Volume 21, September 2019
Rob Cosman 's September 2019 Newsletter
Rob talks about when he uses screws
In this short video, Rob discusses his philosophy and provides examples of when he uses screws and when he won’t use screws. He takes you through three pieces he has made and shows you where and why he used screws.
How to choose the correct wood screw
Screws are a quick, mechanical way to fasten two pieces of wood together. Screws will make a fine, strong joint, but they are generally deemed not appropriate for fine craftsmanship. I typically categorize the things I build with wood into three categories
Fisch Drill Bits
When I find a well made product that meets my standards, I buy it. Fisch Vortex-D drill bits meet my standards and that's why I use and sell them. They are made in Austria using high quality steel under strict manufacturing and quality control standards. These are not your everyday drill bits.......
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