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Update #2

Johnson Matthey

Robust safety discussion at 501F annual meeting


        • Fire risks in air inlet house
        • Roping off restricted areas
        • Visible and meaningful labels




NFPA 56, 85 safety standards get air time


Judging from a few questions related to O&M of gas piping systems, it seemed some attendees were unfamiliar with NFPA 56, the new safety standard designed to protect personnel and equipment against explosion and other hazards associated with the use of natural gas. This standard provides minimum safety requirements for the commissioning and maintenance of fuel gas piping-from the point of delivery to the equipment shutoff valve. more

HOT TOPIC: Sulzer's Romero talks rotor repair to 501F users


Sulzer Turbo Services' Engineering Advisor Fernando Romero offered an instructive look at the dismantling of a 501FD2 rotor, inspection of its component parts, appropriate rotor repair methods, and reassembly. He said Sulzer had done work on a dozen such rotors, dismantled six, and found failed components on two of the six. more

501F user presenters cover wide array of topics  


      • Minimizing offline corrosion
      • Leaning stacks
      • Aft bearing sag
      • Dead-air-space baffles
      • DC 4 temperature drop mystery
      • Static seal issues                         more

Allied Power Group's R1 turbine-blade repairs, mods reduce scrap rates, extend part life


Technical Director Aaron Frost of Allied Power Group (APG) explained to a packed room during the 501F and 501G Users Groups' Vendorama program how advanced repair techniques and design upgrades offered by the Houston-based company can extend the run time of R1 turbine blades made by both the OEM and a third-party supplier up to 24,000 equivalent operating hours (EOH). The company's enhancements are applicable to all R1 blades in service except for the OEM's advanced-design airfoil, Frost said. more

Calpine's Small, Tenaska's Mayfield to lead Combined Cycle Users Group


Larry Small, director of engineering for Calpine Corp's Engineering and Construction Dept, has been elected chairman of the Combined Cycle Users Group (CCUG) for a two-year term; Dr Robert Mayfield, plant manager of the 7FA-powered 3 x 1 Tenaska Virginia Generating Station, was elected vice chairman. He will advance to the top position following the organization's 2013 meeting. more

Donaldson Company

Sulzer Turbo Services

Allied Power Group

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