Rob Astorino, Elon Musk, Donald Trump Jr., John Rich, Hannity, Tucker Carlson & Joe Rogan Express Support for Canadian and American Truckers in Freedom Convoy arriving today in Ottawa
Additional supporters include Canadian hockey players, sociology professors, comedians, conservative political activists, and social media influencers.

´╗┐Truckers arrive in Ottawa today.
The Small Business in Transportation Coalition ("SBTC") is a network of over 15,000 transportation professionals, associations, and industry suppliers that is on the front lines when it comes to issues that affect transportation professionals operating small businesses. We seek to promote and protect the interests of all small businesses in the industry, including private carriers that operate commercial motor vehicles ("CMVs") incidental to their primary businesses.
We are the industry's top watchdog group.

The SBTC encourages ethical business practices and supports teamwork, cooperation, transparency, and partnerships among truckers, carriers, brokers, and shippers who seek to do business with the utmost integrity. SBTC is a Florida non-profit corporation operating through brands like TRUCKERS.COM and TRUCKER LIVES MATTER with IRS 501(c)(6) exempt status with offices in Washington.

Here are just a few of the actions the SBTC's legal and lobbying teams have taken in recent years to
protect your rights and promote your interests:


*Filed Federal Lawsuit against USDOT for failure to process ELD & HOS exemption applications in a timely fashion.

*Filed Federal Lawsuit & Writ of Mandamus to compel USDOT to enforce the Hobbs Act, which outlaws interference with interstate commerce through violence and threats of violence.

*Filed Federal Lawsuit against District of Columbia over denial of permit to declare TRUCKER LIVES MATTER in front of USDOT HQ.

*Filed Antitrust Complaint with USDOJ which helped spark Federal Investigation into Big Broker Price-fixing & Price-gouging.

*Filed Petition for Rulemaking to Strengthen Broker Transparency.

*Defended against TIA's attempt to Repeal 49 CFR 371.3c rule.

*Proposed Legislation we named the TRUCK DRIVER PROTECTION ACT OF 2021 (named "Boeglin's Law") after over the road trucker Mike Boeglin who was murdered and burned in his truck in 2014.

*Called on Congress to Reform FMCSA and effect
transparency & integrity in USDOT Rulemaking & Policy-setting.

*Challenged FMCSA to allow greater trucker participation and dialogue among stakeholders on MCSAC.

*Successfully advocated for Trucker Bogdan Vechirko who was being unethically prosecuted for political reasons to appease Minneapolis mobs by filing complaints with
US Attorney General & Minnesota Bar Association.

*Advocated for Reasonable Hours of Service Regulation Reform.

*Secured President's Declaration of National Emergency and Secretary's Suspension of HOS Regulations during COVID-19.

*Helped Effect the Re-opening of Truck Stops & Rest Areas so truckers would have access to food and rest rooms during COVID-19.

*Helped convince fast food chains to service truckers during COVID-19 crisis whose trucks could not fit in drive-through lanes.

*Effected advisory opinion from FMCSA confirming
"dispatch services" are, in fact, illegal, unlicensed brokers.

*Convinced OOIDA to Join the SBTC Bandwagon Calling for Repeal of FLSA Motor Carrier Exemption to Change the Pay-per-mile,
Regulate-by-the-clock Driver Compensation Model.

*Helped Effect Distribution of Free Masks to Truckers at Truck Stops around the USA after launching SAVE TRUCKERS petition!

*Pressed FBI for better cyber security at USDOT/FMCSA to protect your personally identifiable information to prevent identity theft.

*Filed HATCH Act complaint against FMCSA for endorsing a politician on Twitter.

 *Helped Effect Reversal of Bank of America's Policy Preventing Small Businesses from Applying for SBA PPP Loans.

*Expressed SBTC Members' Outrage Over NYC Mayor DeBlasio's Anti-Idiling Fine Commission Program
for "Environmental Vigilantes."

*Stood up to New York City officials that Continued to Crackdown on Trucks in the midst of National Emergency, Pointing to Dangerous, Business Unfriendly Environment Faced by Truckers Trying to Provide New York City Residents Emergency COVID-19 Supply Relief.

*Confronted FMCSA's Poor Treatment of Drivers with Disabilities Including Wounded Warriors Operating Under SPE Certificates.

*Called Out FMCSA over failure to provide truck parking
at Washington DC "Truck Safety Summit."

*Launched Women Driver Support Group on Facebook.

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Small Business in Transportation Coalition
1775 I. (Eye) Street, NW, Suite 1150
Washington, DC, US 20006