January 2018

Hello L'BRI Consultants!

Start the new year like a Rock Star! Make this THE YEAR you do what you want to do, become what you want to become, and have what you want to have as you create the life of your dreams with L'BRI! 

You can begin right now with a FOCUS on three things...

1. Share the amazing JANUARY PRODUCT SPECIAL! It features a collection of our most popular basic skin care products offered at very special prices. Be sure you reach out to your customers so they can enjoy the terrific savings in January and stock up before the prices go up in February. Learn more about how to SELL SETS so you gain more satisfied customers. It's simple: Click on SAY SETS ~ SELL SETS!

2. Create your very own Vision/Dream Board. Discover why and how by clicking on CREATE A VISION BOARD. Bring yours to your next team meeting.

3. Plan a few Shows of your own to fill up your L'BRI calendar completely. There are some tips below to help you. Plan to see new customers every week!

Believing in YOU!
Be Your Own Hostess!

Be Your Own Hostess 
has been extended into January! Add new Shows to your calendar 
to help you start the NEW YEAR like a Rock Star! Plus, YOU get all the Hostess Rewards!

  • Plan your Show by reviewing your guest list. Especially invite guests who like to entertain and are likely to get their friends together and share L'BRI. Invite guests who may be on a limited budget and may want to get lots of Hostess Rewards by having a Show. Also invite guests who may enjoy starting a new adventure in the new year as a L'BRI Consultant.
  • Set up your Show display early so you can greet your guests as they arrive. People book Shows because they like you. Building relationships with people, being friendly, warm and sincere will give them the desire to invite you into their home to share L'BRI with their friends.
  • Enthusiastically present the benefits of sharing L'BRI with friends. (Use the cascading Booking Slide, catalog, or Host a Show brochure.) Not only will hostesses get product rewards, their friends will learn about pure, safe, natural products that are effective and affordable. Your hostesses will be a super hero!
  • Offer some exciting theme party ideas like a mother daughter event or a Wine Down Wednesday party.
  • If a guest at one of your own Shows is placing a large order, suggest they put a quick party together with a few friends and get some or all of her order for FREE.
  • Remember, YOU get $75 product credit for FREE for each qualified Show that is closed within 45 days of your own Show. 

 Contact me  with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Lin Ragle
V P of Training
Call/Text 951.440.7831
Email: lragle@yahoo.com