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January 2017 Newsletter
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Great Activites and Fun for Feb and March!

Thinking about coming up in March? Check our calendars!

Discount Ski Rentals from Christy Sports and Black Tie Skis thru our website...and for Telluride!

Grocery Butlers - Fill your fridge before you get there!
Get Ski Tickets and Vacation Rentals at all North American Ski Resorts!  
Call Robin Dreyfuss!
Christy Sports Discount Ski Rentals!
Christy Sports has moved to right next to the ticket office. They are offering an
automatic 20% off to Great Crested Butte Lodging clients
. You must fill in the form on our ski rental page and then call the store! Free Ski storage.

Discounts for Black Tie Skis!
Great Crested Butte Lodging offers  10-25% off on ski rentals from Black Tie Skis in Crested Butte! Ski Storage

Ski Discounts

Get discounts for tickets, lodging, by owner rentals and even packages all over North America - at all the major resorts.
Looking to Buy?
Talk to Don Turk at Or call 970-209-5822. Great broker, great guy, seriously savvy about Crested Butte.
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Great Activities for February and March!
Our February and March Event Calendars are up! There are some great choices of things to do up in Crested Butte. Check the Winter Activity page too... lots of great suggestions. 

Here's a great thought! "Dinner at the Yurt"! Be sure to watch the film. For $120, you get the gear and trail pass to crosscountry to the Nordic Center's Yurt for a first class meal and unlimited wine and beer for dinner. With guides, of course. Too fun! 

February 11 and 12 is the Slopestyle and Rail Jam. I am not suggesting you DO the crazy stunts... but don't you want to watch them?? These guys are craaaazzzy and amazing!

March Availability! Looking for Spring Break?
We still have some
- and, as everyone's Spring Break seems to be different, I will include different weeks. 

To see all the possibilities go to our
where I've listed all free dates!

skihaus crested butte
One great option is the
! a large home that is ski in, bus out, with tons of space for a large group. Available from March 17 onward...

San Moritz winter
Or a 2 bedroom -
- Available from March 18-25 - a ski in and out condo.

black bear
Or a
available from March 3-11, ski in and out...

Go to the calendar page for a quick peek!
Robin Dreyfuss 954-610-2000
Discount Ski Rentals - Christy Sports and Black Tie Skis in Crested Butte AND IN TELLURIDE!
Christy Sports has moved to right next to the ticket office at the base. They are offering an
automatic 20% off to Great Crested Butte Lodging clients. You must fill in the form on our ski rental page and then call the store! Free Ski storage.

delivers skis and snowboards to you.  It is an addictive experience! They fit them, make sure they work great, and then come pick them up at the end of your stay. Concierge service for one of the more annoying tasks when you go skiing! Fill in  the form!  to get 10-25% off, be sure to add the coupon codes on our Black Tie rental page, and that Great Crested Butte Lodging is the "referrer". Ski Storage!

Robin Dreyfuss 954-610-2000 
The Grocery Butler
Grocery Butlers is an online grocery and liquor delivery service covering the Telluride, Crested Butte, and Ouray resort areas. 

 Select fresh food, prepared food, and liquor with the click of a button from the comfort of your own home on their website. Input a date and time, and your order will be waiting for you at your vacation destination.970-368-2211

After you fill your fridge, rent a ski or summer condo from us!
Robin Dreyfuss 954-610-2000
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Looking for deals on ski tickets, ski rentals, hotels and by owner rentals at other ski resorts too?
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robincb Hope to hear from you soon!

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