SeaKeeper Artist of the Year
SeaKeepers welcomes world-renowned Robert DuGrenier as the 2022-23 SeaKeeper Artist of the Year, who will create awards for the 2022 honorees and DISCOVERY Yacht Fleet. Presentations will be held at the Founders event during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.
Robert DuGrenier | Photo Credit: DuGrenier, Custom Glass Designs
Robert DuGrenier has been a glass artist, sculptor, and designer since the 1970s and his work has touched both traditional and experimental arenas of the glass world. He started Robert DuGrenier Associates, Inc. in 1980 as a design studio specializing in glass sculptural pieces and three-dimensional design. He has created custom glass sculptural installations for museum and architectural projects in hotels (The Dorchester, London), stores (Tiffany & Co.), museums (The Jewish Museum, NYC), and private residences (Bill Gates) around the world, as well as custom packaging for the cosmetics industry and custom awards. In his personal work, Robert has always been interested in exploring the intersection of art and science.

For twenty-plus years, he has been creating glass homes for hermit crabs to live in - a result of seeing a hermit crab living in the neck of a broken Coca-Cola bottle walk across my towel in the Bahamas. “The fact that it was living in litter that humans had left behind, perhaps while out “shelling” and stealing their potential homes,” says DuGrenier, “spurred me on to create glass shells that are suitable habitats for hermit crabs.”  He has sent glass shells to aquariums, classrooms, and private homes all around the world. A marine biologist at Dartmouth College discovered them and has been using them for his research into the communication processes of terrestrial hermit crabs.

We look forward to showcasing Robert DuGrenier's work at the SeaKeepers Annual Founders Event.

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