Time to start running, there's a PR waiting for you at the finish of the San Diego Triathlon Classic.
San Diego Triathlon Classic
San Diego Triathlon Classic
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San Diego's Favorite Triathlon
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Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Transition Area Opens
5:00 AM
Transition Area Closes
6:05 AM
Olympic Race Begins
6:15 AM
Sprint Race Begins
6:45 AM

Run for it!

Congratulations on registering for the San Diego Triathlon Classic, you're in for a great event! We want to help you be as prepared as possible for the race, so we'll be sending you detailed information about the race in the weeks leading up to race day.

In previous emails, we've discussed the expo, race morning, the swim course, and the bike course. In this email, we're discussing the run portion of the event...

Prepare for the Run

Olympic distance competitors will complete two laps of the run, for a total of 10K. Sprinters will complete one lap, for a total of 5K.


With your race packet, you will have received a few different numbers. The small and medium ones should have been used during your bike. The biggest one is your bib number. You must wear this number on your front during the run.

What to Expect

Leaving Transition

Once you've returned to transition after the bike portion of the race and prepared yourself for the run (remember to take your helmet off, you don't need it anymore!), run to the "Run Out" chute.
On the Course

The run course features a combination of grass, sidewalks, pavement, and hard-packed trails. 


There are two aid stations on the course, one immediately outside of transition and another on the far opposite end of the course. The run course aid stations will feature Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water, A*P*X Sport Drink, and eGel electrolyte energy gels. These aid stations appear at approximately mile 0.0, mile 1.5, mile 2.4 on lap one, as well as mile 3.1, mile 4.6, and mile 5.5 on lap two.


As you near the finish, you will have two options: begin your second lap or finish your race. If you're competing in the Sprint distance, you must only complete one lap so keep left for your finish. Congratulations, you've finished the San Diego Triathlon Classic!


Not competing in the Sprint distance? Then you need to complete a second lap before finishing you Olympic distance race. Keep right to head back out onto the course. Then next time around, keep left to finish. Congratulations, now you've finished the San Diego Triathlon Classic, too!
Allowed or Not?
Water Bottle
While we do provide two aid stations on the run course (that you'll pass multiple times), you may absolutely carry a water bottle with you on the run. No glass, please.
No Headphones
Headphones are not allowed during any portion of the race. We like music as much as you do, but those are the rules.
Did You Know?

The site currently occupied by Liberty Station and the NTC Park was once home to San Diego's Naval Training Center. The Naval Training Center's first recruits arrived in 1923 and, during the war years of 1941-1945, the population of the NTC climbed as high as 33,000. Even into the 1990s, the center remained a vital part of the United States' military effort. With San Diego being home to more than a sixth of the US Navy's fleet, the Naval Training Center played a key strategic role throughout the last century. Be sure to stop by the visitor's center to find out more about this unique San Diego landmark.

More questions about the race? Keep an eye on your inbox for another email with important information about the post-race festivities. Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page for the answers to those most commonly asked.


Happy Training,

The San Diego Triathlon Classic Race Directors

& the entire Moment Sporting Events Crew

What comes after the run? The finish line party, of course!

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