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  • Alumni Picnic Photo Album: Save the Date - June 6, 2020
  • Featured Alumna: Nour Hammour '04 - Entrepreneur & Fashion Designer
  • Start'Up Week - Alumni Involvement
  • Alumni Friendships
  • and more...
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(Photo sent by Melanie [Kaes] Methven '86 ) " I remember it was a hot day and in those days we had no air conditioning in the building so we used to suffer when it was really hot. As you can see we were quite a diverse group with our own styles! I am now based in the UK. I still have very fond memories of my 6 years (4ème à Terminale) at Rochambeau."
"It was really a nice event and I believe everyone shares my feeling! Thank you to Rochambeau for hosting us. We decided NOT to WAIT ten years for the next one!" - Thibault Lambrecht '09 

Plus de 45 anciens élèves se sont joints à nous pour le pique-nique annuel des anciens !  Les  Alumni  des promos de 1994, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2014, 2015 sont retournés dans le temps ensemble - en jouant au foot, en parcourant les yearbooks, en discutant avec le personnel et les enseignants, en se souvenant des autres, en racontant des histoires, en riant (beaucoup!) et en redécouvrant leurs anciennes salle de classes.  Un événement mémorable pour tous ! 
Featured Alumna: Nour Hammour '04
Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer,
Founder of Luxury Label "Nour Hammour"
Photo: Sebastian Bottcher, Harper's Bazzar
Nour Hammour, Class of 2004 and now also a Rochambeau parent, is a luxury fashion designer whose custom leather outerwear has thrilled the US and European markets. She returned to campus recently as a guest speaker and jury member for our 10th grade “Start-up Week”.

Nour's success story started in her parents' living room turned showroom in Paris. She and her business partner first offered their custom leather jackets to friends and then for wider distribution. With training from Istituto Marangoni, part of the Paris School of Fashion, she launched her fashion design company “ Nour Hammour ” while she was only in her mid-twenties! Nour would tell you that training and tenacity are required in equal measure to be successful.

" Si vous voulez créer votre propre entreprise, vous devez apprendre beaucoup à l'école et c'est important, mais vous allez apprendre BEAUCOUP PLUS en travaillant dans d'autres entreprises. Faites au moins un stage ou une expérience professionnelle dans une start-up... Dans n'importe quelle entreprise, il faut commencer au bas de l'échelle et gravir les échelons. " Read more about her journey…
Every June, 10th grade students are immersed in an intense entrepreneurial experience for a week. They learn how to create their own start-ups with local and international business experts. This year, our talented jury included Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur , Nour Hammour '04 ( see profile ), and guest speaker, Linkedin Global Product Marketing Manager , Yannick Kpodar '06 👏🏆!
Yannick Kpodar '06
"If you don't have a dream that excites you and scares you at the same time, you are not dreaming big enough!"

Nour Hammour '04
" I used to move the mannequins every day to clean, sweep the floors, clean the drapes. You’re not above any aspect of work. My dad’s advice to me: First one in, last one out."
Frédéric Dinel, Ancien Professeur
de Lettres/Cinema
" Envoyez toutes mes pensées affectueuses et amicales à mes anciens élèves, anciens collègues et toutes les personnes que j’ai croisées à Rochambeau, j’en garde un souvenir très précieux.

M. Dinel est aussi à l'origine de l'ouverture de l'option cinéma 🎦 à Rochambeau!
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"There's just something about us Rochambeau kids that makes us stick together, no matter the distance" - Maya Sriqui '09
" It’s as if we don’t even live in different places, it’s so seamless. Our friendships have just been fortified for life. " - Morgan du Plessix '15
Rochambeau graduates at France World Cup Final
" It is the place I first met my best friends for life. " - Maria Palla Valiente '08
Class of 2008 10-year reunion
Melanie Zimmerman & Ai cha Gherib ('90)
" Aicha and I have a great story. We were best friends and absolutely inseparable in elementary school. When you saw one you saw the other. " - Melanie Zimmerman '90
Antoine Ollivier & Rochambeau friends ('14)
" T he ones that I still connect with are friends for life. Few people outside of Rochambeau can relate to having a class full of bilingual/trilingual students who came from Vietnam, France, Spain, Mali, Belgium and Togo. " - Dorothée Bond '96
I’ve had the chance to see and meet Rochambeau graduates around the world" - Ismail Kenessy '94
" Je suis fière de faire partie de cette grande famille des anciens élèves de Rochambeau."
Des news de OulanBike
Arif Fdani '14 nous fait découvrir l'IRAN
(Élève 2007-2011)
Arif told us in APRIL about his documentary-travel project with RocketBike, aiming to highlight French entrepreneurs in Central Asia.
Où est Arif en ce moment ?
" Hello alumni, we have just entered Tadjikistan and are preparing to cross the Pamir mountains! Take a look at our IRAN report to learn about our meetings with entrepreneurs and travel stories!"
Ask Alumni: College Connections

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Your experiences can help 9th-12th grade students (3 ème -Terminale) navigate their academic choices and enhance their college experience.
Our newest Alumni, we welcome the Class of 2019!
With deepest sympathy...
Toute la communauté de Rochambeau offre ses plus sincères condoléances à leurs familles et aux proches.
Benjamin Broadhurst '18
Luis Guttierrez, dedicated employee
since 1966.
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