Graham Shay 1857 is pleased to present paintings by Robert Kippur at this year's Outsider Art Fair, March 3-6.

Robert Kippur (1944-2015) grew up in the Midwest and later moved to San Francisco to escape his troubled youth. After working as a municipal bus driver for years, he eventually relocated again to New York City. On the advice of a therapist, he began painting his dreams and fears to express his troubled mindstate. These large scale, impasto paintings envelop the viewer in Kippur's dreamland, where nefarious characters revel in a divergent colorscape of debauchery. The gestural nature of each painting evokes the style of Robert Colescott; but while Colescott was interpreting the external world of race and politics, Kippur was fixated on his internal universe of intrigue and delirium.

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New York, NY 10065
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