentations and workshops, 40,000+ leaders in 50 countries and 6 languages have implemented her ideas to embrace change, manage work-life balance and be more resilient - to ROAR with purpose and passion. 

She is no stranger to resilience. Sandy grew up in South Africa and has lived on three continents, at more than 50 addresses. For summer vacations growing up, her parents would take Sandy and her two brothers on safari, spending hours trying to spot lions and observing the behavior of its pride. It's these adventures that are the heart of why you will hear Sandy weave animal stories throughout her presentations.


Her book, Roar, was named by INC Magazine as one of the best business books written by a woman, and it's easy to see why. Roar shows leaders at any level how to unleash the full potential of their teams to create lasting organizational resiliency rivaling that of the world-famous San Diego Zoo. It illustrates how the Zoo's operating organization has utilized a set of innovative programs, designed by Sandy, to create its team of exceptional leaders and engaged employees.

Her first book, Excellence at Work, guides employers on how they can transform and reward employee performance and offers six actionable things employers can do to become an employer of choice.

What to Expect

Sandy has guided companies worldwide in elevating employee engagement, improving customer satisfaction scores, and increasing revenue numbers. With her help, companies have achieved awards recognizing workplace excellence, including Healthiest Company of the Year and Best Places to Work.

Sandy provides five insightful presentations for audiences.

UNLEASH YOUR ROAR: The five secrets for a joyful, purpose-filled work life
Sandy uses lessons from the animal kingdom and real stories from the San Diego Zoo and other organizations that unleashed their ROAR going from "just another day at work" to roaring with purpose and passion.

BE BOLD: The surprising truth about how women rise up in leadership
Sandy gives women leaders the inspiration and tools to leverage their natural leadership strengths to rise up she shares why flaws and failures are women's greatest assets, explores how to be bolder and more confident, and provides practical tools to expand your influence as a woman in leadership.

BE RESILIENT: Lessons from the world-famous San Diego Zoo on how to thrive at work (and in life)
Supercharge your resilience and build a resilient team that roars with purpose and passion. Based on the best-selling book Roar, Sandy gives you the insider's guide to how to achieve great results and feel fulfilled.

FORK IN THE ROAD: How great leaders inspire change
Sandy shows you how to lead your team through change and substantially increase the odds of your change initiative's success. Sandy gives you the tools to cultivate true change "embrace-ability."

TAKE BACK LUNCH: The three habits you must develop to prevent burnout & balance work with life
Sandy guides an exploration on how to take back control of your time and energy, discover what's distracting you and causing fatigue and stress, and develop clear boundaries to stay healthy and balanced.