Spring 2022
Dr. Hayne Reese, a former KU HDFL professor (1967-1970) passed away February 27, 2022. He was a psychologist, educator, and a leader in his field. He was known for his research in Child Development, Life-Span Development training, as well as behavioral psychology. His legacy paved the way for future generations. Hayne was born on January 14, 1931. He retired to Ft. Worth, Texas, after a distinguished career as a professor at West Virginia University (WVU). Hayne joined the faculty in the Department of Psychology in 1970 as one of WVU’s Centennial Professors in celebration of the institution’s centennial year, served as the Coordinator of the Life Span Developmental Psychology for most of his time at WVU, and retired in 2000, earning the status of Centennial Professor Emeritus. He obtained his PhD from the University of Iowa in 1958 and was at the State University of New York-Buffalo and University of Kansas before joining WVU. Hayne will be remembered for his clever wit, editorial prowess, and infectious laugh.
He is survived by his sister, Marion Lu Leucke of Dallas, children: Brad Reese of Haslet, daughter, Anne Kuykendall and son, Bill Reese of Ft. Worth, daughter, Margaret Hayden of Mineola, TX, daughter-in-law, Brandyce Reese, sons-in-law: Kevin Kuykendall, John Thielges and Danny Hayden, and numerous grand- & great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by beloved wife, Nancy Mann Reese, brothers: Tom F. Reese, Jr. & John Reese, Sr.
ABS Faculty News

Dr. Florence DiGennaro Reed, ABS Professor and Chairperson, gave several invited presentations during the fall and early spring semesters. Below is a list of titles and locations:
  • Promoting positive staff-consumer interactions in group homes (Presentation for Alpine Learning Group)
  • Take the guesswork out: Assessing staff performance needs with the PDC-HS (Webinar for Behavior Science Technology)
  • Practical ways to train and support human-service staff (Georgia Association for Behavior Analysis) Treatment integrity matters (Webinar for Behavior Science Technology)

Dr. DiGennaro Reed, was also interviewed for two podcasts:
Dr. Robin Kuhn applied for and was accepted to participate in the Spring 2022 Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Seminar on Inclusive Teaching. She will be integrating inclusive teaching practices specific to online, professional graduate students into ABSC 850 - Principles of Behavior Analysis in Fall, 2023.

Dr. Jomella Watson-Thompson was one of the recipients of the 2022 Shine award from the nonprofit Strorytime Village to honor and celebrate Kansas Women who are shining examples for others to follow.

Dr. Derek Reed will be providing a keynote address at the 2022 Governor’s Public Health Conference in Manhattan, KS. Derek will also be providing an invited talk at the 2022 TxABA Conference in Dallas, TX.
Dr. Claudia Dozier

Dozier, C. L., Neidert, P. L., Watson-Thompson, J. (2021, November 21). From campus to community: Considerations for effective supervision and leadership [Panel presentation]. Behavioral Science: Applications in Leadership & Supervision Conference 2021, Lawrence, KS, United States. https://behavior.org/event/leadership-supervision-2021/

Kamana, B. U., Dozier, C. L., Foley, E. A., & Hubbs, A. N. (2021 early view). Descriptive versus general praise with and without edibles for acquisition in young children. Behavioral Interventions. https://doi.org/10.1002/bin.1849
Kanaman, N. A., Hubbs, A. L., Dozier, C. L., Jones, B. A., Foley, E., & Ackerlund Brandt, J. (2021 early view). Evaluating the effects of social interaction on the results of preference assessments for leisure items. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. https://doi.org/10.1002/jaba.897
Spring Prosem Schedule
March 11, Brett Gelino - Sustainable Choice: Public Health, Public Policy, and the Pursuit of Community Intervention

March 25, DEI Speakers Panel

April 1, Ashley Romero - Using E-learning Modules to Teach Ongoing-Visual Inspection of Functional Analyses: A
Replication and Extension, Jevan Bremby - The Cruising Cupboard: A Retrospective Comparative Analysis

April 8, Ariel Fluharty - TBA, Molly Malone - Workplace Victimization in Applied Behavior Analysis,
Kylene Caquelin - The Effect of Fading Schedules of Noncontingent Reinforcement Implemented With and Without

April 15, Stacha Leslie - Using Synchronous Reinforcement to Increase Mask Wearing in Young Children,
Nicole Jones - TBA, Dani Thomas - Educator Training of the Preschool Life Skills Program Via Video Modeling

April 22, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar - TBA

April 29, Shannon Martin - TBA, William Bauer - TBA, Kiki Yablon - TBA, Ruaa Hassaballa-Muhammad - TBA,
Poonam Patil - TBA, Kayt-Lyn Johnson - TBA

May 2, Jorey Hart - TBA, Victoria Fluhart - TBA, Katia Anguiano - TBA, Jessica Diestel - TBA,
Gatwech Miak - TBA, Amanda Watamaniuk - TBA, Nzinga Z. Oby - TBA, Yan Wang - TBA

Email [email protected] to get the link to the above Prosems to watch them live!
ABS Department News
Sophia Perniciaro (undergraduate research assistant) was awarded a UGRA for a project titled: “Can We Affect Cigarette Demand Using Improved Graphic Warning Labels That Include Oral Health?,”: https://news.ku.edu/2022/02/11/forty-nine-ku-students-receive-undergraduate-research-awards-spring. This project is one of five finalists for the Courtwright Award.

