JUNE | JUIN 2018

For many of you, words like relocation and international were often murmured in the hallways and classes, spoken throughout the arrival and departures of your classmates and teachers.

These changes taught you adaptability and the value of relationships . Embarking from Rochambeau, you were given a map of DESTINATIONS and geographic POSSIBILITIES.

This last month, we’ve heard from Alumni like Eugene U balijoro ('82), Mitra Moin ('13), Tarek Alem ('02), and Antoine Ollivier ('08-'10) about the pleasure of catching up with school friends and the Rochambeau thread that unites them all.

Whether you were a Rochambeau forever or with us for a short time, you are all connected on a map that is expanding and reaching all parts of the world. Network across cultures, see friends from all over the globe, and make new connections !

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Highlights of this month's issue:

  • Tarek Alem ('02) a Rochambeau aviator!
  • Antoine Ollivier ('08-'10) takes on waves and Wales.
  • Maya Sriqui ('09) recognize her from MAY's newsletter? She has some news!

  • Welcome Class of 2018! Senior Breakfast and visiting Alumni
  • Start'Up Week | June 11-15 - Mentor our 10th grade students! ... and more
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“Fais de ta vie un rêve, et d'un rêve, une réalité.” 
Mclean, VA

We recently met Tarek at our Senior Breakfast. Cheerful to be back at school, he was delighted to tell us about his Rochambeau memories now as an alumni. Born and raised in Washington, DC, Tarek comes from a Moroccan family. He was enrolled at Rochambeau from Maternelle to Lycée, he jokes "as my no-longer-fitting Rochambeau Forever sweatshirt can suggest" it's been quite a while since graduation!

While on campus, a yearbook photo made Tarek recall a fond memory of his time at school. In 2000, at a Rochambeau job fair, Tarek met a pilot and the rest was history. Dressed up in a flight suit and helmet, young Tarek felt his dreams closer than ever. "My lifelong friends can easily confirm that I have wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember". Completely enthralled by the pilot's visit, Tarek envisioned his future career in the skies.

After Lycée, he pursued a Bachelor's in Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he began to fly as an instructor. Ultimately, he accomplished his childhood dream of flying long-haul aircraft. A pilot for Delta Air Lines, he's carried passengers to and from their destinations in Europe and around the globe. Grateful and humbly inspired by his own success, he remembers, " I will never forget the first time I flew into Washington National Airport and saw children waving at us from the very same park where I used to go plane watching when I was their age. " Knowing how important his role can be to young aspiring pilots, Tarek hopes to inspire them to pursue their highest hopes and dreams.

"Je me souviens de comment l'on trouvait le programme scolaire difficile à l'époque avec mes camarades de classe. Ce n'est qu'après qu'on ait quitté le lycée pour nos universités que l'on s'est rendu compte du niveau d'appréciation que l'on avait pour la formation et les experiences que l'on a pu avoir grâce au Lycée Rochambeau. Que ça soit par rapport au multilinguisme, à la culture générale ou bien aux amitiés exceptionnelles que j'aie pu former, je suis fier d’être un ancien élève "Rochambeau Forever." - Tarek Alem
Montpellier, France

Antoine attended Rochambeau for a brief but meaningful time from 2008 to 2010. As a former collège student, he believes his curiosity to the world was fostered due to the "internationally connected environment and cultural diversity" he experienced. "I met people I will never forget" he shares. Despite the years and distances, he has kept in touch with Rochambeau friends from all over the globe, including a recent reunion 7 years after leaving Rochambeau.

Currently, a grad student at Montpellier Business School, Antoine has recently completed a year abroad studying International Marketing at the University of South Wales in Cardiff. Now back in France for the summer, Antoine is taking on the waves and setting out to do what he loves best... WINDSURFING.
Antoine is a fully certified instructor with more than 6 years of experience navigating in the harsh waters and untamed waves off the coasts of Brittany. Moving up the nautical ranks, Antoine is now training future instructors including his two younger brothers (also Rochambeau alumni). His next venture will be at the international telecommunications company 'Orange' where he will be joining the marketing headquarters for a professional gap year.

From waves to airwaves, you can count on Antoine navigating his new career with the same patience and determination as on the board.

"Ces années m’ont permis de gagner en maturité, en ouverture d’esprit, en tolérance ainsi que de gagner confiance en moi. Mes années Rochambeau m’ont également permis d’être ambitieux, et de viser le plus haut possible dans mes objectifs professionnels et personnels.

Grâce à des cours enseignés par un corps professoral de haute qualité, la relation élève/professeur est très chaleureuse, et j’en garde un très bon souvenir.

Rochambeau a été pour moi un véritable tremplin dans mes études et ambitions professionnelles. Je ne garde que des bons souvenirs, et j’espère pouvoir bientôt m’y rendre à nouveau, chose dont je n’en doute pas car selon Madame Genovese... « tout élève de Rochambeau fini un jour par y revenir ! » " - Antoine Ollivier
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Remember Maya Sriqui '09?
Founder & Creative Director of Garden State Candles featured on April's Newsletter has some news!
garden state
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Rochambeau renouvelle sa Startup Week auprès des élèves de Seconde. Cette année c'est l'organisation Start'Up Lycée qui accompagne nos futurs entrepreneurs.

Du 11 au 15 Juin 2018 , le bagage de nos élèves sera complétés avec les outils de start-up dans l'objectif de créer leur propre projet innovateur.

  • Cliquez-ici pour en savoir plus sur la Start'up Week et comment devenir coach pour nos élèves!

Start'Up Week is back and ready to prepare our 10th grade students. This year, Rochambeau joins forces with the organization, Start'Up Lycée to guide our future entrepreneurs.

During Start-up Week, June 11 to 15, our students will become equipped with all the tools of real Start-ups and will create their own innovative project.

  • Click here to learn more about Start'up Week and how you can be a Start'up coach!

A big thank you to our Alumni visitors and a big FELICITATIONS to our newest alumni as they embark on their next adventures!

Alumni Visitors

Class of 2017
Bakary Coulibaly, David Fraval, Sinan Kirisci, Pierre-Alexandre Le Ber, Sebastien Medina, Ambre Roux de Luze
Class of 2014
Katrina Cohen Cosentino
Class of 2010
Louis-Nicolas Le Ber
Class of 2002
Tarek Alem
Class of 1969
Pedro B.Ortiz
Pablo Alvarez de Toledo , the Academic Director of the  Madrid Fine Art Institute  a nd '82 Rochambeau Alumni invites ALL creative students to join an intensive two-week Summer Art Course at the world renowned Prado Museum in Madrid. 
  • Level 1 for High School students
  • Level 2 for University students & professionals
Classes will be taught in English !
More info on the MFAI webpage
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