Vehicle of the Week: Robert Spell's Polaris Slingshot SLR
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A 2017 Polaris Slingshot SLR this Week 

This week we showcase the 3-wheeler of Robert Spell from Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  He has a new 2017 Polaris Slingshot SLR that he accessorized with our Reflective Orange Rimstripes (6139-3/8-BIG Rim).  It is a great match to the Orange Madness color scheme and the Stripe-It-All Tool made for a fantastic, wobble-free installation.

Robert emailed us these pics along with a very short compliment.

  "Stripe-It-All is the best"

The pictures are great and showcase all the elements that make great images:  Nice outdoor setting with a non-busy background and good lighting, several different angles, full vehicle shots, and closeups.  The four pics below were taken at dusk.  The first one is taken with flash OFF.  In the other three, the camera flash was ON, and you can see it is causing the reflective orange rimstripes to "light up" a bit.

To truly highlight the awesome safety aspect of reflective vinyls, we asked Robert to take a few more pics and follow these tips for getting great nighttime flash photos of reflective rimstripes:  1. Wait until it is almost dark and take those flash (or light from a car headlight or flashlight) pics.  2. Be sure to brace the camera or phone against something rigid so you get a nice, sharp pic.  3. Stand back from the vehicle at least 30 ft and zoom in, if possible.

Dramatic pics will result as everything blackens out and the reflective rimstripes POP!

We sent the above newsletter to Mr. Spell so he could confirm it's accuracy prior to us blasting it out and he emailed back the following:

"I love it, it looks great. Thanks for all your help and your patience. I tried other stripes before the Stripe-It-All and it didn't look as good. The Stripe-It-All stripes are super easy to put on and look great. I tell all my friends about the Stripe-It-All product and I'm trying to get all my fellow slingshot riders to get it because you can put the reflective tape anywhere on your bike or car, not just on the rims.  It will make it easier to see you and safer at night. And it looks good during the day.  Thanks again.  Robert Spell"

Thank you, Robert Spell!

Rob "Mr. Stripe-It-All" Masecar

As always, Tapeworks welcomes your photos of your bike or car! Just a couple things - please tell us what your bike is and what you put on it, and send a few high-resolution photos of closeups as well as wide shots of the whole vehicle to

And if you've got some sort of testimonial, send it on over, whether it's good or bad!

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