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June 2016 Newsletter
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Best Restaurants

Best Activities for July

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Best Hikes

Best Drives

Best Mountain Biking Trails

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Hiking Guides!
crested butte hiking
Get your hiking guide BEFORE you go to Crested Butte!
Rafting on the Taylor River!
white water rafting crested butte  
The Taylor River offers  Class I, II, and III River Rafting! Call 3 Rivers Resort in Almont at 888-761-3474. They also offer combo rafting and ziplining trips!

Fishing Guides Willowfly Anglers
  fly fishing crested butte
3 Rivers Resort, thru Willowfly Anglers,  offers great fly fishing trips and guides
Don't miss the Taylor and Gunnison Rivers!
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Talk to Don Turk at Or call 970-209-5822. Great broker, great guy, seriously savvy about Crested Butte.
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Best Restaurants- Top 2!
I pick the
as the top experience in Crested Butte. Bring your own, and enjoy a leisurely and lovely 45 minute raft trip with your family to Garlic Mike's. I do it every year.

Soupcon- a true gourmet experience on an alley behind Elk Avenue. A bit pricey - but very romantic, and a wonderful dinner.

And you? email me and weigh in! I will post other people's top picks in the next newsletter!
Best Local Activities - Top 2!
White water rafting with 3 rivers on the Taylor River is one top pick. If you are adventurous, check out the Duckies. But a raft trip on the Upper Taylor is adventure enough for most!

Alpenglow. This is the town's music fest given on July 4, July 11, July 18, and July 25. Bring your own and prepare to dance- or veg, as you will.
Best Bars- Top 2!
We never miss a stop at the Eldo on the porch - "A Sunny Place for Shady People". Hang with the locals on the porch and have a great beer. Makes life worth while.

The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin - verrry interesting mixed drinks in a 100 year old cabin. No children allowed. Small plates are great too.
Best Hikes - Top 2!
Lost Lake-There are 3 lakes - and it takes about 2 hours to walk all around the three lakes. We saw a herd of moose, and climbed past waterfalls - it was absolutely glorious. The lakes are called Lost Lake Slough, Lost Lake, and Dollar Lake. This is a gem.

The Dyke Trail It is gorgeous - and long - plan at least 4 hours. The entrance to the Dyke trail is just above Irwin Lake on the left - don't go too far or you get to private land. Have a non-hiker drive to Horseranch to pick you up, as that is where the trail ends. Your driver can find Horseranch by heading back toward Crested Butte and taking a right hand turn at the fork towards Kebler. Horseranch is lovely - a nice place to hang out. Your pick?
Best Drives- Top 2!
Kebler Pass to Lost Lake! If you are starting in CB, head north on Whiterock and you will go up and over a small hill and head toward Lake Irwin. Take a left (don't go to lake Irwin) and continue on County Rd. 12 past Horse Ranch Park thru to the LARGEST aspen grove in the U.S. It is a magnificent sight at any time of year. When you come to Lost Lake, turn on in and walk around the lake. It is too beautiful.

Gunnison to Ohio Creek to Crested Butte!- Go north toward CB from Gunnison and take a left on Ohio Creek Rd before you get to Almont. You will see the "castles" - beautiful craggy mountaintops on your left. You go up Ohio Creek Pass (very easy and goooorgeous) to Kebler Pass Rd. Turn right and you end up in Crested Butte! Call it the long way 'round to cb!
Best Mountain Bike Trails- Top 2!
Lower Loop - It is a beautiful ride out and back and not too difficult - a good place for someone with my mediocre biking skills to start a vacation trip. It starts at the end of Elk Road to the right. Come back and hit up Teocalli Tamale for some lunch!

Trail 401 - This is the famous trail that is really beyond my level. But since it is so famous I have to put it here. You go out past Gothic. I have hiked it right after the rain, when bikers wouldn't bike in the mud, but other than that time period, you will get run over if you try to hike it.
robincb Hope to hear from you soon!

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