A Note from Scott and Marsha
December 3, 2020
We hope this finds all of you feeling sassy after a long holiday weekend. Reflecting on all the blessings of this season might be easy or hard for you. Wherever you find yourself, we hope there is a bit of gratefulness and a small glimmer of hope for the new year. 

We are sliding quickly into 2021 and making plans for spring. Yes, it rolls that fast around here! Our landscape crews are installing beautiful designs. Our lawn maintenance crews have wrapped up final mowings and moved into blowing leaves and keeping things tidy for our clients over the holidays. And the garden center crew is sawing, wrapping and tying Christmas trees on cars like little Christmas elves!  

I was at the garden center last week and a customer was looking at the 9-10' trees we have in stock. (The trees we ordered from western North Carolina were simply gorgeous. Unwrapping them was like Christmas morning.) This family spied two particularly beautiful trees. One 9-10' tree happened to have our name on it because ... well, sometimes there is an advantage to writing the check for 300+ trees!  

As this couple was pondering their options, I walked over and asked if they needed any help. He pointed to the tree labeled "Sold - Pearce" and said, "We really want that tree. Do you think I could take them?"  

Remember, I'm an Enneagram 8. Was that a challenge?  Of course. 

So I replied, "Well, that happens to be my tree so if you want to square up we can, or I'll rock, paper, scissors for it." 

This guy must be an Enneagram 8, too, because he immediately drops his fist in his palm.  

"Let's go!" 

One, two, three, shoot. He dropped paper and I dropped scissors. He lost. He (happily) took the other tree and was an incredibly good sport about it.  
Mind you as this is playing out, Scott, our daughter, Erica, and our Potting Shed employee/friend, Brantley are nearby watching all of this go down. They are literally hiding behind trees looking for ways to escape. They are Enneagram 6's and 9's. Insert my exaggerated eye roll here.  

I walk back over, and they are standing there baffled. Scott could not believe I played rock, paper, scissors with a customer and that I didn't give him our tree! Erica and Brantley were mortified. Of course, I was completely confused. 

First of all, I won. Fair and square. Second, I replied, "Do you know how many times I have wanted something and I end up not taking it because I want to leave it for our customers??" 

This happens all the time. A plant comes in. I love it. I want it. I walk away and tell myself I'll get it later. I feel bad not letting someone else have a chance to enjoy it. I give it a week. I return and it's gone. Then I kick myself the rest of the day, but I know it has a happy home and is hopefully bringing joy to someone's life.  

It's what we do. We give our best green to you. Unless, of course, you rock, paper, scissors for it and lose. And again, this is why they don't let me in the garden center very often. #bannedfromthegarden   
Christmas Cactus is Judy's pick of the week. Christmas Cactus gets its name from the time of year that it blooms--right around Christmas! They are not just for the holidays, though. Once they're finished blooming, you can keep them as a beautiful houseplant and they should bloom again next year! Keep them in bright, indirect light and water when the top feels dry, but don't let it sit in water.
Winterberry Holly is deciduous and loses its leaves, but keeps bright red berries on the branches through the winter. These berries are not favorites for birds, but they will eat them once other foods are sparse. This ends up being a cool trick of nature--these berries are perfect for the birds in late winter due to their high fat content, which is just what the birds need at that time. How amazing and well-planned is that?
We have adorable pottery just for the holidays in stock now! If you want something that screams, "Christmas!!", we have that. We also have single colored pots or pottery with silver and gold accents, plus so much more. A beautiful, festive piece of pottery and houseplant or holiday plant (think Frosted Fern or Poinsettia) will make an excellent gift. Or maybe just keep them for yourself :)
If you are thinking now is not the right time to plant, think again!
You can plant year-round with success in our area.
Sunday, December 6, 3:00-4:00pm
Pre-order sales are open for tree-ripe citrus and fresh pecans from Georgia!
Enjoy delightful fruits, satsuma mandarins and kishu mandarins, which are seedless and easier to peel than clementine mandarins like Halos and Cuties! Satsumas are also juicier than clementines, and bite-sized kishus are sweeter, too! Complete a gift of citrus stocking stuffers with shelled pecans for the holiday baking season! Walkup sales might sell out, so check out the 10% PRE-ORDER DISCOUNT.
Here is the website link to reserve a pre-order pickup from Georgia Peach Truck:

Also, the Drunken Noodles food truck will be here that afternoon, 11am-3pm and The Potting Shed will be open at noon serving wine, beer, and hard cider! Make an afternoon of it!
Keeping your fresh holiday plants beautiful is possible, but does require some effort and attention. Check out our post that shares how to properly care for your poinsettias. Your poinsettias can last all season and beyond if you love them well.

If you are buying a fresh Christmas tree this year, we have compiled suggestions for how to best care for your Christmas tree. You can find that post here.
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