Rob Cosman's December 2019 Newsletter
Piston Fit Drawers
In this short video, Rob shows you several different drawers that he has built over the years and discusses aspects of making a proper fitting drawer.
Dealing with Seasonal Wood Movement in Drawers
In this video Rob discusses strategies on how to account for wood movement in drawer design and construction.
How to Make a Traditional Drawer
After mastering dovetails, making a well-fitting dovetail drawer is a must skill for the traditional hand-tool woodworker. A traditional drawer has dovetail joinery, a floating bottom, and perfectly fits the drawer opening with no side to side movement.......
Drawer Making DVD or On Demand Streaming
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Let Rob teach you his professional approach to drawer making. This video provides you bench-side instruction on making piston fit drawers.
Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Available as a double DVD set or as on demand streaming.
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