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Rocky Mountain BEST Volunteer Newsletter  
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How to help inspire youth for a lifetime with BEST Robotics in 2017!
Our 8th Year of Hosting a Free Colorado Robotics Competition
Find FUN ways to help bring BEST robotics at no cost to schools
2016 Kickoff Gym  Stevens Crop Low
Looking forward to kicking off the season and revealing the 2017 Crossfire game at Kickoff on Saturday 9 September.
2017 BEST Game Logo 2017 BEST Robotics Game - Crossfire

We are excited to have a group of volunteers identified for our Kickoff event on 9 September.  More details to be sent out to these volunteers in the next few days.

PLEASE save these dates for our October Events and remember the Regional Championship in December.  

Send an email to  linda.king@bestinc.org  for more information.   

2017 EVENT
Date and Location
Kickoff - Start of Competition: Game revealed + student, teacher and mentor training + protobot demo.

Jointly with Front Range BEST
9 September
7 AM - 1 PM
Englewood High School 3800 S Logan St, Englewood
Setup Friday 8 Sept
6 PM - 9 PM
Practice Day - End of Week 5: Time for student teams to practice with their robot on 4 quadrant game field.  New practice schedule in 2017.

Jointly with Front Range BEST
14 October 
8 AM - 4 PM
Englewood High School 3800 S Logan St, Englewood
Setup Friday 13 Oct 
6 PM - 9 PM
Game Day - End of Week 6: Student teams compete for awards on 4 quadrant game f ield.
21 October
Auraria Event Center
Setup Friday 20 Oct
Wild West Regional Championship - More to come about the inaugural event for Colorado BEST teams
Saturday - Sunday
16-17  December
Auraria Event Center
Setup Friday 15 Dec

Last Day for Schools to Register on 1 September

We are thrilled to host schools from the Denver metro area and around Colorado. We 
filled all our 28 slots and are waiting to confirm the final 2 slots with the schools in italics.

Rocky Mtn BEST Signed Up School 
as of 31 August 2017
School District or City
Abraham Lincoln High School Denver
Aurora Frontier P-8 Aurora
Aurora Quest Aurora
Aurora West College Preparatory Academy Aurora
Bishop Machebuef Denver
Broomfield High School Boulder Valley
Columbine Middle School Montrose
Denver Center for 21st Learning *
Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design Denver
DSST Byers Denver
DSST Cole Denver
East High School Denver
East Middle School Aurora
Gateway High School Aurora
Heath Middle School * Greeley
Innovation Center of the St. Vrain Valley Schools St. Vrain Valley
Monarch High School Boulder Valley
Mrachek MS Aurora
New Vista High School Boulder Valley
North Middle School Aurora
St. Mary's Academy Middle School Englewood
Skinner Middle School Denver
Skyline High School St. Vrain Valley
Thomas Jefferson High School Denver
Vista Peak Exploratory Aurora
Westgate Community School * Adams 12
West Middle School * Cherry Creek

* Rookie School
No experience required, we hope you will join in the fun!  

Fall Event Volunteers
RM BEST Practice Day
13  October 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM
 14  October    
 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Englewood High School, 
3800 S Logan St,  Englewood

  1. Move and setup volunteers Friday for 2-4 hours
  2. Setup volunteers Saturday for 2-4 hours
  3. Compliance Check Saturday for 8 hours*
  4. Team Registration Saturday for 2-4 hours
  5. Volunteer Registration Saturday for 2-4 hours
  6. Pit Support Saturday for 6 hours
  7. Staging Support Saturday for 3 hours*
  8. AV Set Up Friday for 2-4 hours
  9. Referees Saturday for 3 hours*
  10. Scorekeepers Saturday for 3 hours*
  11. Cleanup and move Saturday for 2-4 hours
  12. Runners Saturday for 6 hours
  13. Hospitality Saturday for 6 hours 
  14. Announcer Saturday for 3 hours *  
  15. Marketing Presentation Judges Saturday for 8 hours*