The ABE Lab collaborated with, Steve Hursh (IBR), Justin Stricklan (Johns Hopkins) Matthew Johnson (Johns Hopkins), and students in the Jarmolowicz lab (Tadd Schneider and Robert LeComte) on a series of projects examining the behavioral economics of infectious disease response. It is published with open access at PLOS ONE: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0258828

Derek Reed, along with Gregory Madden and Florence DiGennaro Reed, published a new textbook titled, “An Introduction to Behavior Analysis”; https://www.wiley.com/en-us/An+Introduction+to+Behavior+Analysis-p-9781119126546

Allyson Salzer contributed to a book chapter: Salzer, A. R., Esquierdo-Leal, & J., Roose, K. (2022). Planting Seeds: Learning, Growing, and Thriving in Graduate School. In Rehfeldt, R. A., Cihon, T., Rasmussen, E., & Ala’i, S. (Eds.), Behaving in context: Observations on life inside and outside the academy from women in behavior analysis. Wiley.
Addictions Lab @ KU (Dr. Michael Amlung, Director)
Learn more about our research, our team members, and our lab facilities here: https://addictionlabku.com/

Several members of the Addictions Lab @ KU will be presenting their research at major international scientific conferences this spring and summer. Dr. Sarah Weinsztok will be presenting a talk and poster at the 2022 ABAI convention. PhD student Brandon Miller will be presenting a poster on his first-year project. Dr. Amlung will be presenting the lab’s research at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism.
We are excited to launch our first research study using the Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment’s simulated bar laboratory. Together with Dr. Derek Reed’s Applied Behavioral Economics Lab, we are studying how environmental cues related to alcohol or vaping devices affect motivation to drink or use e-cigarettes as well as behavioral economic choice behavior. See below for a few photos of our research setup in the bar lab. Drs. Amlung and Reed plan to apply for a research grant from the National Institutes of Health to support this research.
Dr. Sarah Weinsztok, a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Amlung’s lab, published a meta-analysis of studies examining delayed reward discounting in human participants who engage in a range of behavioral addictions. We found that people who exhibit behavioral addictions, such as gambling, food addiction, internet addiction, and video gaming disorder, discounted rewards more steeply potentially indicating more impulsive decision making. The article was published in the journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.
Citation: Weinsztok, S., Brassard, S., Balodis, I., Martin, L. E., & Amlung, M. (2021). Delay Discounting in Established and Proposed Behavioral Addictions: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience15.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee News
The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science is creating and distributing a 2021-2022 KU ABS DEI Infographic Series. We hope that these quick summaries of timely DEI topics will be helpful resources for your professional and personal growth.
CDC News

CDC collaboration comes full circle for a former enrolled preschooler in their Educare program!

This past summer, the Edna A. Hill Child Development Center (CDC) worked collaboratively with Project Search (https://humanresources.ku.edu/about-project-search) at KU to develop an internship opportunity for an adult with disabilities who was interested in gaining experience in early childhood environments. This individual was a previous student in the Educare Preschool Program in the CDC who wanted their internship experience in the CDC! The CDC staff and graduate students worked with Project Search administrators and job coaches to develop the internship including setting goals, providing training and support, and supervising this individual in learning various skills in working in early childhood programs. In December, this individual successfully completed their internship! This was a wonderful experience for everyone in the center, and it looks like we may continue this collaborative opportunity for future interns. 

Sincere thanks to Erin Herschell and Dr. Kelley Harrison for all of their extra effort in making sure the Child Development Center is staffed and can continue to provide high quality services for families and excellent training for students. Also, their flexibility and ability to “think outside the box” to prevent various issues is admirable. They have gone above and beyond!
Gratitude and admiration for the lead teachers and graduate students in the Child Development Center for their flexibility and continued passion in supporting the children and practicum students. We are so lucky to have you all as part of our amazing team!
Thanks to Nicole Kanaman, Katie McHugh, and Bryan Simmons for all of their hard work in developing and transitioning to the adult behavioral services referral clinic at GoodLife Innovations! It was a heroic feat, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you in this process.
Stacha: it has been an absolute pleasure working with you on the telehealth grant! Your flexibility, independence, and support are so very appreciated. We got this!

