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Graduate Student News
Congrats Tyler!

Tyler Erath was selected for the 2020 B. F. Skinner Foundation Student Research Award

The B. F. Skinner Foundation, in association with the Student Relations Committee of The
Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BABAT), sponsors this award for
graduate student research. A plaque and a $500 award are given to the winner of the competition at the annual BABAT conference in mid-October.
Congratulations Dr. Matt Novak!

He was selected by the ABS Faculty to receive the Baer, Wolf, and Risley Outstanding Graduate Student Award for 2020. This prestigious award in the ABS department honors a graduate student for their outstanding contributions to research, teaching, and service. He graduated with his PhD over the summer.
Congratulations Dr. Kelsey Dachman!

She was selected by the ABS faculty to receive the Graduate Award of Excellence in Teaching and Service for 2020. This ABS award honors a graduate student each year for their outstanding contributions to teaching and service. She graduated with her PhD over the summer.
ABS New Fall Graduate Students

Lisa Ambrosek
Laura Camafreita
Marissa Kamlowsky
Stacha Vera
Matthew Laske
Grace Bartle

Mallory Eddy
Madison Graham
ABS Faculty News

Dr. Derek Reed
Dr. Derek Reed was promoted to full professor effective start of the fall semester. We are proud to have him as a valued faculty member in the ABS Department!
Dr. Claudia Dozier
Congratulations to Dr. Claudia Dozier as one of the faculty selected for the Steeples Service to Kansans Award!!!

The Steeples Service to Kansans Award is given to faculty who provide significant service to the people of Kansas as a purposeful extension of their teaching and research.
The ABS department welcomed Dr. Michael Amlung as a new faculty member this summer. Dr. Amlung is an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science and an Associate Scientist in the Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment. He is also the Director of the Addictions Lab @ KU, which conducts research on causes, consequences, and treatment of addictive disorders. His research examines factors that contribute to pathological decision-making in individuals with substance use disorders, the behavioral and brain basis of motivation to use alcohol and other drugs, and the effects of environmental contexts and physiological states on addictive behaviors. He will also be chairing the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

Juniper Gardens - Director Dr. Brian Boyd
University of Kansas, through the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, is a partner in two autism spectrum disorder research projects that have recently been awarded $13 million in federal grants.

Dr. Jean Hall
Dr. Jean Hall cowrote a study featured in the Journal of Disability & Policy Studies. The study showed that people with disabilities view health care access as human right.
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Fall Prosem Schedule
October 30 Kiana Csole
November 6 Robert LeComte, Kiki Yablon
November 13 Jess Riley
November 20 Sandra Ruby, Josh Harsin