19 May 2021
~Peaceful Eastertide Greetings~
Immigration Ministry - Our May Immigration and Customs Enforcement Statement by Rev. Ken Heintzelman

This is May 17, 2021. Because it is the 17th of the month, Shadow Rock United Church of Christ brings our immigration justice witness to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building located at 2035 N Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ. This marks our 77th witness.

We do this to object to the inhumane and cruel tactics of ICE and the Border Patrol. We speak a large truth and a specific truth.
The large truth includes the following:
  • Our immigration policy does not reflect the values we aspire to uphold as a nation.
  • Our immigration policy is in direct contradiction to our understanding of Christian faith and the Great Commandment to love God and love our neighbor.
  • Our immigration policy is in direct contradiction of the Golden Rule to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is a spiritual and moral principle shared by every religion in the world.
  • Our immigration policy reflects an immature society because it does not consider our nation’s responsibility of the creation of many of the push/pull factors that cause migration and refugees.

Our Community This Week
Wednesday (5/19): Connections Count on Zoom at 7:00 pm
On Wednesdays, we share our love and concern with one another through prayer and connection. Zoom is the space for bringing our celebrations and our sorrows. This time together keeps us joined at heart! Click here TONIGHT at 7:00 to participate.

Thursday (5/20): Spirituality Thursday
Thursdays in May are all about family. This month, look for Homegrown, an encouraging series of reflections on raising new humans, live on the Shadow Rock Facebook page. Catch this short video live or tune in later to watch the recording.

Sunday, May 23 - Pentecost Sunday
Adult Spiritual Formation will be meeting on Zoom and in the Multipurpose Room this Sunday at 10:00 am. We had some great discussions with the ABCs of Spiritual Literacy! This Sunday, we're exploring the larger themes of Pentecost and how we experience the wind and fire of Spirit. Sunday morning formation is for everyone - no preparation or prior knowledge is necessary, but you might need your curiosity and a sense of humor!

Worship In-Person: 9:00 am and 11:00 am
Worship on Zoom or Streaming: 11:00 am
Afterparty In-Person and on Zoom: noon - 12:45 pm
This Sunday is the celebration of Pentecost, the arrival of the Holy Spirit on the community of believers. Sometimes Pentecost is called the birth of the church, which makes it a great day to be with your Shadow Rock family. Click the big button below to let us know that you're coming this week.

After the 11:00 am service, Zoom folks and in-person folks can both dive into Ken's sermon topic with a discussion question or two. Join us in the Multipurpose Room or just stay on Zoom for a deep diving Afterparty!
Learn and Explore
The Shadow Rock choir, also known as the Cornerstone Chorale, is one of the most faithful relational groups in the church. They are people who love to sing with and support one another. Forrest's ongoing correspondence with them through the pandemic has brightened many days and helped choir members cope with their prolonged separation. Even now, we are still not singing together. When we are able to join our voices together during worship, no one will be more joyful than our choir. Thank you, Forrest, for sharing this week's letter with the wider congregation. You all are so loved.
Pentecost is one of the most exciting and inspiring stories from our faith tradition! Celebrating the arrival of the Holy Spirit on the community of early Jesus followers is joyful and unexpected. We sometimes refer to Pentecost as the "birth of the Church." Look for some creative moments in our Pentecost worship on May 23. You can get ready for the day by
  1. preparing to wear red this Sunday
  2. playing around with Pentecost symbols with this coloring page
  3. planning your gift to the Strengthen the Church Special offering (see below for details).
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