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February 2018 Newsletter
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Great new Summer Rentals!

Crested Butte's Fabulous Little Restaurants on the Ski Mountain

Crested Butte is Expanding Terrain and Lifts!

Discount Ski Rentals in Crested Butte! Exclusively Thru Great Crested Butte Lodging!

What's going on in March!?  

Call Robin Dreyfuss!
Christy Sports Discount Ski Rentals!
Christy Sports has moved to right next to the ticket office. They are offering an
automatic 20% off to Great Crested Butte Lodging clients
. You must fill in the form on our ski rental page and then call the store! Free Ski storage.

Discounts for Black Tie Skis!
Great Crested Butte Lodging offers  15-25% off on ski rentals from Black Tie Skis in Crested Butte! Ski Storage. Add the discount code on the page to the form.

Ski Discounts

Get discounts for tickets, lodging, by owner rentals and even packages all over North America - at all the major resorts.
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Great Rentals for the Summer 018!
Take a look at the beautiful historic Skihaus - which has a killer deck and barbecue and amazing views of Mt. CB!

Another amazing summer experience: Georgia's cabin in the Ohio Valley - petfriendly and isolated in a good way- with a little river nearby and close enough to everything to go out to dinner in CB or Gunnison!
georiga's cabin
Or Keep it closer in to Crested Butte and stay at the Grand Lodge! We have several condos in the Grand Lodge that make it easy for families - an inside outside pool, restaurant, bike storage. Some are pet friendly.

Check all our properties! then call or email!
Robin Dreyfuss 954-610-2000 
Fabulous Little Restaurants on the Ski Mountain
Going Skiing soon? 
  Check the Ice Bar at Uley's Cabin at the base of the Twister Lift - you can get a drink and sit in spring skiing sun, and have lunch outside the cabin. 
For a different experience, go inside to Uley's Restaurant! You often need to make a reservation for this lovely restaurant.

At the top of Painter Boy is the new Umbrella Bar. It boasts all kinds of drinks and a German cuisine and is warm and toasty although it looks open - the walls are a thick plastic. It is a very fun belly-up-to-the-bar experience.

Definitely do both!
Crested Butte is Expanding Lifts and Terrain! 
Crested Butte Mountain Resort is working to expand its skiable terrain by 500 acres and put in 3 new chairlifts!  This could begin as early as spring 2019. 
  After failing to expand in the Snodgrass direction, they are now looking at building a chairlift near the Paradise Warming House and terminating close to the top of the North Face lift!
And another lift from the bottom of the existing Teo 2 Bowl to the TOP of the North Face lift...
And a lift designed to move skiers from the bottom of the expanded terrain at the top of East River to the top of Wolf's Lair. 
As always, this is not a done deal - talks are underway with the Forest Service.
Rent your Skis at a Discount in Crested Butte from Christy Sports - and at 30 other ski resorts! 
Christy Sports has moved to right next to the ticket office at the base. They are offering an
automatic 20% off to Great Crested Butte Lodging clients.   You must fill in the form on our ski rental page   and then call the store! Free Ski storage. They also have a door to door service they are looking to expand.  Ask about kids ski free!

We have expanded our relationship with Christy Sports so you can get the same deal- 20% off - thru our North America Ski Discounts portal- for all Christy Sports rental facilities in Colorado and Utah! 

What's Going on in March?
Have you ever participated in Artwalk Evening!? 
  They are having one on March 16 - you stroll from one gallery to the next with a glass of wine! pretty fun. There are knowledgeable people on hand in each gallery to explain more about each artist. It is a beautiful event. See more March events!
robincb Hope to hear from you soon!

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