Rob Cosman's February 2020 Newsletter
Types of Lap Joints
A lap joint is simply a notch cut out of one board, and a similar notch cut out of another. Then the two pieces are overlapped (hence the name) and glued together. Because there is a big long grain surface area for the glue to grab, the joint is pretty strong, however; it.....
Pros and Cons of Lap Joints
In this short video, Rob shows you three of the most common lap joints, discusses how and where to use them, and shares their pros and cons.
How to Cut Three Common Lap joints
In this video Rob shows you how to cut the three most common lap joints. For one he uses only hand tools, for another he uses the bandsaw, and for the last one he uses the table saw.
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Visit Rob at the Toronto Woodworking Show
Rob will be demonstrating his handtools and numerous woodworking techniques at the Toronto Woodworking show. Stop by our booth, say hello, browse our tools, watch a demonstration, and get our once-a-year great show discounts on select Rob Cosman Tools.
PEC 6-inch Combination Square
I use my PEC combination squares all the time , not just for making lap joints. I grab my 6 inch PEC combo square when I need an adjustable blade , or when I am measuring a 45 degree angle.  It's the "jack of all" squares for hand tool woodworking.  
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