September 2020
Rochester RHIO Cuts Over to Explore+
Rochester RHIO launched Explore+ this month, an advanced patient search engine that is flexible and responsive to the ever-evolving needs of Health Information Exchange (HIE). This innovative patient search technology, created specifically for the multiple and often complex demands of HIE data environments, supports a better user experience.

“Rochester RHIO advances patient care through innovation and better access to health
data—a commitment that has earned us the reputation as an HIE pioneer since our founding more than a decade ago,” said Jill Eisenstein, CEO & president of Rochester RHIO. “The flexibility we have achieved with the debut of Explore+ allows us to be more responsive to our community of partners across 14 counties, anticipating and meeting their needs more quickly, efficiently and effectively.”
SAVE-THE-DATE: November 10
Date: November 10, 2020
Time: 9 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

The inaugural Finger Lakes Health Data Conference, presented by the Rochester RHIO, will focus on advancements in health data across the region and nationwide. The collaborative, half-day virtual event will be in the morning. More details to come!
CEO Highlights SDOH Data at FLPPS Showcase

Rochester RHIO CEO Jill Eisenstein highlighted innovations in social determinants of health data (SDOH) at the FLPPS Showcase in August.

Jill spoke about the expanding definition of SDOH data and what types of SDOH data are currently available to providers today in the RHIO's health information exchange.

Jill indicated there is more robust community homeless data in the RHIO than originally assumed. RHIO is delving into the details of how this data is documented in order to support vulnerable populations. Read more...
Complimentary Virtual Trainings Available: HIPAA
Register for one of two complimentary HIPAA webinars given by RHIO's Chief Counsel, Amy S. Warner, Esq. Taking this training also qualifies for RHIO's Annual Refresher training. Sign up today!

Rochester RHIO & Ciitizen Tackle Infoblocking Rule at National Conference
Spanning 320 pages of single-spaced, three-column type in the Federal Register, one of the most significant developments for HIEs in recent years goes by many names: the ONC Cures Act Final Rule, the Infoblocking Rule and even the Infosharing Rule.

In an effort to help HIEs across the country better understand the Rule’s implications, two data privacy leaders teamed up to unravel the regulations. Deven McGraw, chief regulatory officer, Ciitizen, and Amy Warner, general counsel, privacy and compliance officer, Rochester RHIO, and were featured as part of the 2020 SHIEC Conference. Their virtual session: Enforcement of the Information Blocking Rules is Coming (Soon!). Is Your HIE Ready? Read more...
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