Rock the Week for October 13
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This week's Seek and Find photo honors Profound Journey Dialog. Part of PJD and its predecessor Religious Studies I is connecting art, culture, personal history, and religious tradition. ORID or Art Form Conversation is employed to deepen discussion and promote wider participation. Last week's photo of the tiny wedgeblade that is part of Pastor Ken's installation gift was first correctly identified by Linda Johnston.

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~Save the Date: November 6~
Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a meal together? Please mark your calendars for a Momentum@Work fundraising dinner. Momentum@Work is our facilities improvement fund which allows us to care for our beautiful campus, which we then share with so many folks in our community. We don't have a lot of details just yet, but please stay tuned regarding NOVEMBER 6!
PJD Fishbowl Conversation
You're invited EVERY Sunday for 9 o'clock Spiritual Formation, but this week is a special opportunity! We'll be participating in a "fishbowl" discussion with Profound Journey Dialog leaders. It's a chance to hear from several voices about the effect that PJD has had on their lives and on the continued work of our congregation.

9 o'clock formation is a hybrid experience! Show up in the multipurpose room face-to-face or join us via Zoom - it's the same link as worship at 10:15 am.
Refugee Resettlement Ministry - An Update
Update from Pastor Ken:
I continue to communicate with embassy officials, Senate staffers, and our Afghan family in Beijing. All of the Afghan families have been contacted by our immigration officials requesting information and finalizing medical examinations (this includes confirming vaccinations for COVID). We take this as a hopeful sign that the process is moving forward and in the right direction, but we really do not know..

Please pray for all the Afghan people as well as the family in our care. Our family is growing more anxious as their situation grows more uncertain every day. They have not received any compensation for over a month and their current lease agreement is ending this month. They have only one hope, only one place to go, and not much time to get here.

Several things are in development. Sharon Haynes is doing a great job collecting household items. Our Executive Council is reviewing a lease agreement and prepared to secure an apartment. We are still preparing for their arrival and accepting financial donations to go toward our Immigration Services obligation of $26,500.00. 

Update from Sharon Haynes:
Your generosity is so appreciated! We have collected or received offers of everything the family needs, and then some. If you have made arrangements to provide non-furniture items that have not been picked up or delivered, please bring them to Shadow Rock at your earliest convenience. We are pausing additional collection efforts until we have a more clear understanding of when our family will arrive. 


Friends, you continue to be caring, generous, and prayerful. Thank you and contact Pastor Ken if you have questions.
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