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"Dave's drumming program is the best we've ever had!  Our campers were captivated and engaged from start to finish!" 
"Dave is teaching more than drumming, he's teaching life skills - one child and one dynamic rhythm at a time!" 
"Dave creates excellent programs at an incredible value.  He loves what he does and his enthusiasm is contagious!"


At Beatin' Path Rhythm Events, we believe every kid has a need to be acknowledged, accepted and appreciated!  And, we believe a great environment for those needs to be met is a hands-on, interactive drum circle!  For over 10 years, Beatin' Path Rhythm Events has been bringing kids together to create great summer camp memories all across the southeast!  And, we make it easy!  You provide the space, the chairs, and the campers and we provide the rest: drums & percussion for every participant and a great, hands-on experience!  A Beatin' Path Rhythm Events drum circle is guaranteed to add fun, interaction and hands-on learning to your summer camp experience!  


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Research shows that kids thrive in an environment where they are heard, appreciated and where their contributions are celebrated!

That's why we create "Wow!" experiences that put an instrument in every hand - and a smile on every face!  Here are just some of the many benefits of a Beatin' Path Summer Camp Drum Circle!


- Community Building

- Self Esteem

- Creating Deeper Relationships

- Teamwork

- Cooperation

- Community

- Cultural Appreciaton 

- Environmental Awareness

- Creativity

- Hands-On Fun!

ABOUT DAVE                             

Beatin' Path Rhythm Events' lead facilitator, Dave Holland, is passionate about creating connections through rhythm!  He has facilitated hundreds of community drum circles and has presented at many music education conferences across the country!  Dave is the author of Drumagination Interactive Rhythm and Body Jammin'rhythm 'play books' for music teachers, music therapists and drum circle facilitators, along with other kid friendly resources.  Dave brings to every drum circle the highest level of professionalism, a wealth of rhythm making expertise and a playful spirit guaranteed to create an experience that's exciting, memorable and fun!


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