Rob Cosman's October 2019 Newsletter
Rob's favorite Christmas gifts: Wood-hinge boxes
In this short video, Rob discusses how he makes his favorite Christmas gift: Woodhinge boxes. Rob gives you tips and ideas on how you can make woodhinge boxes to satisfy your Christmas gift list.
Rob teaches how to make his woodhinge boxes
Wood-hinge Box Tips and Tricks
I love making Rob’s wood-hinge boxes. They make terrific gifts, don’t require a lot of wood (I use a lot of scrap wood pieces), don’t require a bunch of power tools, and making them works perfectly in my small workshop...... 
Announcing Rob's 2020 Training the Hand Workshops
For 2020 we are offering six Training the Hand Workshops; one each month from May through October. If you want to improve your hand tool woodworking skills, then join us for the best six days of woodworking training you can get. This workshop will significant improve your woodworking skills.....
Rob's Wood Hinge Drill Jig Set
When I find a well made product that meets my standards, I buy it. Fisch Vortex-D drill bits meet my standards and that's why I use and sell them. They are made in Austria using high quality steel under strict manufacturing and quality control standards. These are not your everyday drill bits.......
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