Rob Cosman's April 2020 Newsletter
Designing Dovetails
In this short video, Rob discusses how to design and porportion the sides of boxes and drawers when using dovetail joints.
Tips on How to Cut Dovetails in Thin Stock
Cutting dovetails in thin stock can be very challenging, but Rob discusses and demonstrates some tips making the task easier. 
15% off our Dovetail and Drawer Markers
For our newsletter readers only, and for a limited time, our dovetail and drawer markers are 15% off regular price. Act now while supplies last. Use the code DOVETAIL at checkout to get 15% off.
Only 24 hours Left on Our Introductory Video Sale!
There is only 24 hours left to get Rob' long awaited for video, The Cosman Workbench at our introductory price of $39.95. Tuesday the price goes up to our regular price of $49.95. Act now and save $10.00. Avaliable On Demand or as a physical DVD.
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