RM BEST Game Day 
20 & 21 October
Downtown Denver 
Auraria Event Center

Volunteer  Options 
  1. Move and setup volunteers Friday for 2-4 hours
  2. Setup volunteers Saturday for 2-4 hours
  3. Compliance Check Saturday for 3 hours*
  4. Team Registration Saturday for 2-4 hours
  5. Volunteer Registration Saturday for 2-5 hours
  6. Pit Support Saturday for 2-8 hours
  7. Staging Support Saturday for 8 hours
  8. AV Set Up Friday for 2-4 hours
  9. Referees Saturday for 8 hours*
  10. Scorekeepers Saturday for 8 hours*
  11. Cleanup and move Saturday for 2 hours
  12. Runners Saturday for 2-8 hours
  13. Hospitality Saturday for 6 hours 
  14. Judges Saturday for 7 hours*

  • Jobs in GREEN need volunteers who are able to cover both 14 AND 21 October.
  •  Jobs with * require a few hours of advance training or reading. 
  • All other jobs receive directions the day of the event. 

More information on fall RM BEST volunteer options will be available in future newsletters.  

If you have questions, please contact me at  linda.king@bestinc.org.

More Ways to Help Bring Robotics Competitions to Colorado Students

Wondering what to do with your used car or truck? 
Donating your old vehicle to ROCKY MOUNTAIN BEST is convenient, easy, and may qualify you for a tax deduction. And best of all, your donation of a used car or truck will make a big difference in supporting ROCKY MOUNTAIN BEST.
Why not donate your vehicle today? All you need to do is to complete our simple online form at http://www.vehiclesforcharity.org/Donate/RMB.html or call 1-866-628-2277 and we'll take care of the rest. We will pick up your vehicle, arrange to have your donation towed, and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt, all at no charge to you. Call 1-866-628-2277 or online at http://www.vehiclesforcharity.org/Donate/RMB.html

Have Fun at Elitch Gardens AND Support Rocky Mountain BEST
Tell your friends!  Spread the word!!  Help us obtain a donation to support our efforts to bring a robotics competition that is FREE to schools AND enjoy Elitch Gardens at a great discount!!
Discounts for Rocky Mountain BEST
One Day Admission only  $25.99 in September & October
(Regular main gate price is $49.99)
You make your plans, click on the link below to get your ticket(s), and we have a win-win for you and Rocky Mountain BEST. 
Purchase, Print, and Play:
Colorado BEST STEM Outreach Events 

Soaring at the Erie Air Fair

A warm day greeted the people attending the Erie Air Fair on Saturday, August 12. A variety of activities were available for both the kids and adults.  In a word, it was AWESOME!!
Rocky Mountain BEST had tables in the hangar for the Kids' Adventure Zone.  On one table we made balloon-powered cars to the tune of 53 cars in two hours! On another table we made pop-up cards with a robot face and the Denver Wild West BEST mascot saying "Howdy!"  And, of course, we had a table where we had promotional information about BEST. 
2017 Erie Air Fair Thanks to the RMB volunteers who helped during the day:  Wes Kenison with Lilly and Levin, JoAnne Fry, Lois Walton, and Lori Lazuk. 
What about next year?  As one excited three-year-old child expressed at our activity table:  "Let's Do It!!!"  See you next year.

CareerTrek 2017 with Aurora Public Schools
The 4th Annual APS CareerTrek for all 8 th grade students in Aurora will be held on September 28 -29 at the APS Professional Learning and Conference Center.  The purpose of the event is to create an interactive experience that promotes a deeper understanding of career opportunities while allowing the students to develop those important professional skills that they will be using in just a few years from now.  Rocky Mountain BEST plans to attend on September 28 to help promote the STEM skills that students are able to develop when participating in BEST.  Also, bESTology information will be provided about the careers related to the 2017 game: CROSSFIRE.

17 November Events
RM BEST will be represented at two meetings on November 17th:
  • Colorado Science Conference at Denver Merchandise Mart for Colorado Science Teachers Professional Development, and
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Rocky Mountain Section Annual Technical Symposium.
We continue to spread the word about BEST!!  How about you?
Benevity -
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Kroger Gift Card - If you have a Rocky Mountain BEST King Soopers Gift Card, Kroger donates 5% of EVERY gift card purchase -- including card refills -- to Rocky Mountain BEST... all at no cost to you -- FOREVER!   Contact Lois Walton at  lwalton@rmbest.org   to make arrangements to purchase a card. 
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