KansABA News
The KansABA annual conference is approaching (April 9th, 2022) and we are so excited to host this event IN PERSON again after a two-year hiatus. With the annual conference comes a changing of roles as many finish up terms for current roles and pass the reigns over to new volunteers! The ABSC department has a strong history of wonderful volunteers with KansABA. All these folks deserve to be recognized for their outstanding work. This organization could not continue supporting the ABA community of Kansas without its hard-working volunteers.
First, outgoing members – thank you for your dedication to KansABA through a pandemic! Your hard work is noticed and, on behalf of those incoming, thank you for your mentorship, support, and model of appropriate leadership. Also, Ed, Josh, and Brett – you served EXTRA years on your term to help get us through this pandemic and ensure appropriate training for those coming in. Thank you!
  1. Ed Morris – outgoing president
  2. Josh Harsin – outgoing student member representative
  3. Brett Gelino – outgoing secretary
  4. Kelley Harrison – outgoing professional development committee chair
Second, continuing members – thank you as well for your dedication to KansABA through a pandemic and for continuing to serve in your role! You are doing great work that makes a difference!
  1. Sandra Ruby – student-member representative
  2. Kylie Baima – adjunct-member representative
  3. Matt Laske – IT Committee Chair
  4. Nicole Kanaman – Legislation Committee Chair
  5. Sara Diaz de Villegas – Legislation Committee Member
Third, incoming members – we are so excited to have you! Congratulations on your new position! You are already such an asset to this team.
  1. Ky Kanaman – student-member representative
  2. Stacha Leslie – Incoming secretary
  3. Kelley Harrison – incoming president
Finally, our volunteers – our conferences would not be successful without your support. Thank you for all of your hard work to put on such great events each year!
KU ABS GSO Conference committee
  1. Sandra Ruby
  2. Brett Gelino
  3. Bre Roberts
  4. Ky Kanaman
  5. Marissa Kamlowsky
  1. Brandon Miller
  2. Rob LeComte

Register here: Kansaba Registration
Graduate Student News
Congratulations to Abigail Blackman, doctoral candidate, who began a new position as Director of Customer Success at Behavior Science Technology whose mission is to help ABA providers standardize clinical operations and demonstrate quality service delivery.

Marren Leon-Barajas graduated with her PhD in December and is now working as a Senior Behavior Analyst at NeuroRestorative. With roots dating back to 1977, NeuroRestorative is America's largest and most experienced provider of rehabilitation services for people of all ages with brain, spinal cord and medically complex injuries, illnesses and other challenges. Marren’s dissertation was titled “Improving Mask Wearing by Group-Home Staff.” We wish you much success in your future endeavors, Dr. Leon-Barajas!

Matt Laske presented two experiments designed to improve public speaking skills at a February professional seminar. Important and interesting work!

Brett Gelino received the department’s Teaching & Service Award. He also passed his comprehensive examination. He will be guest editing a special issue in Behavior and Social Issues.

Fernanda Oda received a 2021 University Womens Club Scholarship. Fernanda worked with an ABAI Task Force to generate language for its position statement on conversion therapy. She gave invited talks at NEABA, MABA, and the University of Londrina.

Allyson Salzer & Fernanda Oda became Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Congratulations to Stephanie Valentini! She is one of the first ever recipients of the APBA Student Award!! She will receive her award at the 2022 APBA Conference in New Orleans. APBA 2022 Convention
Congratulations to several graduate students and a community partner for a publication that describes a 3-year effort to improve systems for staff training. Bravo Abby Blackman, Grace Bartle, Sandra Ruby, Marren Leon-Barajas, and Tyler Erath! Thank you to GoodLife Innovations and Michael Strouse for being such great partners.
Alumni News
Dr. Rachel Jess, received the 2022 SEAB Applied Dissertation Award from Division 25 of the APA. Her dissertation was conducted under the mentorship of Dr. Claudia Dozier and was titled, “Utility of an image analysis method as a handwashing measurement tool.”

Dr. Marvia Jones has been appointed Director for the Kansas City Health Department

Rhonda Lewis, a PhD-MPH grad of our program was named a SCRA Fellow. PhD is Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS
ABS New Fall Graduate Students
Lauratu Bah

Zoe Blubaugh
Mary Cigainero
Cassie Dunagan
Ashley Enright
Anna Ferguson
Mary Fullar
Nahomi Lopez
Sara McIntosh
Megan Riley
Karla Saucedo
Makenzie Slazes
Brooklyn Smith
Jassma Thomas
Alison Wood
Kathrine Parker Frankie
Strickland JC, Reed DD, Hursh SR, Schwartz LP, Foster RNS, Gelino BW, et al. (2022) Behavioral economic methods to inform infectious disease response: Prevention, testing, and vaccination in the COVID-19 pandemic. PLoS ONE 17(1): e0258828.https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0258828 https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0258828

Scheibel, G., Zane, T. L., & Zimmerman, K. N. (2022). An Economic Evaluation of Emerging and Ineffective Interventions: Examining the Role of Cost When Translating Research into Practice. Exceptional Children. https://doi.org/10.1177/00144029211073522

Myers, C., Zane, T., Van Houten, R. and Francisco, V.T. (2022), The effects of pedestrian gestures on driver yielding at crosswalks: A systematic replication. Jnl of Applied Behav Analysis. https://doi.org/10.1002/jaba.905