Introduce Students to Robotics
Celebrate National Robotics Week with a robotics activity
Students only need a few parts and a small amount of time to get started learning about robotics and basic circuits. Science Buddies has ideas and convenient kits for student robotics exploration at all levels, from introductory toothbrush-head activities to more sophisticated, sensor-driven projects. Browse our robotics activities for inspiration or use one of our robotics Lesson Plans for a fun classroom activity! 
Do Science Projects with Your Phone
Science Buddies adds support for Google's Science Journal app
Students can now do sensor-based science projects and explore data analysis and graphing using their cell phones. With Google's Science Journal app, students can use the app and sensors that are built into the phone instead of additional specialty equipment.

See Google's Science Journal App Transforms a Cell Phone into a Powerful Tool for Science Class  for more information and a list of projects at Science Buddies that work with the free app.
Exciting Student STEM
Candy geodes
These gigantic chocolate-covered candy geodes revealed amazing rock candy when cracked open. Can you grow rock candy inside a smaller chocolate shell?
Egg-based science
Looking for Easter-themed science activities? Check out these fun science activities:
See Egg Science for K-12 Students for a roundup of student projects and activities for springtime STEM.
Explore Medical Biotechnology
Blood type chemistry 
Experiment with the science of blood typing using synthetic blood samples and a convenient kit from the Science Buddies Store.

Projects in Medical Biotechnology are supported by the Amgen Foundation.
Global STEM and Agricultural Technology
The science of feeding the world 
A new Agricultural Technology special collection helps students explore ways in which agriculture is changing to keep up with a growing world population.

Development of the Agricultural Technology collection was sponsored by the Pentair Foundation and the Donaldson Foundation.
Science Buddies Warehouse Sale - 25% Off Select Kits
Big savings on science project kits
Stock up on a wide selection of science kits from the Science Buddies Store.  Take advantage of deep savings on fun science kits in robotics, chemistry, physics, and more!

Sale runs through April 15, 2017.  No discount code required; prices as marked.   Quantities are limited, so don’t miss out on these great discounts.
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