Robert David Steele explains
how the US Deep State controls
domestic and international
politicians through bribery and
blackmail and and he offers his
Open Source Intelligence solution,
which would cut intelligence
budgets by 75%.

He says that if people around
the world recognize that the
enemy of the people - our
common enemy - is the Deep

Steele defines the workings of
the Deep State thus:

"The Deep State begins with the
Rothschilds and the Vatican.
They have had financial power
since time immemorial. The
Rothschilds were instrumental in
setting up central banks. These
central banks are the means by
which private interest control
public interests. They manipulate
interest rates...[most] billionaires
make their money by manipulating
interest rates, by manipulating
foreign exchange rates, by starting
wars, to drive up the price of oil, so
that Goldman Sachs can make its
futures back.

"The Deep State is about bankers,
including religions - the Vatican,
particularly - but also the Jewish
religion, as manipulated by the
Zionists in Israel, Saudi Arabia and
Wahhabism are part of the Deep
State - and then you have the
complicit media, complicit academics
and then you have the secret
intelligence services that are using
their powers to spy on politicians
and blackmail; [spying on] the
politicians on behalf of the Deep

"That's why electoral reform is so
important and I will tell you very
sincerely, I really believe in truth
and reconciliation. This is extremely
important; that you do not back
jackals into a corner, especially
billionaire jackals...what you have to
do is offer them an exit strategy:
'Get out of our way. Let us create
peace and prosperity for everybody
and we will not come after you for

"If they don't agree, then they're
going to start to die. The Chinese are
already starting to kidnap Chinese
billionaires and bringing them to
justice. The Rothschilds are next, if
they don't understand that the time
has come.

"Bill Clinton has been on Jeffrey
Epstein's "Lolita Express" [26 times,
according to Epstein's flight logs],
which is the pedophile island, run in
the Caribbean. Hillary Clinton [has
gone 6 times, too according to the
flight logs] - always traveling
separately. They have different
tastes. Lolita Island has something
for everybody and it's wired for
video and audio.

"[Convicted pedophile] Jeffrey
Epstein has every major us
politician on video doing something
terrible - probably to a child or to
multiple people. The bottom line,
here is the United States
government has become so corrupt,
that the time has come I think to
clean the crap out of the stables
and start over."

Video: (24 mins):

Robert David Steele: Major US Politicians Are Being Blackmailed

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