Robotiq Screwdriving Solution
Lower torque, higher possibilities
Deploy and master your robotic screwdriving application by adding Robotiq Screwdriving Solution to a cobot. So simple, no robotics experience is required.

When you automate a screwdriving task with Robotiq’s screwdriving solution, you keep employees from harm and can redirect them to value-added tasks. This complete solution is designed to fix changeover issues. Within five minutes, the solution can be reconfigured for alternate production.

Robotiq Screwdriving URCap simplifies programming, because it automates the force- sensing capabilities, as well as the communication between the screwdriver, screw feeder, robot, and vacuum technology.

VFDs That Conquer Clogs and Reduce Costs
Reduce downtime in Waste/Water applications
Mitsuibishi Electric FR-F800 inverters solve tough waste water problems by preventing clogging in pumps! De-Ragging/Pump Cleaning feature detects an excess increase in pressure and triggers a self-clearing sequence that will consist of increasing power and/or cycling the pump back and forward to dislodge the blockage.

  • Cleaning/De-ragging function (pump cleaning)
  • Increases pump efficiency
  • Up to 50% energy savings in aeration blowers
  • Reduced vibration and “water hammer” effect

New Tolomatic Ebook
Electric actuators for hydraulic replacement
Over the past 30 years, a new type of linear motion technology is, literally, giving hydraulics a run for its money. Electromechanical actuators can provide superior performance over hydraulic cylinders in many applications—through improved precision, flexibility and reliability.

Tolomatic’s new Ebook compares hydraulic and electric technologies and provides important tips for converting from an existing hydraulic system to an all-electric solution.
Gocator 2600 Series
Smart 4K laser line profiling
The industry-leading Gocator® 3D smart sensor family introduces 4K+ resolution laser profiling to measure microscopic features or larger objects. These factory pre-calibrated sensors come equipped with custom optics and a powerful 9-megapixel imager to deliver 4000 data points per profile for high-resolution 3D scanning and inspection across wide fields of view.

The 2600 Series features native support for multi sensor networks from 2 sensors up to 24, with on sensor pairing, point and click alignment, and automatic image stitching. Users can even capture 360º of a scan target, or multiple views, by mixing different 2600 sensor models that
optimize for field of view and resolution.

  • 9-megapixel Imager
  • 4200 Points Per Profile for High-resolution measurement
  • X Resolutions Up to 0.018 mm (at 71 mm FOV)
  • Fields of View Up to 2 M (at 0.55 mm X-resolution)
  • On-sensor Measurement Tools and I/O Connectivity

SICK 2D Machine Vision
The InspectorP64x is an industrial programmable and configurable 2D vision camera for long-range and high-speed vision tasks. Boasting an image resolution of 1.7 megapixels, an IP 65 housing, and a flexible high-end optical design, it is perfectly equipped to meet demanding automation environments.

  • 2D vision sensor with 1.7 megapixels
  • Configuration of SensorApps in a web browser
  • Programming of new SensorApps in SICK AppStudio
  • Flexible C-mount lenses and integrated illumination
  • Laser alignment aid, beeper and feedback spot
  • Includes HALCON runtime license and SICK Algorithm Library
  • Deep learning available as licensed option

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