October 6, 2016


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Getting Established and Gearing Up – a Three Month Progress Report

Dear Ethical Consumer,

Since I joined the Labor 411 Foundation as Development Director three months ago, I have been very busy meeting people and working to take the Foundation to the next level. We had a great reception at the Democratic National Convention in July, and I met a lot of local union leaders and members on Labor Day at the 37th Annual Labor Solidarity Parade in Long Beach. More recently, I mingled with dozens more union members during Union Night at Dodger Stadium.

Here are some exciting things the Foundation has been developing:

  • We created the Ethical Consumer Movement Tool Kit designed to help beginning organizers learn how to mobilize friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members around the cause of ethical consumerism.
  • We’re registering voters. We partnered with Rock the Vote
  • We expanded the BuyBlue Campaign encouraging consumers to spend money wisely and help protect the middle class! For daily tips on how to BuyBlue, like the new BuyBlue Facebook page
  • We’re working to get April 11 declared as Ethical Consumer Day in major cities across the United States.

Here are some key events coming up soon:

  • In partnership with the L.A. County Federation of Labor, we’ll be co-sponsoring the 8th Annual BBQ and Union Trade Show on Oct. 17.
  • The Inaugural Blue Tie Gala - April 11, 2017
  • Distribution of 2017 directories for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC and Philadelphia early next year

The Labor 411 Foundation is looking for ethical corporate donors - companies that are already listed in our directory that are committed to creating and protecting good jobs. To help us advance our good work in 2017, consider making a tax deductible donation to the Labor 411 Foundation. If you donate by December 15, you will be publicly recognized as ethical companies in the Labor 411 print directories. To make a donation, contact spike@labor411foundation.org or 818-884-8966 x 1103.

Spike Dolomite Ward
Development Director
Labor 411 Foundation

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